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The holidays are just around the corner, and I'd like to remind you that it is always a good idea to use Feng Shui to prepare your home to greet your guests and to also help you start the New Year with the right "energy." Here's a few quick tips to help you get started: 1. "Visit" your front door, and front walk way. Start from the curb, and walk towards your front door (The front door of your home is called the "mouth of Chi" and this is where healthy energy flows into your living space.)- take note of these things: * Is the pathway well-lit in the evening, and easy to navigate during the daytime. * Can you see your entrance from the road? * Are bushes, hedges, and grasses trimmed into nice rounded shapes- to invite the positive Chi/energy to flow towards the front door? A rounded shape is best when trimming branches or hedges, since it seems softer, and more inviting. If you have any sharp pointy plants by the front door, find a new home for them. * Sweep your front entry way before placing your Holiday entry mat or other holiday decorations. (Remember to look up, and sweep around the upper part of the door and lights too!) Even if you live in a small apartment, you can make your front door festive with a small wreath or Holiday themed door mat. 2. If you have a stairway that points directly at the front door (meaning you walk through the front door and immediately see the steps) consider adding a Christmas tree, or holiday plant arrangement at the bottom of the stairs. This should be a LIVING plant...not silk or your annual faux greenery that you dig out of the garage every year after Thanksgiving.) Adding a plant here helps the Chi to circulate at the bottom of the stairs, and not rush right up to the second floor (which would deplete the first floor of healthy, good-feeling chi.) 3. Make room for guests to feel welcomed and 'at home' in your space. Clear out the extra coats, brooms, knickknacks and cobwebs from your coat closet. Make sure you have a few extra hangers ready for your guests when they arrive. Create a holiday theme in your guest bathroom with cute hand towels, guest soaps, and holiday themed decorations. 4. Are your Holiday decorations all "yang" and no "yin"? Yang decorations are bright, large, and sparkly. Make sure you add some Yin balance, with soft pillows, deeper/richer colors, and soft rounded accents. I always add some gifts under the tree that are in round or circular boxes (even if I have to wrap empty containers) to add visual interest, as well as to balance out all of the sharp square corners of most of the gifts.

5. Don't layer your holiday decorations over your every day decorations. This is a mistake I've seen many times. People love their 'everyday' decor, so they just add a bunch of holiday themed decor to what they already have displayed. Buy yourself a few large plastic containers (like the ones they sell at Target or the container store) and put away your non-holiday items. Then- when you have your space cleared AND CLEANED, add your holiday decorations. If you're adding faux greenery, make sure you dust the items before you display them (there is nothing worse than dirty dusty items that have been sitting in the garage for a year- plus it's bad for allergies and Feng Shui!) 6. Clear the air before guests arrive. Open all (or at least some) of your windows for an hour or two, and let the sunshine cleanse your space. Even on a cold winter's day, a little fresh air helps to move the beneficial Chi throughout the space, and move out any stagnant energy that may be lingering in your home. I light a few scented candles 15 minutes before guests arrive- so they are greeted with the scents of the season when they walk into my home. Lastly, Slow down, and enjoy the season. Being worried, stressed out, and hurried through your holiday get-togethers is no fun, and your guests will feel your chaotic energy. Stop, relax for a few moments, and remember to smile:)

My business is called Design and I have an additional business that specializes in Environmental Psychology and Feng Shui in professional spaces called and find me at Facebook at "Southcoast Feng Shui and SanDiego Office Design.

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==== ==== Are You In Danger Of Loneliness, Poverty, & Sickness, Because You Are Overlooking These 11 Most Important Feng Shui Considerations? Click the link now to discover more! ==== ====

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