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Staging your home in preparation for its sale is a very important factor you have to consider. It's an effective way of attracting more buyers and speeding up your home sale. Just like marketing any product which entails good packaging, presenting a comfortable and organized home is always a plus. In staging your home, you may want to incorporate some feng shui practices to increase your home's value and attractiveness to buyers. It does not matter if you believe in this ancient Chinese practice. The important thing to remember is that feng shui just might contribute in the fast sale of your home and in selling it at a higher price. The first thing you will have to focus on is to engage the senses of your prospective buyers in as many ways you can think of. A home that has lots of horizontal space will surely engage the sense of sight. So be sure to clear your kitchen counter tops, dressers and shelves. Keep in mind that most buyers go for a spacious home and not a crowded one. To engage the sense of smell, cinnamon or pine scents are highly recommended over the vanilla or floral scents. And to engage the sense of sound, a gentle or soothing music playing or the sound of a fountain during a buyer's visit will be well appreciated. First impression in home selling is vital for potential buyers. Make sure then that from your driveway and front yard up to the different rooms in your home, everything is pleasing to the eyes and provides a comfortable homey feeling. Feng shui should come into play in this aspect. The front door of your home should be clean and well-lit if a buyer is visiting after dark. A nice doormat should be in place and fresh flowers or plants should be on both sides of the entrance. As early as possible, you should get your own personal stuff out of the house. This is to bring more positive and moving energy into the house. Take away all clutter from your front yard to the different parts of your home. Clutter is negative chi that can keep your energy down and might be passed on to your potential buyer if not thrown away. Clutter may take the form of dirt and dust as well as old and unused things like magazines, accessories and old clothes. The kitchen should promote a friendly, healthy and prosperous atmosphere. Most buyers consider this room as the important part of the house. Better make yours sparkling clean and organized including your pantry. Be sure that your wastebaskets are out of sight, too. As for the bathroom, always keep its door shut and the toilet lid down. Remember that potential buyers should never see a bathroom unless they actually go see it for themselves. These two

powerful feng shui tips are meant to create positive energy into your home. In home staging, presentation is key and with the application of feng shui guidelines, there's a good chance that your home will draw buyers easily.

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==== ==== Are You In Danger Of Loneliness, Poverty, & Sickness, Because You Are Overlooking These 11 Most Important Feng Shui Considerations? Click the link now to discover more! ==== ====

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