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Whether you plan to bug out solo or travel in masse with fellow survivalists there are specific, unwritten rules that would be best followed. These are not just random policies but ones that have been thought out very carefully and were selected to ensure your safety and those of your associates. A good survivalist will be prepared when its time to bug out. They will practice good common sense and remain respectful and courteous to their fellow survivalists and preppers. The difference between the good and the bad survivalist is that those who show us up in a bad light generally lack the proper preparedness and are drastically short of the necessary awareness to survive any serious emergency. As such they tend to place their fellow survivalists in grave jeopardy. When bugging out in the wild each and every sound tends to echo throughout the forest. Naturally, you bugged out to be secure and maintain a low profile as did your accompanied friends and family. As with any other survivalist activities you must keep a minimal footprint to stay safe and secure. As every survivalist knows your temporary bug out site is now your new home and your neighbors may actually be less than a hundred feet from you. Nothing is more aggravating than to have to put up with your neighbors trash and stench. The golden rule here is clean up after yourself. You should make it a habit of collecting any generated trash that accumulates around your location and disposing of it promptly. Always keep a box of garbage bags in your bug out kit specifically for this purpose. I have written about it previously and the concept is still very much true even today, you should "Leave no Trace." Always try to keep the noise and associated sounds to a minimum as you never know if you have unexpected company in your immediate area. In addition, a good night's sleep never hurts anyone and is essential when you are bugging out in the wild. Run your generator only when absolutely necessary. This is one of the major reasons that I am against the use of generators in bug out conditions. They create a lot of needless noise which tends to attract undesired attention. Attention is something you and your group definitely do not need. Beware when walking around the area especially during the initial bug out stages and in the evening. Nerves will be on edge as no one really knows what to expect. Loaded weapons are likely to be readily available and an unexpected intrusion or short cuts into your neighbor's immediate area may be unsafe. Provide some privacy here for them and above all let them know in advance that you are coming into their territory. Just a simple "Hello" could save your life. Since water will be at a premium make sure that when you make your initial bug out plans you

include adequate supplies of this valuable liquid. Not only will you need to provide a sufficient supply for drinking but also for washing dishes and perhaps clothing, as well as for sanitary use. Come properly prepared with some sort of plastic dish washing basin, dish soap and enough water. Don't plan to sponge water (pun intended) from your neighbors. Come on folks, you are now likely living in the woods and wildlife is abundant. Never, and I repeat never leave food out. Animals will stop at nothing to get to your food supply and that can be dangerous for you, your family and anyone else near the food. Raccoons will totally destroy a cooler in their efforts to obtain the food inside. Bears will demolish an automobile just to get what groceries they could smell from the car seats inside. Crows although not particularly fatal will cause havoc at your table as they go after food left behind. If you are forced to live in a tent never store your food in it with you. In reality there is actually no safe location to store your edible supplies while in the wild. Generally the best location to place your provisions is likely to be the trunk of your bug out vehicle. Lastly, let's talk about children. Never let your children run loose around your bug out location. It isn't that your neighbors may not like kids, but rather these are strange and usual surroundings for young children. The children are totally unfamiliar with the location and chances are great that they could become lost. Even worse is the fact that there may be less than friendly people roaming the woods and loudly playing children could attract their attention. The major point in all of this is to maintain a low profile at all times. It is better to keep all activities as silent as possible and get through the initial period in as safe and secure manner as you possibly can. Enjoy your bug out as you may, but do so safely. Copyright @2010 Joseph Parish

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