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BMW, Nike, Toshiba, LV - These are the brands that have become synonymous with quality in their respective fields. In the modern society, branding has evolved to simplify decision making in the process of purchase. Put it simply, for people who have no time to evaluate or the sophistication of mind to compare quality of products or services, brands are the most efficient tool in conveying the quality of the goods or services they are interested in procuring. Now, does a good brand definitely mean good value-for-money? I would say, most times a wellknown brand either give the consumer the fair value or slightly below fair value for their money. Being a cost conscious and sophisticated customer, I have done a lot of comparisons and assessments to be confident of my stand on this. For example, one of the particular brand of branded shoes always give way much earlier than the other less prestigious brand of the same category shoes I had. Some will this shoe may compensate durability for other qualitative aspects like design. On this argument, I will agree to disagree. However, do take note that like stocks, an established counter is seldom undervalued except for the transition period of market correction. The need for branding permeates every aspect of our society. From the parents that prefer to send their children to the elite schools, to the S$ 400 hairdo that celebrities did and finally to the Fengshui customers that will only take up the service of old and well-known Fengshui Masters. Now, does an old and well-known Fengshui master necessarily delivers the best or most value-formoney Fengshui service? As Fengshui is an abstract and sophisticated field of expertise, most Fengshui customers would look to age and reputation as their criteria for engaging a Fengshui master. It is precisely because of the cognizance of this evaluation criteria of potential Fengshui customers that a lot of Fengshui masters portrays themselves as learning this art since tender ages like 9. It is also because of this that a lot of Fengshui Masters will pay a lot to advertise their services in the newspapers or even on Google Ads. This includes high sponsorship deals to appear in the yearly Chinese New Year Eve Variety Program on local television station. There is a saying in Chinese idiom that says "Only on the goat's body can goat's hair be found" which literally means that you pay for what you demanded. Put simply, such advertising dollars splurged are going to be recovered from future customers and therefore, we can safely say that this Fengshui Master's services would not be value-for-money. Does being older necessarily makes one a better Fengshui Master? I have come across work of

so-called old and reputed Fengshui Master which are riddled with mistakes. Old conveys a message about vast experience and definitely experience will be very useful in the field of Fengshui. However, what if some old Fengshui Master has been repeatedly doing the wrong things or not so effective things all these while? His many years of experience under his belt would not have been as effective as a younger Fengshui Master who can correctly identify the critical areas to study and research upon. As such, an intelligent younger Fengshui practitioner, that studies and works smart by identifying the critical areas and who is able to incorporate a practical approach would be a better choice of Fengshui service provider. I am sure customers do not want a Fengshui Master that only quotes them particular sections of this classical Fengshui text only to be informed that there is no cure for this Fengshui problem as per the teachings of that classical Fengshui text! What is the problem with being young? There is one tarot card reader in Singapore who started his Tarot Card reading business since 23 years of age. Then there are also 12-year-old music prodigy whose immense talents see land her a ticket to perform in Vienna. I only believe in looking at age for certain positions. For example, management positions in a sizeable corporate entity. In this case, no matter how competent the young guy is, he still lacks the management experience which is necessary for him to manage people. Why should a Fengshui practitioner be judged by his age? Fengshui practice is a different altogether from the corporate structure we talked about. One can start to research and practice since young. If one works smart, he may instead not systematically repeat the mistakes that certain older Fengshui Masters make. So by the time one is in his late 20s or early 30s, one can become an accomplished master. Isn't Joey Yap, one of the better Fengshui Masters around now, also very young?

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==== ==== Are You In Danger Of Loneliness, Poverty, & Sickness, Because You Are Overlooking These 11

Most Important Feng Shui Considerations? Click the link now to discover more! ==== ====

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