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Numerous situations can cause us to be in a survival situation. A natural disaster can cut us off from the comforts of civilization that we so easy take for granted. While knowledge of survival strategies is important, carrying proper survival gear can make the difference between success and failure. Tools you will need include tools for water, shelter, fire, and the all important knife! These tools are often what we think of when talking about wilderness survival, but they are just as useful in an urban setting. We are about to discuss some general information about the different types of survival gear that are staples to surviving. You can modify the following suggestions to better fit the environment you are entering, or to prepare for a probable situation calling for self-sufficiency. First, let's talk about water gear. Drinking water is vital to sustaining life. The human body has to have water to live, which means creating drinkable water is an absolute priority. Simple tools like purification tablets or iodine tablets are easy to carry, take up little space, and can neutralize harmful waterborne organisms. Waterborne organisms can cause severe sickness, even death. Water survival gear is incomplete without carrying a clean container for clean drinking water. A canteen, a tin cup that can be held over an open fire or an empty bottle can be utilized. Secondly, let's look at shelter gear. Building suitable shelter is paramount to surviving rough situations, in either a wilderness or urban setting. In a hot environment, shade from the unrelenting rays of the sun is vital. A simple emergency winter blanket can be used as shade, and it doubles as a helpful piece of survival gear in cold temperatures. If you are in a location where the days are blistering hot and the nights are wicked cold an emergency winter blanket can literally safe your life. Carrying something as simple as fishing line grants you the ability to tie things together to form a shelter. A strong knife or even a hatchet is also helpful. Thirdly, let's discuss fire gear. Fires are a vital factor to survival. They function as protection from predators, fuel for cooking food and boiling water, and warmth. Carrying matches can be ideal, but it never hurts to have a flint and steel to strike as a backup. A strong magnifying lens can also start a fire. Carrying starter kindling-tissue paper, cotton balls, or newspaper-can make starting a fire exceptionally simple. Finally, your entourage of survival gear cannot be considered complete without the all important Knife! No other tool is more useful for multiple tasks. A very good knife will need to have a large fixed-blade made from quality material. A knife is useful for defense purposes, hunting, building shelter, marking your path so search parties can find you, and chopping kindling for fire making. Survival gear is about preparation and foresight. The tools we have discussed are general tools versatile enough to be included in any survivalists' tool box. Plan for what might come and make

adjustments as needed.

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==== ==== Check out the best survivalist gear, reviews, TIPS, advice, How-To! CLICK NOW: ==== ====

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