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Welcome to the Summer Issue of Jolly Tots

It’s that time of year when the big yellow thing in the sky hopefully makes an appearance. Fingers crossed we see more of the sun this summer than we have so far this year!

Like most, I love summer. We can play outdoors and it’s also BBQ and wedding season. Additionally, I’m a summer baby so I usually gather my friends together to celebrate the passing of another year. Having a summer birthday means there’s always more options open to me with the big outdoors at hand. When I was growing up however, I seem to remember most birthdays consisted of having friends around for pass the parcel, jelly and ice cream! I must be showing my age as it seems there is now a plethora of different party activities to do for all ages and the old fashioned parties I fondly remember are not as common. It seems today’s mums are always searching for novel party ideas. We thought we would help you in this quest by having parties as the theme of this issue. Emma explores the different party options in our ‘Organising a Child’s Party’ article, we have also compiled a Party Time guide of local party suppliers which we encourage you to cut out and keep for when it’s time to plan your little one’s party. Or even better keep this issue as it’s got lots of advertisers in who can provide parties. To carry on with the party theme Jenny looks at Baby Showers while Heidi looks at childcare at weddings and other special occasions. You can even win a pottery painting party for four at Crafty Monkey in St. Neots so it’s all party, party, party. Well not all… I recently had the pleasure of meeting with the lovely lovely Buckfield Twins – stars of Grange Hill, Hollyoaks, 2point4 children and Dancing on Ice to name a few. Both girls have recently moved to the area and had babies so I invited them to Crafty Monkey to have a chat over a bit of a baby prints on pottery session. The girls are great and you can read all about them on page 8 & 9. I have also checked out the new Bowling Lanes in St. Ives so read the review on page 10 and if your child is starting nursery or school in September then enter into our Easy2Name giveaway. That’s not all but I’ll let you turn over the page and see what else is inside…

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Buckfield Twins Interview

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Review of Bowling Lanes, St. Ives


Planning your Child’s Party


Ask Jane - My Child Bites Party Time Guide



Childcare for that Special Occasion 21 Baby Showers


Get your Kids Moving


Boost your Child’s IQ Goodbye Thomas

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t i e m a n u Yo ! We l a b e l it Lunchboxes Watteer Bottles Books Uniforms Footwear

Parties are a very popular topic of conversation in our household, especially as in between his own birthdays, Gregory will revisit the topic appoximately 364 times. His pirate and princess party last year was a great success and he has maintained ever since that his wish is to have an identical party with exactly the same cake. Happily, I still have a few months to persuade him to think outside the box a little.

T: 01635 298326

scan this QR code too visit our website

The problem with parties as far as Gregory’s concerned is although he loves his own birthday event, when he actually attends somebody else’s, he tends to stay in a corner with me and buries his head in my lap for at least half of it until he eventually overcomes his ‘party shyness’.

Recently we attended a party at his little friend’s house. It was a small gathering of children and the birthday boy’s mum had put on a lovely buffet for the children and had arranged for them to play a few party games and partake in a spot of dancing. All perfectly traditional and pleasant activities. Gregory however, true to form, sat in a corner with me and didn’t want to join in with the disco dancing. It was only when he realised that there was potential to win a prize for the minimal effort activity of handling a package within a circle of children, that he decided to make an appearance on the carpet. After not winning a prize, he spent the rest of the party on my lap, refusing to join in or eat any party food. When the birthday boy’s mum came over to ask him if he was staying with mummy because he feeling a bit shy or wasn’t hungry, he replied, ‘I’m a bit shy, but really I don’t like the food because it smells horrible and the party’s really boring.’ I think it’s fairly safe to assume that next year, this particular friend might not be inviting Gregory to celebrate with him...


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Pottery Painting Party

Crafty Monkey are giving away a pottery painting party for four people. You will be able to choose from a mug, a plate, a bowl or one of their very popular party animals. 1st Prize - Pottery Painting Party for Four If you wish to make it for more people you can do for £12 per extra person.

2nd Prize - £10 Crafty Monkey Gift Voucher 10 runners up - Free studio fee worth £4

To enter you need to like the facebook page monkey and email with your name, address, and telephone number.

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We will be holding our annual open days at the end of the Summer Holidays! A great opportunity for new students to come along to the Saldance studios, meet the teachers and enrol for the new term.


SATURDAY 31ST AUGUST 2013: 10.30AM – 12.30PM


27 Fenlake Business Centre, Fengate, Peterborough PE1 5BQ

01733 340003

Thomas Events Summer 2013

Music For Little People is exactly that, music for little people! Come along and learn about rhythm and rhyme, or join in with the dancing and singing, its all part of the musical adventure. All sessions are run by qualified teachers and are split by developmental age from 0 to 5 years. To register simply call and book today or visit our website for further details of your local class.

Web: E-mail: Tel: 01480 812469


Dad Drives Thomas Sunday 16th June Why not buy Dad a short drive of the blue engine for only £2. Places are limited so booking is essential

Goodbye Thomas 29th 30th June A celebration event to say 'goodbye' to Thomas before he goes off for his big overhaul. Thomas will be pulling plenty of services over the two days so there is no need to book. Don't miss this event. The Goodbye Thomas event will be Thomas' last steaming until late 2014 as he will be in our workshops undergoing his 10 yearly 'health check'.

Tel: 01780 784444

Nene Valley Railway, Wansford Station, Stibbington, Peterborough, PE8 6LR

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An Interview with the Buckfield Twins By Chrissy Brown

It wasn’t long after this, that Clare, out of the blue, fell pregnant. While Jules slowed down, studying all the pregnancy books during pregnancy and anything she could get her hands on, Clare was busy working on tour with the Vagina Monologues and worked right up until her eigth month, leaving little time for preparation. She said that she was lucky to have landed this part as it involved sitting on a stool so it was the perfect role while pregnant!

The Twins at the Hinchingbrooke Maternity Unit Open Day

I recently had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Buckfield twins at one of Hinchingbrooke Hospital’s Maternity open days. The twins have recently moved to the area, had babies very close together and both had emergency c-sections. I invited the twins to come to Crafty Monkey to immortilise their babies’ prints on pottery and to chat about new found motherhood among other things for this issue of Jolly Tots. Many of you will have grown up seeing both Clare and Jules in various TV shows such as Grange Hill, Hollyoaks, 2point4 Children and Dancing on Ice. Between them, the girls have a long list of other acting parts on TV and in theatre.

The twins who grew up in Hertfordshire told me that when little they loved showing off and started disco dancing

at a young age, winning several competitions. Their acting careers started at the age of nine in commercials. It was around this time that they started to attend Sylvia Young Theatre School on Saturday mornings until Jules and later on, Clare got their roles in Grange Hill and they went full time at the school.

Their lives seemed to follow similar paths as they went on to win roles in different TV series. After their initial separation when Jules lived in Liverpool for her Hollyoaks role, and Clare was touring the country, they lived together for a further 20 years up until last year. They said that living together worked well as they have the same tastes in things and if one was away on tour the other was usually around to keep house. It was clear that both girls have been very career orientated throughout their lives however, Jules talked of the serious car crash she had a couple of years ago which made her stop and think about her life. It was then that she and her husband decided to try for a baby. It didn’t take long for Jules to fall pregnant and it was in fact Clare who picked up the signs that Jules was pregnant before Jules did!

A year or so ago, Jules decided to move up to the area to be near her mum who lives in a village near St. Ives and a month before Jules gave birth Clare moved to a nearby village. The girls spoke how they love living in the area and are enjoying going for country walks together. Both had pretty uncomplicated pregnancies although Jules suffered with carpel tunnel and in the last part of Clare’s pregnancy she suffered with a bit of fluid retention. Clare said how she tried to go for lots of walks during pregnancy and even climbed Symonds Yat while 7 1/2 months pregnant while doing her tour.

What is perhaps remarkable about the births of the girls’ babies is that they were both induced and ended up having emergency c-sections after their babies’ heart beats suddenly dropped during labour, with both babies having their umbilical cords wrapped around their necks. Jules who gave birth first was able to provide good support seven weeks later when Clare went into labour. The girls both gave birth at Hinchingbrooke Hospital and both have sung the Maternity Unit’s praises. They spoke of the new Complimentary Therapy Unit for people who are

Continued on page19

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Review of St. Ives New Bowling Lanes children’s shoes or worried you have smelly socks, you can wear your own shoes if they meet their requirements.

No complicated screens To make it quick and simple to get started, your dedicated lane host enters the names on the screen so by the time you have put your shoes on... you are ready to bowl. I liked this as you don’t have to try and work out how to type names into the system.

Basement Lanes at One Leisure, St. Ives, which opened at the end of February 2013, is the newest ten pin bowling venue in the area. I decided to pop down for a game or two with a friend and his children to try it out.

Basement Lanes, a modern five lane bowling alley, is a great addition to the Leisure Centre. Their aim is to make bowling a fun and social experience accessible to all. As well as being able to book a lane for you and your family or friends, they also hold exclusive daytime sessions for different groups. One session is called Little Pins which are social bowling sessions for parents and under 5s where you will share bowling games with other mums and tots. These sessions are only £3.50 per parent which includes free tea and coffee and bowling for up to two under 5s.

Lane service There was no waiting to be served at the bar avoiding holding up your fellow bowlers. If you want food or drinks, your lane host comes and takes your order and arranges for it to be served at your lane.

message to be displayed above where the pins were – this could be a novel way to propose! Glow Bowling We went on a Friday night so did a bit of glow bowling where they turn the lights down low and the pins glow in the dark. All in all we had good fun. We were welcomed by friendly staff who were only too willing to help and received good service while there. My only complaint was that I was almost beat by the five year old in our party! By Chrissy Brown

Bumpers with brains I loved this feature. You basically say who in the group requires bumpers at the start and they are then electronically preset before you start bowling and the bumpers only appear when it is their turn. This was great as it meant us adults didn’t have to play with bumpers. They also have the obligatory ramps for the little ones.

Special Messages For birthdays or special occasions, your host can arrange for a birthday

I hadn’t been bowling for a few years so I was quite impressed with some of the features I found here:

Shoe hire or wear your own Shoe hire is included in the price of your game. What’s more, they have Velcro fastenings making it easier for children who cannot tie their laces. However, if you are far too fashion conscious, struggle with changing the


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“Ask Jane”

Amy Gold from St. Ives asks:

Help! My child bites other children – what can I do? Mother to three and owner of four nurseries, Jane is on hand to use her pearls of wisdom to answer all your questions. If you would like to ask Jane anything relating to raising your children then please get in touch by emailing Disclaimer: The answers given are Jane's opinion and it's always advisable to check with the relevant authorities and the latest guidelines.

If your child is a biter then you may be reassured that at least a quarter of all children will bite other children. In fact my eldest did his best to devour his pals. Happily this was a transient phase that caused me immense worry and acute embarrassment for only the few months prior to him turning 2 ¼ years old, the age at which he mastered the art of speech. Coincidence? Probably not, for while children can bite for many reasons, the inability to effectively communicate feelings such as the frustration felt at another child taking a toy away from them is, I believe, one of two key reasons for biting. The other key reason is the inability of the biting child to deal with an emotional situation such as not being the first one down the slide or another child sits too close to them. Given the tender age of most biters, typically between two and three years old, perhaps this is understandable.

So it’s important to work out what situations cause your child to bite – and then you can work out how to stop it. Intervening by removing your child from the scene just as he/she has bared their teeth in readiness to bite will save screams and sore skin. It will also give you opportunities to teach your child that biting is wrong and to give him/her an alternative way of expressing their displeasure. Just be aware that negative attention is better than no attention so try to avoid lengthy explanations and descriptions lest biting is perceived by your child as having its advantages… Provided this is done consistently then over time the biting should cease. Finally, remember to praise your child for their “non-biting” behaviour! If you would like Jane to answer your question, please email us at or message us via our facebook page:

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Planning your Child’s Birthday Party

A popular topic of conversation between us mums is children's birthday parties. Year upon year we find ourselves racking our brains to come up with a more novel or cost effective party idea than last year. Even if our kiddies’ first couple of birthdays have been quiet affairs, by the time they’re old enough to have an opinion, we soon find out that they are very much in favour of you hosting a party for them! Whether you're catering for a small circle of close friends or are obliged to invite each one of their 45 cousins; there's something to suit everyone of every age. You might relish the thought of creating the party magic from start to finish or you may prefer to make one phone call and have someone else do the hard work for you. Read on for some inspiration!


Stay at home If the size of your house can easily accommodate the number of attendees (don't forget to include the parents in your head count) and isn't full of valuable antique

furniture and plush white carpets, then you may consider holding your child's party in the comfort of your own home. If the activities are planned carefully and the catering is handled well, then there's no reason why your party won't be a roaring success! Many people find that if they are hosting a party for a first or second birthday, then the stay at home option is practical, especially if there will be a number of babies and very small children present with mums and dads. It doesn't matter if you need to use two separate rooms for entertaining and then eating- just as long as you can fit all children into one space for party games or entertainment.

Again, if you're lucky enough to have a good sized garden, this could be an ideal space to

transform into the party arena if the birthday is in a warm month. Just ensure that you have a large gazebo or a ‘plan B’ should the weather decide to play tricks on you! Hire a hall If you'd rather have the blackcurrant cordial spilled over somebody elses wipe-clean flooring, then a village hall is a great space for the little tikes to tear about in and you don't have to worry about the weather holding out. Hiring them is generally fairly low cost; but do book your local one early so that you don't miss out as they tend to be a popular choice, especially at weekends. Filling your party with fun! So you have your venue in mind, all you need to do now is sort out the entertainment and food! The most cost effective option is to do it yourself (with the help of friends and family of course!). Children absolutely love themed parties as it gives them the opportunity to wear fancy dress and take on the roles of their favourite characters. Whether the birthday child loves

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pirates, princesses, superheros or pop stars; a theme will not only add to the excitement, but will also provide you with a good base to work each aspect of the party around. Shop at party shops, supermarkets and online to find your themed decorations, tableware, balloons and cake toppers and research or invent some themed party games. Get your grown up pals to muck in and rustle up a themed buffet; if you pop your theme into a search engine, you'll find stacks of recipe ideas to satisfy the tummies of the little characters! If after reading those suggestions, you're already exhausted, then why not hire someone to do all the hard work for you? There are a range of children's entertainers locally. From traditional clowns and magicians to drama and play entertainers, it's easy to sit back and let somebody else keep the children laughing and hopping around!

Have a look at creative parties which are not only great fun but will usually eliminate the need for party bag fillers as the children take their pieces home. Hosts can come along to you with activities such as model making, pottery painting and making their own teddies to name a few.

Also have a look at some of the more unconventional party entertainers as you might be surprised what you find! There's a world of weird and wonderful including science experts to fill your room with bubbly green potions or animal handlers to fill your room with ugly green reptiles. If this still leaves you worrying about food, decorations and party bags; then don't. There are plenty of companies locally that will cater for your every need. And don't forget the centrepiece...the cake! If your supermarket doesn't have what you're looking for then there are a host of local cake makers that can design something especially personal for your child.

Be Hands off! There's nothing more satisfying than seeing your child beam from ear to ear, revelling in the sheer enrapture of his/her dream party...especially if you haven't had to lift a finger beyond writing the party invites! Have a think about what kind of activity your child would enjoy the most and consider the number of children and age range, then have a look at what's available. There are a huge choice of venues locally; below is a taste of what's on offer.

Soft Play We're lucky enough to have a range of soft play centres in our area. Most of them offer party packages and additional extras. Let your children run round and make their own fun then get fed and watered whilst you sit back and let the happiness unfold around you! Farms Check out the local farms' party pages as between them, they have a huge range of fantastically unique parties to choose from. From fire engine and tractor rides to discos and equestrian fun- you'll be spoilt for choice! Bouncy Castle Parties Although there are many companies that will hire bouncy castles to you, if you don't have the space or the patience...throw your party at a chosen venue. Many leisure centres hold parties of this nature. Pottery Painting A great idea for older pre schoolers to show off their artistic flair! Let a pottery painting studio run a party where the children can enjoy creating a piece of art that they can take home and treasure forever.

venue for a few games, some party food and goody bags. Most bowling alleys will provide several exciting party packages to suit all ages and abilities. Pizza Making Many well known pizza restaurants (and other venues) host pizza making parties for little ones. A great idea which incorporates both fun and dinner in one fell swoop! Party on a Budget If you have several parties to pay for each year, then you may find that your purse starts to feel the strain. A children's party never has to cost the earth and with a bit of forward planning, you can throw a fantastic party on the cheap. Firstly, the key to keeping the cost down is to keep the numbers down. Just invite four or five little friends for 'birthday tea'. You'll find that you can provide sandwiches, crisps, fruit, biscuits, squash and a birthday cake for less than £20 if you shop wisely. Fill party bags and pass the parcel/musical bumps prizes with trinkets and treats from pound shops and supermarkets.

After party games, let the children play with bubbles and dance; you'll find that the time is filled beautifully (as it generally takes them so long to eat anyway!). You can make your own birthday bunting and decorations and finish the room using low cost coloured balloons.

Whether you spend £20 or £200; as long as the tots have played, enjoyed treats and had fun then it’s been a success! By Emma Perry

Bowling Parties Gather a group of pals together and get on down to your local bowling

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Party Time!!!

Whether you’re planning your child’s party now or in the future - cut out and keep our handy Party Time guide and contact some local party people who can help your little one have a party to remember! Crafty Monkey Pottery Painting and Build a Bear Parties - St. Neots and Mobile

Both children and parents love Crafty Monkey birthday parties children love them because they are a lot of fun, parents love them because the children are entertained, happy and they are relatively stress free! What's more the children get to create something they can keep so no party bags are needed! We are mobile too!

01480 219222

The Birthday Football Club - Mobile TBFC deliver complete FOOTBALL birthday PARTIES for your child’s special day! Personalised Invitations, Party Bags & Personalised Homemade Cake, all included! Call Coach Gareth for a party to remember! 07901 022874 One Leisure - Huntingdonshire One Leisure offer parties for all ages. Soft play at Leo's Funzone, tenpin bowling at Basement Lanes, floats fun and inflatable fun in the pool, roller skating, football, indoor sports, laser tag, nerf wars, disco parties and much more to choose from. Huntingdon • Ramsey • Sawtry • St Ives • St Neots

Colin Daines Magician - Mobile With 35 years experience and a member of the magic circle, Colin brings magic and balloon modelling to your child’s party, wedding or Christening. Covering Cambridgeshire, Bedfordshire and Northamptonshire. Age 3+

01480 212571


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The Raptor Foundation - Pidley Have a party with a difference at the Raptor Foundation where your little one’s will get a tour of the centre, a flying display and the opportunity to fly an owl before tucking into party food. Parties start at £6.50 a head. No minimum age. 01487 741140 Cracker Jacks - Mobile

The play and party venue in St Neots for 0-12 year olds. We have a number of party packages catering for all ages please see our website. 01480 477515 Wiggle Waggle - Mobile Wiggle Waggle Parties offer an activity session, tailor-made for your child's age and interests, full of fun, frivolity and expert joy! We are ideal for people who want something really special - relaxing for parents too. There are two age groups Tots Party (Ages 1-3) and Wigglers Party (Ages 4-7) 01480 382103

Cake Fairies

Providing good quality homemade cakes. We bake great quality birthday and celebration cakes for any occasion. You tell us what you want and the Cake-Fairies create it.

01480 216640 Cauliflower Charlie

Adorable Baby and Children’s Fancy Dress Costumes, perfect for dressing your little one up for that party, special occasion or heart meltingly cute photo! Made locally with love. Suitable from 6 months+. 07780 903371 To advertise in Jolly Tots please call us on 01480 219222 or email for a media pack



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Usborne Books

overdue and said it was a great about how amazing their mum has To finish the interview I asked if the service that not many hospitals offer. been at helping them outan and both girls have any plans to return to our are old The girls couldn’t speak highly enough girls see each other on a daily basis. screens. Both girls would like to go favourite and they make perfect gifts of this service. Jules said that it’s really handy as her back to work, with Claire looking to for children of all the ages, either read return in September/October this year voice sounds same as herto sister alone or with mumeach and dad. Jules also raved about hypnobirthing so share they can comfort others’With while Jules is undecided when she breathing techniques and said it really babies. It alsoUsborne sounds likeBooks their other timeless classics make will return and wishes she could get helped her through her labour. perfecthalves have also embraced being work locally. Watch this space! keepsake books. parents. Despite both having C-sections, it didn’t sound like the girls took it easy post delivery, with Jules cooking Christmas dinner four days after giving birth. When I asked how the girls are adjusting to motherhood, they both looked at each other, smiled and said it’s the hardest job they’ve done and nothing quite prepares you for it but both are really enjoying it and wouldn’t be without their bundles of joy.

Unfortunately, the birth was not the last Clare saw of Hinchingbrooke as her son Johnny Flynn has had several health problems since being born with a meningitis scare in the first week and now suffers with reflux, colic and dairy intolerance so this has also been tough. He has had cranial osteopathy to deal with the colic. They spoke

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Looking for a novel, stress free party that will entertain your little ones? Have a:

Football Party

We travel to a venue of your choice and cater to your needs and budget. Our packages include: WORLD XI PACKAGE – 2HRS PREMIER PACKAGE – 1HR

With both packages, we provide Personalised Invitations, Party bags, Personalised Homemade Cake in a colour of your choice & FUN! 07901 022874

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)!% !$ %" %  % "%$ ! !* (* %%"! " ! "&%

"# call us today "!

01767 691348 (  "!"! " !* $                    


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Childcare for that Special Occasion Have you overlooked the seemingly trivial matter of childcare at your wedding or special occasion? If you’re not having children at your wedding, then read no further. If on the other hand you’re having fond thoughts of the parents looking after the children or the children amusing themselves, then I urge you to read on. I was recently a guest at a wedding and witnessed one parent, in particular, struggling with her two year old son. During the service I observed the mother (whose husband was best man) trying to keep her young son happy and quiet throughout the ceremony by using her phone, sweets and books. Unfortunately she wasn’t able to fully enjoy the ceremony and looked thoroughly stressed by the end! Outside the stately home the wedding party congregated for canapés and fizz. Blessed with a lovely day, the Victorian garden provided a perfect back drop for the photos and a great hiding place for two year olds. He hid behind pillars, ran around in the maze, investigated the ponds and rolled down banks. The poor mother was dashing in and out of the grounds chasing her son and returning him to the safety of the courtyard. The finale came when the 100 or so guests gathered for a photo just as the two year old had gone for tumble in to the lavender bush! He was having a whale of a time, although the same could not be said for the mother who hadn’t had the opportunity to socialise with the other guests during those couple of hours and ultimately, both mother and son missed the photos!

My suggestion would be to have a wedding nanny or two to remove the likelihood of the above happening. It is affordable, and I suspect that parents would be more than happy to contribute to the cost if the opportunity was there. Then they too could enjoy your special day without worry! You can find wedding and special occasion nannies through specialist childcare agencies. Do an online search to find a local one and make sure you book them well in advance of your special day.

By Heidi McFadyen

During the reception, the lady’s husband was making a speech, she looked anxious as he stood up and so she quickly began rummaging in her handbag to find things to distract her son from causing raucous interruptions. As it turned out the little lad, no doubt exhausted by all of the running around the country park, fell asleep and stayed asleep allowing her to enjoy her meal, although this was short lived and he woke with renewed energy! So why am I writing about this? Well, if you are thinking that parents can look after their children at your wedding or party then you are right, they can and will. Just be prepared for unexpected noise while you are exchanging vows, unpredictable behaviour and absent guests during the photos, and babbling or squawking throughout the speeches.

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Baby Showers

Baby Showers are becoming more popular in this country as mums–to-be get together with their female friends and family to let their hair down and celebrate the imminent arrival of their new baby. Such parties are most common in the USA, but interestingly the term ‘Baby Shower’ is thought to date back to Victorian times when a bridal shower would be held before a wedding and gifts for the bride would be put into a parasol and ‘showered’ onto her as she opened it.

Usually at a Baby Shower, guests bring gifts for the baby of clothing, nappies and toys. Games are often played - an example of which might be putting different types of melted chocolate into nappies and guests have to guess which kind of chocolate is in which nappy! If you have a friend who is expecting a baby then here are some suggestions for a baby shower which is more focused on the mum to make her feel really special at this important time.

• Organise a pampering party where there is an opportunity for the mum-to-be to have treatments suitable for pregnant mums with her friends. The guests could be asked to

bring along a gift to ‘pamper’ the mum such as some lavender bath oil or some new pyjamas. • Ask guests to each bring along a book from their own childhood that they would like to pass on to the new baby. This is a lovely way to pass on positive memories from their own childhood and encourage the mum-to-be to think about the enjoyment of sharing books with her new baby.

• Arrange to take the mum-to-be out for a meal and ask guests to bring along promises of food that they will make for her after the baby is born. Having homemade cake in the house when you are likely to have so many visitors is a huge plus and a home cooked meal when you are sleep deprived is probably the most welcome gift. • Organise the party around helping the mum-to-be out with jobs that need to be done, such as painting the nursery. Or guests could offer a gift of their time in some way, perhaps

offering to do some gardening, shopping or housework either before or after the baby arrives. • Co-ordinate each guest to bring a small gift for the mum to put in her hospital bag, such as some really nice shower gel for that first shower after the baby is born or a water spray that she can use to keep cool during labour. These are just a few ideas, I am sure you might think of others, but I do think it is a great opportunity for friends and family to pamper mum-to-be, after all there’s plenty of time to focus on the baby after they’re By Jenny Barrett born!

Jenny Barrett is an antenatal teacher for the NCT. She teaches a variety of classes in St Neots including Relax & Breathe sessions which are a great way for mums-to-be to relax – details on her website or use to find NCT classes in your area.

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Boost your child’s IQ with Little Language Learners!

My friend is annoyingly intelligent: he speaks five languages fluently! He started French at nursery, and listened to his Guatemalan granny gabbling in Spanish on their weekly visits to her house. By the age of 14 he had 4 A-grade language GCSEs! Is there more to this than a knack for languages? I think so.

Research shows that between 0-7 years, foreign language acquisition is completely innate. Better than that, early exposure develops exceptional cognitive and communication skills, particularly in areas of reading, writing, comprehension, analytical, communication and social abilities, this has been proven by better performance in school and higher scores on IQ tests. Do you want to help your child soar in later life? Established by a mum of two young boys and an experienced language teacher, Little Language Learners is a fun and innovative programme that teaches parents and tots Spanish through music and play.

Five Off to School sets to WIN! Plus 10% off for all runners up



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Get your kids moving with Little Kickers!

Local classes at a venue near you Local classes Call at a venue near you

Cambridge - Linzi Steven

01954 719872 Call

Peterborough / Stamford - Priti Shah

01954 719872 for details 07976 179899 “LIKE” us on FACEBOOK for a free taster session!

Where learning’s a ball

A reason for this huge success is Little Kickers “play not push” approach to football which is a real hit with both parents and kids – as young children get an introduction to sports in a friendly non-competitive environment.

Classes have now sprung up across Cambridgeshire and include venues in Cherry Hinton, Cambourne, Impington, Cambridge, Stamford and Peterborough. In these classes football is used to encourage the development of confidence and social skills, as well as providing a first class grounding in football basics. All Little Kickers classes are run by FA qualified coaches, ensuring that appropriate coaching ratios are maintained, but also so that the hard-working parent can enjoy a well earned break and socialise with other like minded parents. Little Kickers run classes throughout the year so there are no specified start and end dates. Enrolment starts on the first day of classes.

For more info about classes contact Linzi Steven: or Priti Shah: or visit


Party Pa rty Pa Packages ckages

Make a Bear Make B Bear P Party arty £ 149.95 £149.95 O O

60 m mins ins pl playtime, ayt y ime, 30 m mins ins party party ffood ood 30 m mins ins ma making k g a cuddly kin cu ddly bea bearr of cchoice ho ice to ttake ake ho me (Bir thday gue st ha to home (Birthday guest hass a big ger bea r)) bigger bear)

Craft Cr raft Party Pa arty £149.95 £ 149.95 O O

60 m mins ins pl playtime, ayt y ime, 30 m mins ins party party ffood ood 30 m mins ins ma making k g a selection kin selection of cra craft aft pieces home pieces to to ttake ake ho me

Play Party Play Party t £ 80 (Min 100 Ch Children) ildren) £80

(£8.95 additional children) (£ 8.95 ffor or a dditional c hildren)



90 m mins ins pl playtime, ayt y ime, 30 m mins ins party party ffood ood Party P arty Host Host Party P arty Invitations Invitations Unlimited Unl imite d jug jugs g s of jui juice ce Hott / Cold Bu Ho Buffet ffet Cake Ca ke Ce Ceremony remoony ((cake cake n not ot inc included) lu de d)

For more information please call orr visi visitt F or mo re inf for ma m tion pl ease c all o o ur we bsite: ww w our website:


Mon-Sat: 9.30-6.30 Mon-Sat: 9.30 -6.30 We d: 11.00 -6.30 0 Wed: 11.00-6.30 Su n: 10.30 -5.00 Sun: 10.30-5.00

Admission Adm ission Prices Prices Un der 1: £1.50 Under £1.50 p per er child child Under U n der 4: £3.75 £3.75 plus: £4.25 4 pl us: £4.25 Please call Please call the Cr CrackerJacks rackerJacks Team T eam ffor or more more details: detailss:

01480 4 477515 77515 515



Little End Road

Howar rd Road Howard

A428 A42 A 8

BP Petrol Petr rol Station tion

Sensor y Ro Sensory Room R om Softt Pl Sof Play ay Free F ree WiFi WiFi Cafe C affe Xbox Xbo x Kinect Kinect iPads iP a ds

Opening Op ening Times Times


B142 8 Great G North Roa d B1428 Road

A1 to Bedford

T Pl The Playy and Party t y venue ffor 0-12 annd P 0--12 year old s y olds


Forge Close

Foundry Way Little End Rd

Alpha Drive



Little End Road

Approved football training for kids aged 18 months to 7 years

Hundreds of energetic children aged 18 months to 7 years old in the Cambridgeshire area now take part in Little Kickers, one of the fastest growing children’s sports programme in the UK.


http:/ h ttp:/ // / w .facebo m/ www /pa p ges/Crracker -Jacks/ k @CrackerPlay @CrrackerPlay (twitter) (tw itter)

CRACKERJACKS C RACKERJ JACKS CK 3 Foundry Fo un dr y W Way, ay, Ea Eaton ton So Socon, con, St N Neots, eots, Camb Cambs, s, PE19 8TR Tel: 477515 Web: Tel: 01480 4 7 77515 We b: www .cra c u (Please (Pl ease n note ote cchildren hildren nm must ust be wearing wearing so socks cks a att all all time time w whilst hilst u using sing the play play equi equipment) pment)

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Opening Times Mon-Fri 09.30-15.30 Sat 10.30-17.00 TRADITIONAL TOYS & FANCY DRESS FOR 0-12 YEARS GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS and so much more... PRICES FROM JUST 55P! CAN’T SEE IT ON THE SHELF BUT WANT IT I CAN GET IT! T.01480 210140

PLAYTIME TOYS AND GAMES The Conservatory Village, Little Paxton, PE19 6EN

Goodbye Thomas

Parents… if your child is a fan of Thomas you haven’t got very long to take him or her to see the blue engine at the nearby Nene Valley Railway.

Thomas who was named by the Rev’d W Audry who penned the charming railway books is a real locomotive who used to work in the Peterborough sugar beet factory. All steam locomotives have to be taken apart and given a thorough health check every ten years and the children’s favourite is no exception. His visit to ‘hospital’ is due at the end of June this year and he’s not expected back for almost a year. The last chance to see Thomas in steam and take a ride with him will be at the Goodbye Thomas event held on the weekend of 29th and 30th June. There is no need to book as Thomas will be running an intensive timetable.

More details: - 01780 784444

Hinchingbrooke Maternity Open Day

Are you undecided about where to give birth? Then come to our next Hinchingbrooke Maternity Open Day in Huntingdon.

It was great to see so many families and mums- tobe at the second open day for the Maternity services at Hinchingbrooke Hospital. The feedback from those at the event was very positive.

It gave mums and those thinking about having a baby an ideal opportunity to see what the maternity unit at Hinchingbrooke has on offer. As well as touring the unit there were various stalls and the opportunity for mums to chat to midwives and support workers. The new service for complementary therapies to support women waiting to go into labour was a big hit whilst the 3d scanning stall was also getting a lot of interest. It you missed this event you’ll be glad to know we are holding another open day on the 28th September from 11am to 3pm at the front of the hospital, we would love you to come a have a cup of tea and a cake and see what Hinchingbrooke has to offer you.

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Jolly Tots Directory What to do and where to go

Art & Craft




Baby / Toddler Playgroups

Days Out

Development Drama


Family Eating Out

Reading / Story Time Special Needs Sports

Toy Library

Wildlife/Animals Art & Craft

Crafty Monkey 12, Moores Walk, St. Neots Pottery painting and craft studio. Baby hand and footprints, make a bear, birthday parties and more! Open Mon Sat 9.30am - 5.30pm. Contact (01480 219222)

Messy Play Scout Hut, Ramsey. For Under 5’s to develop their creative side. Soft play: Tues 9.30am – 11.30am, Wed 1pm-2.30pm. General Play: Fri 9.30am – 11.30am (term time). Call: Sarah Abraham (01487 813279).



30 31 31 32 32 32 33 33 34 34

Baby & Me The Hub, Cambourne. 0-2 years (older siblings up to school age welcome) Friday 10-11.30. Cost £1.50 a family. rne

Baby / Toddler Playgroups

Baby Lounge - Time for Health 8 Station Road, St Ives, PE27 5BH. For babies up to 15mths. Fri 10.45am – 12.00pm. Refreshments, buggy space and toys Baby Lounge Extra - For 0 2yrs. Fri 3.00p.m to 4.15 p.m. Cost: £3. Call: (01480 461411).

Baby Playtime Brewster Avenue Children’s Centre, 10, Brewster Avenue, Woodston, Peterborough, PE2 9PN. For 0 - 12mths. Tues 9.45am - 11.15am, just drop in (term time). Stay and Play, 0 - 5yrs 1.15pm - 2.45pm. Book your place (term time). Call: (01733 452600).

Brampton Baby & Toddler Group Brampton Community Centre. For 0-5 yrs. Every Mon 9.30am -11.30am (term time). Cost £2 per session. Arts & crafts, role play, singing, floor toys for all ages. Healthy snacks and drinks. Call Katie on (01480 355433). Follow us on Facebook. Brewster Babes Post Natal Group Brewster Avenue Children’s Centre, 10, Brewster Avenue, Woodston, Peterborough, PE2 9PN. For 0 - 6mths. Varied programme of guest speakers and subjects. Fri 1.15pm - 2.30pm. Just turn up. Call: (01733 452600).

Busybees Baby & Toddler Group Great Staughton Village Hall For 0 - 5 yrs. Weds (term-time) 10.00am - 11.30am. Cost: FREE. Fruit and drink for the children, Arts & Crafts and floor toys for all ages. Call: Lyanne 01480 357540

Busy Bears Fun Time The Priory Centre, Priory Lane, St. Neots PE19 2BH. Newborn - 5 yrs. Wed & Fri 10am-11.30am (term time). Cost: £2.50 per child, £4 family ticket. (01480 388922). Butterfly Children’s Centre Winhills School, off Duck Lane, St. Neots PE19 2DX. For age 0-5, Mon - Thurs 8.45am - 4.45pm. Fri 8.45am - 1pm. Contact: (01480 358350) Chatterbox Toddler Group Memorial Hall, School Lane, Alconbury. Fri 9am - 11am. Juice/hot drinks and biscuits provided. Call: Vicky Brown (07775 777091).

Colne Toddler Group Colne Community Hall, East Street. Fridays during term time. 9.30-11.30am. Birth up-to school age. £2.00 per family. Includes refreshments. Contact Charlotte Daleworth (01487) 843925. Cyril’s Acorn Club One Leisure St Ives, Westwood Road. For 0 – 5 yrs. Soft play equipment, climbing frames, tunnels, slides, hoops, bean bags and balls. Thurs 10.30am – 12.00pm term time only. FREE for under 1’s. Call: (01480 388500).

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Daffodil Children's Centre Godmanchester Primary School, Park Lane, Godmanchester, PE29 2AG Open Mon-Fri 9am-3.30pm (01480 375116)

Fenstanton Baby & Toddler Group Church Centre, Fenstanton. Meets every Wed (inc. school hols), 10am - 11.30am.Sessions cost £2. First is free. Come along or call: Becky (01480 493067). Folksworth Toddler Club Folksworth Village Hall, Folksworth. Tues 10am - 11.30am. Call Hege Moller-Green (01733 240049). Funky Monkeys Farcet Salvation Army Church. For age 0-5yrs. Tues/Thurs 9.30am - 11.30am (term times). Cost: £1 per family. Call: Captain Beverley (01733 240130).

Goldhay Mums & Tots Goldhay Community Centre, 105, Paynels, Orton Goldhay, Peterborough PE2 5QP. Newborn - 4yrs Tues 10am -11-30am, Tots Singing - Thurs 10am and 11.30am. Cost: 50p per family. Call: Sally (01733 233026) Houghton & Wyton Toddler Group Houghton & Wyton Memorial Hall, St. Ives Road, Houghton, PE28 2BJ. Arts & Crafts on Tues 10am - 11.45am (inc. holidays). Craft, free play and singing. Refreshments available. Cost: £2 per family. Huntingdonshire Twins and Triplets Club (affiliated to Sure Start Centre, Godmanchester Community Primary School Mon 10am - 11.30am (term time).

Jigsaw Juniors The Jigsaw Centre, Orton Malborne, Peterborough PE2 5PW. For pre-school age. Toys, books, activities and messy play. Wed 1.30pm-2.45pm. Run by Orton Children’s Centre (01733 452690). Bookings only. Leo’s Pre-school Mornings One Leisure St Neots. Relaxed and sociable sessions which include use of Leo's Funzone plus other fun activities.Term time only. For reduced prices, times and dates visit

Little Angels Berkley Street Methodist Church, Eynesbury, St. Neots PE19 2NB. Newborn - 4 years. Wednesdays (term time only) 1pm to 2.45. Free play with lots

of floor and table top toys. Refreshments provided, no fee just donations. Call Ellice (01480 474062) email: Little Lambs Toddler Group Salem Baptist Church, High Street, Ramsey PE26 1AB. Toddlers: Every Thurs 9.30am-11am (term time). Call: Jo Smith (01487 711109). Little Monkeys House of Fun One Leisure Ramsey, Abbey Road. For Under 5’s. Bouncy castle, ball pool and soft play area. Wed 9.30am – 11.30am (term time only). FREE for 6 months or under. Call: (01480 387900)

Mini Movers Kingsgate Community Church, 2 Staplee Way, Parnell, Peterborough PE1 4YT. For newborn - pre-school, Wed 10am 11.30am (term time). Art, craft, singing and trips. Cost: £1.50 per family, includes drink/snack for all. Call: Kim Connor (01733 311156 via church office). Moonlight Hare’s Baby & Toddler Group Peterborough Museum First Thursday of month (term-time only). Story and rhyme; handle real objects and enjoy a craft activity. Suitable for 2 - 5 year olds. £2 per child (babies free). Contact: Carol Law to book special EY group sessions: (01733 864 700)

MOMS Club of Huntingdon Playgroups/Playdates, Park days, Outings, MOMS Night Out, Crafts, Activity Groups & More! Supporting moms with kids of all ages. Email m. Follow us on Facebook Mucky Pups Playtimes, Ferriman Road, Spaldwick, Huntingdon PE28 0TQ. Newborn - 5yrs. Fri 1.30pm - 3pm (term time). Bring a piece of fruit. FREE (01480 890077) Mummas & Bubbas Meet Up Mondays in term time: 10.30 - 11.30. Cost £1. British Legion, 210 Broadway, Yaxley, PE7 3NR. Contact Lou: 07710 465711 Needingworth Little Tigers Baby & Toddler Group Needingworth Village Hall. For 0-5 yrs. Mon 10am -11:30am (term time only). Call: Sarah (01480 469294). NCT Bumps & Babes St Jude’s Church Hall, Cranford Drive, Netherton, Peterborough For pregnant

parents and babies up to one year. Tues 1pm-2.30 pm. Cost £1 per family. Join us for coffee & tea, chat, play, postnatal support, and mum2mum breastfeeding info (0844 243 6240, press 1).

Orton Wistow Toddlers Orton Wistow Community Centre, Napier Place Peterborough PE2 6XN. Newborn pre-school. Indoor and outdoor play. Tues 1.15pm - 3pm (term time). Cost: £2 per family (includes drink/biscuit). Call: Lynn Whitfield (01733 237727) Poppies Children's Centre Brampton Primary School, The Green, Brampton, PE28 4RF. Open Mon-Thurs 9am-12pm (01480 376191) Puddleducks Mums n Tots Overhills Primary School, Kimbolton, PE28 0HY. Tues 9am - 11am. £3 per family, includes drink and biscuits. Contact Mandy 01480 869370.

Rainbow Toddler Group 83A High Street, Huntingdon Community Church Centre PE29 3DP. Newborn – 4 yrs. Tues 9.30am – 11am. Cost: 50p per family, refreshments provided (01480 411665)

Ramsey Children's Centre 25 Great Whyte Ramsey PE26 1HG. Open Mon, Tues & Thurs 9am-5pm, Wed 9am-12.30pm and Fri For more details call 01480379420 or St Ives Children’s Centre Wheatfields Primary School, Nene Way PE27 3WF. For 0 – 5 yrs. Mon 9am - 3pm. Tues - Wed 9am - 5pm, Thurs 9am - 4pm, Fri 9am - 12pm. Call: Fran (07776 494 100).

St. Ives Christian Fellowship Parents and Toddlers Burleigh Hill Community Centre, Constable Road PE27 3ER. Newborn – 4 yrs. Thurs 9.15am – 11am (term time). Call: Jason Street (01480 463161). St Neots Rural Children’s Centre Little Paxton Primary School, Gordon Road, St. Neots PE19 6NG. For age 0-5. Open Mon - Fri 8.45am - 12.45pm. Contact: (01480 357540).

Smiley Tots Parent & Toddler Group Yelden Village Hall, Spring Lane, Yelden MK44 1BA. Every Wed 10am-12pm (term time). Come and play! £2 per family inc. drink & snack. Call: Vicky (01933 317220) The Daisy Children’s Centre Papworth Everard & surrounding villages. For more information about their current programme, call: (01480 831423).

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The Eatons Children’s Centre Bushmead Primary School, Bushmead Road, Eaton Socon, St. Neots PE19 8BT. For age 0 - 5. Various courses and support for parents. Open Mon - Thurs 8.45am - 4.45pm. Fri 8.45am - 1pm. For more details (01480 358340) Thistle Tots Thistle Drive Playcentre, Wessex Close, Stanground PE2 8HZ. For 0 - 2yrs. Thurs 1.15pm - 2.30pm and 2 - 5yrs Fri 10am - 11.15am. To book (term time) call: (01733 452610). Tiddlers and Toddlers Jubilee Hall, Eaton Socon, St. Neots. Est. 30 yrs. Friday 9.30am – 11.30am (term time). Call: Margaret Birchall (01480 215695) Benny (07980 810313).

Tiddlywinks St. Andrews Church, Alwalton, near Peterborough PE7 3UU. For Under 5’s and their parents/carers. Mon 9.30am-11.30am (term time). Singalongs, stories, toys and refreshments. Call: Liz or Malcolm Ingham (01733 239289).

Totally Tots Goldhay Centre, PE2 5QP. Fri 10am - 11.30am. Cost £1 (term time only). Call: (01733 452690).

Tot Stop Stanground Baptist Church, Chapel Street, Stanground PE2 8JG. Toys for babies, toddlers and pre-school children, craft activity, singing and refreshments. A friendly and welcoming group. Fri 9:45-11:45 (Term time) Call: Jane Carter (01733 310411) Tots’ Praise St. Neots Parish Church, PE19 2BU. Last Weds of month 10.30am. FREE. Bible based, refreshments. Older siblings welcome in holidays. Call: Rev. Paul Andrews, Parish Office: (01480 472297). Warboys Under Fives Toddler Group High street, Warboys, PE28 2TA. Newborn – 5 yrs. Fri 1pm – 3pm. Cost: £1.50 for first child, 50p for each additional child. Toys, games and refreshments. Call: (01487 823190)

Westwood & Ravensthorpe Children’s Centre offer support to local families that include fun, play activities. Based at Highlees and Ravensthorpe Primary School, Call: (01733 266425) for more information.


WhoLet the Dads Out A chance to have some fun with your preschooler, eat some bacon,meet some other dads, even read the newspaper! 1st Saturday of the month at 9am. St Mary’s Church Eaton Socon. Cost £1 per child. Contact



Buckden Childcare Agency Nannies, babysitters, childminders and more. Contact: (01480 811180)

Nice Nannies Now 40, Station Road, Warboys, Huntingdon, Cambs PE28 2TD. Childcare for all ages. Call: Helen (01487 823516)  General

Baby Café Brewster Avenue Children’s Centre, 10, Brewster Avenue, Woodston, Peterborough, PE2 9PN. Help and advice on breastfeeding from health visitors and nursery nurses. Mon 1pm 2.30pm (plus baby weighing). Telephone before arriving. Call: (01733 452600 / 01733 774537). Jigsaw Centre, Orton Malbourne, PE2 5PW. Thurs 1pm - 2.30pm. Call: (01733 452690 / 01733 237209).

Baby Café Local Stanground Children’s Centre, 31a Chapel Street, PE2 8JF. Tues 1.30pm 3pm NCT Breastfeeding counsellor visits every week. Please telephone before arriving. Call: (01733 452610). Families and Childcare Information Services. Local childcare info. Peterborough (0800 29 89 121) Cambridgeshire (0345 04 54 014)

Days Out

 Adventure/Soft Play

Active Antics Highlees Primary School Hall, Ashton Road, Westwood PE3 7ER. For 0 - 4 yrs, Wed 10am - 11am (term time only.) Fun movement activities. Build sensory and motor skills. Call: Lynn Boness (01733 295864).

Activity World & Toddler World Padholme Road East, Peterborough, PE1 5XH. Indoor play. Separate Toddler

World. Open 9.30am – 5.30pm. Closed Tues. Cost: from £4.95. Birthday parties. Call: (01733 314446) Big Sky Adventure Play 24, Wainman Road, Shrewsbury Avenue, Woodston, Peterborough PE2 7BU. Soft play area for under 4yrs. Open 9.30am – 6pm (term time), Sat 10am - 6pm, Sun 10am – 5pm. Cost: Under 4’s - £4.90, age 4+ £5.90, adults £1.30. Birthday parties. Call: (01733 390810) Dave the Clown’s Fun House The Cresset, Bretton Centre, Rightwell Peterborough PE3 8DX. For 0 – 8 yrs. Soft Play Centre. Mon 10am – 1pm. Call: (01733 265705).

Eat ‘N’ Play Huntingdon Road, St. Neots PE19 1XG. Large play area (max height 1.45m/4’9”) Separate toddler area. Open 11am daily. Cost: £3.75. Weekends/hols £4.25. Call: (01480 471611) w w w. Houghton Mill Houghton, Huntingdon PE28 2AZ Kids of all ages will be fascinated to see a working mill in action, with lots of hands on fun too. Beautiful grounds and boat rides. Ideal for a family day out.

Leo’s Funzone @ Huntingdon One Leisure Huntingdon, St Peter’s Road, Huntingdon. Indoor adventure play centre for babies, toddlers and children. A great venue for children’s parties.Free entry for adults and children under 1. Open 7 days a week. Call: (01480 388600) Leo’s Funzone @ St. Neots One Leisure, Barford Road, St. Neots. Indoor adventure play centre for babies, toddlers and children. A great venue for children’s parties. Free entry for adults and children under 1. Open 7 days a week. Call: (01480 388700) Whale of a Time - Childrens Indoor Softplay Centre 8 Viking Way, Bar Hill, Cambridge CB23 8EL Mon-Fri 10am - 5.30pm Sat & Sun 10am - 6pm (01954 781018)  Theatre

Key Theatre Embankment Road, Peterborough. PE1 1EF. Productions aimed at children throughout the year. Box office: (01733 207239).

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(07979 503269)  Music/Singing

Clap & Sing / Parachute Play The Rainbow Children's Centre Sure Start Parkhall Road, Somersham For newborn – 5yrs. Song and movement to stimulate babies. Wed 9.30am – 10.30am, 10.30am – 11.30am (term time only). Pre-enrolment. Voluntary donation. Call: Trisha (01487 741456).

Music for Little People Fun and educational music classes for 0 - 5 years. All taught by qualified musicians and teachers. Call: Karen (01480 812469)

The Cresset Theatre Rightwell, Bretton Centre, Peterborough PE3 8DX Seasonal shows for children. Call: (01733 265705)


 Developmental Play

Babygrowz Huntingdon, St Neots & Ely. Developmental Play classes for mum and baby. Newborn to 2yrs. Call Janet (07891 676504)

Dance and Movement Brewster Avenue Children’s Centre, 10, Brewster Avenue, Woodston, Peterborough, PE2 9PN. For 12mths 5yrs. Thurs 1.15pm - 2.15pm. Just drop in (term time). Call: 01733 452600. Happy Faces The Crown Inn, Glinton, Peterborough For 8mths - 5yrs. Educational play, refreshments and more. Call: Claire (01733 324851). Languages

La Jolie Ronde French Open Centre, 58 Burleigh Road, St. Ives PE27 3DF. Introduction to French with songs, rhymes and games. Age 5+ Call: Anna Ireland (01480 382036). Little Language Learners St. Neots. Learn Spanish with your toddler through music, movement and rhyme. For age 0 -5. Call: Vicky Payne

Musical Minis Heritage Park Primary School, Park Farm, Stanground and Alwalton From 0 - 5yrs. Music sessions for babies and toddlers. Call: Janie (01778 570340) Sing and Sign Samuel Pepys School, St. Neots. For 6 18mths. Thursdays. Learn to communicate with your baby or toddler pre-speech. Call: Julie Warriner for details (01767 691488). Tiny Talk Whaddon, Cambourne, Histon & Brampton. Baby signing classes for all babies and young toddlers. Class is 1 hr - ½ hr singing and signing followed by ½ hr social time. Call: Carol (0795 1601107) Tuneful Tots Brewster Avenue Children’s Centre, 10, Brewster Avenue, Woodston, Peterborough, PE2 9PN. For 0 - 5yrs. First session 9.30am -10.25am. Second session 10.50am to 11.45am. To book call: (01733 452600). Warboys Clap and Sing (including Toy Library) Warboys Community Primary School Community Hall. All pre-schoolers welcome. Thurs 1.45pm - 2.45pm (term time). Cost: £1 donation. Call: Kate Smith (01487 824390).

Wiggle Waggle Huntingdon, Godmanchester, St. Ives, St. Neots, Houghton & Stukeley Meadows. Lively, fun and educational Music dance and fitness programme for 0s to 5s. Build confidence , self esteem and fitness. . Call Sharon (01480 382103),


Antenatal Yogacise FREE Pregnancy Yoga classes at Ramsey and Somersham Children’s Centres in June/July. Call: Victoria (01954 204742)

Birthlight Hatha Yoga Classes Brampton, Godmanchester & St. Neots and Pregnancy Yoga Class in St. Neots. Call: Linda (01480 350315) Babybliss Huntingdon /Peterborough area. Infant Massage, Baby/Toddler Yoga, Baby & Child swimming and First Aid courses. Call: Kate Stewart (07857 683291)

Daisy Birthing A course for women who are between 14 to 42 weeks of their pregnancy. Keeps the body healthy and strong through yoga, breathe work, relaxations and self hypnosis. For course dates contact One Leisure St Ives (01480 388500), One Leisure St Neots (01480 388700) MamaBaby Bliss St. Neots, Potton, Sandy and Biggleswade Pregnancy & baby yoga, relaxation and baby massage. . Call: Joanna (07904 374212)

Pregnancy Yoga Oak Tree Centre, Huntingdon PE29 7HN. Wed 7pm – 8.30pm. Call: Barbara Moorby (01480 380307).

Sleep Clinic If you have a child over 8 mths keeping you awake at night, contact the Westwood & Ravensthorpe Children’s Centre sleep management advisor. Call: Linda Minett (01733 260833).


DramaTots - From 2 - 5yrs, younger siblings welcome, £4 per 50 min session. Call: Liz: (01480 839112)

Colin Daines MMC Magic and balloon modelling. Member of the magic circle. Family occasions a speciality (01480 212571). Singing Beans: St Mary’s Parish Hall, The Walks East, Huntingdon. Pre-School singing session with puppets, bubbles, instruments etc Mon 10am. £2 per child. Contact Natalie 07870249129

To advertise in Jolly Tots please call us on 01480 219222 or email for a media pack


On Stage Youth Theatre School 71, Shakespeare Road, St. Ives PE27. For age 4+. Train in the performing arts in a fun and friendly environment. Call: Eve Webb (01480 461959) Stagecoach Theatre Arts School For age 4 +. Learn to act, sing and dance and build confidence. For Huntingdon classes contact: Jo (01353 667442) and Peterborough call: Ashleigh (01778 440077) Stage Stars Theatre Academy Alconbury, Brampton, Papworth & Sawtry. Classes in drama, singing and dance for ages 2+. Contact: Gemma (07807193182)

Stars on Stage UK Alconbury, Woodston & Orton Waterville. Dance and drama classes for various ages.Courses run over half term and summer holidays. For full details Contact: Sam & Hannah


 Children’s Entertainers/Parties

Butterfly Party Church Street, Fenstanton Jewellery Making Parties for children aged 4 +. High quality materials. Teaching from qualified jeweller. Call: Teresa on 0845 5194503.

Crafty Monkey MooresWalk, St Neots or Mobile Offers Pottery Painting, Build a Bear, decopatch, Jewellery Making parties for all ages. Call (01480 219222) The Children’s party and mobile creche specialists. Fun parties for boys and girls aged 1 - 11. Soft play equipment for hire, ideal for weddings, christenings etc. Call: 08456 804894.

Kreepie Krawlies Soft Play Soft play party hire at your venue (Cambs and Herts area). Call Debbie (07825 771408) Little Beans Parties Themed parties for children aged 1 +. Call Natalie: 07870 249129 Party at One Leisure One Leisure Huntingdon, Ramsey, Sawtry, St. Ives and St. Neots. All One Leisure sites provide a wide


range of fun pool, soft play and sports birthday parties for under 5’s and juniors. Contact your local One Leisure site for details: Huntingdon: 01480 388600, Ramsey: 01480 387900, Sawtry: 01480 387800, St. Ives: 01480 388500, St. Neots: 01480 388700 or visit

Ab-Fab Party Time! Fun entertainment for Babies ,Tots through to Pre Teens. Choose from: Knights & Princesses, Grease, Tearless & Fearless, Ugly Bug & Beautiful Butterfly ball or Pirates & Fairies. Call: Trisha (01487 741456) The Birthday Football Club TBFC deliver completefootball birthday parties. Personalised Invitations, Party Bags & Personalised Homemade Cake, all included! Call Gareth: (07901 022874)

Family Eating Out


Brewster’s Fun Factory & Restaurant (Highwayman) Colmworth Business Park, St Neots also at Hampton, Peterborough. Pub restaurant. Fun Factory within, cost: £3 per child, per hour. Tots time: 10am 12pm (term time). Kids menu in restaurant. Call: (01480 408540).

Fayre & Square Hartford Mill, Wyton, Hartford PE28 2AA. Family pub restaurant. Kids menu. Baby change/highchairs. Call: (01480 414311). Frankie & Benny’s Towerfields, Kings Ripton Road, Huntingdon PE29 7EG. New York Italian style restaurant. Children’s menu. Free colouring pack. Call: (01480 437240).

Pizza Express 105, High Street, Huntingdon PE29 3LB. Children’s ‘mini’ menu. Free activity pack. Call: (01480 434446).

Reading / Story Time

Bretton District Library The Cresset, Rightwell, Bretton, Peterborough PE3 8DS. Storytime: Thurs 11am -11.30am. Rhyme Time: Tues 2pm - 2.30pm. Story and Rhyme time: Sat 10.30am - 11am. Call: (01733 864291). Cambourne Library Rhymetime and Storytime alternate Fridays from 9.30am -10.00am. Term time only. Call 0345 045 5225.

Chatteris Library 2 Furrowfields Road, Chatteris PE16 6DY Storytime, Tues 2:15pm-2:45pm (term-time only), Rhymetime (birth to 3 yrs), Thurs 10am-11am (term time only) Call: 0345 045 5225

Dogsthorpe Community Library Central Avenue, Dogsthorpe, Peterborough PE1 4LH. Storytime: Thurs 2pm - 2.30pm. Call: (01733 864300). Eye Library Crowland Road, Eye, Peterborough PE6 7TN. Under 5’ s storytime: Mon 10.30am - 11am. Rhyme Time: Mon 11am 11.30am. Children’s craft club, Sat 11am - 12pm. Call: (01733 864142). Hampton Library 6B Serpentine Green Shopping Centre, Hampton, Peterborough PE7 8DR. Rhymetime: Tuesday, 10.15 – 10.45am Call: (01733 864538).

Huntingdon Library Princes Street, Huntingdon PE29 3PH. Storytime: 18mths – 5 yrs, Weds 10.30am –11am. Rhymetime: 0 - 18 mths Fri 10.30am - 11am (term time). Orton District Library Orton Centre, Peterborough PE2 5RQ. Storytime: Orton Library Storytime is every Thursday, 10 – 10.30am (all year round) and every Saturday 11 – 11.30am Rhymetime: Mon 10.30am -11am. Call: (01733 864296). Peterborough Central Library Broadway, Peterborough PE1 1RX Storytime: Fri 2.15pm - 2.45pm, Sat 11am -11.30am & 2.15pm - 2.45pm. Rhyme Time: Thurs 1.30pm-2pm. Call: (01733 864280). Ramsey Library School Lane, Ramsey PE26 1AF. Rhymetime: 0 – 3 yrs. Tues 2pm 2.45pm. Call: (0845 045 5225).

Sawtry Library Fen Lane, Sawtry PE28 5TQ. Story and rhymetime: Fri 2.30pm – 3.15pm.

Somersham Community Information Centre Church Street Somersham PE28 3EG. For pre-school children. Tues 10.30am-11am - stories & rhyme ending with a craft activity every week (term time) (01487 840266). Stanground Community Library Southfields Avenue, Peterborough PE2 8RZ. Storytime: Fri 3.30pm - 4pm. Rhymetime Tues 10 -10.30am.

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St. Ives Library 4 Library Row, Station Rd, St. Ives PE27 5BW. Rhymetime: (for up to 18mths preschoolers welcome) Weds 10.30am – 11am (term time). St. Neots Library Priory Lane, St. Neots PE19 2BH. Storytime: Mon 2pm–2.30pm. Rhymetime:(0 - 18mths) alternate Tues 11am–11.30am (term time). Thorney Library Church Street, Thorney, Peterborough, PE6 0QB. Rhymetime: Friday 11am 11.30am. Under 5’s Storytime: Friday 11.30am - 12pm. Call:(01733 864542). Warboys Library High Street, Warboys PE28 2TA. For 18mths - 5yrs. Storytime:Thurs 10.30am – 11am.

Werrington District Library Staniland Way, PE4 6JT. Storytime: Tues & Thurs 2pm – 2.30pm, (also Thurs) 3.30pm - 4pm. Sat 10.45am - 11.15am. Rhyme Time: Fri 2.15pm – 2.45pm. Call: (01733 864282). Woodston Library Orchard Street, Peterborough PE2 9AL.Storytime: Thurs 10.30am - 11am. Rhyme Time: Wed 2.15pm – 2.45pm Call: (01733 864304). Yaxley Library Lansdowne Rd, Yaxley. Storytime: Alternate Tues 10.30am–11am (term time). Rhymetime: alternate Fri 10.30am–11am (term time only).

Special Needs

Cambridgeshire Parent Partnership Service For parents and carers of children and young people with special educational needs. Confidential Advice Line: (01223 699214)


Buggy Boot Camp Postnatal outdoor workout for Mums with their buggies. St Neots and Huntingdon. Call Lindsay on 077 30302826 or email:  Cycling

Balanceability One Leisure St Ives, Westwood Road, St Ives PE27 6WU. Introduction to cycling in a safe environment. Develop cycling skills, balance, co-ordination, agility and flexibility. 6 week accredited programme for 2½ to 4 year olds. For course dates contact (01480 388500).

Cost: £4 per session. Call: Nicola Storton (01733 340003) Email:

Please mention Jolly Tots when responding to adverts. For information about advertising email:  Dance

Joanne Brown (Formerly: Brown’s Dance Centre) Now teaching at: Tu Danse Studios, Newark Road, Peterborough Rosettes (3-6 yr olds) - £3.75 Wed 4:30pm to 5:15pm Juniors (7-15 yr olds) - £4 on Wed - 5:15pm to 6:15pm. Call: (01733 235241 / 07843 784417).

Dance Studio The Cresset, Rightwell, Bretton, Peterborough PE3 8DX. Classes for age 2+. Babies Ballet age 3+ Fri 3.15pm - 3.45pm. Modern and tap age 4+ Sat 2pm - 2.30pm. Term time only. Call (01733 842516). Dance Supplies 20, Bridge Street, St. Ives PE27 5EG. Authorised retailer (01480 498174)

Kelly Marie’s Dance Supplies Unit 2, Fishers Yard, Market Square, St. Neots PE19 2AF. Outfit sizes from age 2. Call: (01480 477212). Linda Allen School of Dance Alconbury, Kimbolton & Spaldwick Ballet, Tap & jazz classes from 3½ yrs. Email: New Road Studios New Road, St. Ives, PE27 5BG. Dance, singing and drama. Dance parties Call : Lucie (01480 493111).

Peterborough Academy of Dance 19, Abbotsbury, Orton Malborne, Peterborough PE2 5PS. Various classes for under fives. Call: Jill Dawson (01733 234 555). Saldance Theatre Arts 27, Fenlake Business Centre, Peterborough PE1 5BQ. Mums & Tots (from age 2): Thurs 1.15pm. Pre-school age: Thurs 2pm.

Stage Door School of Dance St. B’s Hall, Yaxley. Pre-School Ballet on Tuesdays. Call: Lesley (01733 244779) Stageworks Studios The Towers, High Street, Buckden, St. Neots PE19 5TA. Toddler Dance: Tues 10am - 10.45am. Call: Pauline (01480 812626)

Tu Danse Studios Newark Road, Peterborough, PE1 5YD. Dance & movement classes for age 2 yrs+. Contact: Anita (01733 553830) E-mail: Wendy Burke School of Dance Hartford, Huntingdon and Sawtry. Ballet classes. For age 3yrs +. Contact: Wendy (01487 822002)  Football

Dribblers Football School @ St Ives One Leisure St Ives, Westwood Road. For ages 2+ years. (01480 388500).

Dribblers Football School @ Sawtry One Leisure Sawtry, Green End Road, Sawtry PE28 5UY. For ages 3 - 5 yrs. (01480 387800).

Dribblers Football School @ St Neots One Leisure St Neots, Barford Road, Eynesbury, St Neots. For ages 3 – 4 yrs. (01480 388700). Little Kickers Pre-School Football Classes Peterborough/Stamford and Cambridge. For 18mths – 5yrs. Children will learn sound football skills with a positive introduction to sport. For free taster session at Peterborough/Stamford call: (07976 179899) For Cambridge call Linzi: (01954 719782).  Gymnastics

Baby Gym Huntingdon Gymnastics Club, Claytons Way PE29 1UT. Class for baby walking – 2yrs, Fri 10am -10.45am; 8wks old - walking, 10.50am 11.35am, £3, term time only. Structured Toddlers - call to join class (pre-booked and pre-paid. Call: (01480 523 43 short number).

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Tumble Tots For 6mths - 7 yrs. For classes in Peterborough call: Amanda (01832 272127), St. Neots & Huntingdon, contact: Ann (07906 949206), St. Ives Karen (01353 661255)  Ice Skating

Planet Ice 1 Mallard Road, Bretton, Peterborough, PE3 8YN. Ice Toddlers: for 18mths - 5yrs. Structured classes to introduce young children to ice-skating. Always under strict supervision from qualified coach. Cost: £4.20 first child, second child only £1.50. Sun 10am -11am. Call: (01733 260222)  Martial Arts

Black Belt Attitude Tora Kai Karate classes at various locations, For age 4+. Call: (01733 246471 / 07800 985724)

Evolution Taekwondo Peterborough Martial Arts Academy Unit 4, Wainman Road, Peterborough PE2 7BU. Classes from age 4. Call for more info (01733 235230)

Little Ninja’s (Hicks Karate) Loxley Community Centre, Loxley, Werrington, Peterborough, PE4 5BW and Dogsthorpe Community Centre, Poplar Avenue PE1 4QF. Martial Arts Classes for age 3+. Call: Andrew Hicks (01733 810043 / 07974 196256)  Swimming

Baby Swimming Lessons One Leisure Huntingdon, Ramsey, Sawtry, St. Ives and St.Neots. For 6 - 18 mths and 18mths - 3 yrs. Introduces babies and toddlers to aquatic activities. Call your local One Leisure site for details: Huntingdon: 01480 388600, Ramsey: 01480 387900, Sawtry@ 01480 387800, St. Neots: 01480 388700 or visit First Strokes Godmanchester Community Pool, Park Lane, Huntingdon PE29 2AG. Swimming lessons for all. (01480 375145) FREE swimming for under 5’s One Leisure Huntingdon, Ramsey, Sawtry, St. Ives and St. Neots.


Free swimming for under 5’s. Call your local One Leisure site for timetables and details of sessions available: Huntingdon: (01480 388600) Ramsey: (01480 387900) Sawtry: (01480 387800) St. Ives: (01480 388500) St Neots: (01480 388700)

Junior Swimming Lessons One Leisure Huntingdon, Ramsey, Sawtry, St. Ives and St. Neots. Qualified teaching staff help your child gain confidence, develop technique and enjoy swimming. Call local site for details: Huntingdon: (01480 388600) Ramsey: (01480 387900) Sawtry: (01480 387800) St Ives: (01480 388500) St Neots: (01480 388700) or visit Kimbolton School Swimming Pool Kimbolton, PE28 0EA. The pool is open to the public all year. General swimming for children under 8 years of age with parents. Lessons for over 5’s. For more info and timetable details call: (01480 862276) Water Babies Teach your baby to swim at classes in Buckden, Cambridge and Wellingbrough. From Newborn. Call: Debi Hogston (01933 651790)

Toy Library

Huntingdon Toy Library Huntingdon Nursery School, Ambury Rd, Huntingdon PE29 1AD. Newborn – 5 years. Thurs 9am 11.15am, 12.45pm – 3pm. £1 per year subs then 25p per toy. Term time only. Call: Mary Mansfield (01480 375216). St. Neots Toy Libraries Butterfly Children’s Centre, Winhills School, off Duck Lane 01480 358350 , St. Neots and Eatons Children’s Centre, Bushmead School, Eaton Socon 01480 358350 Mon -Thurs 8.45am - 4.45pm and Fridays 8.45am - 1.00pm. St Neots Rural Children’s Centre, Little Paxton School, Mon-Fri 8.45 - 12.45 Call: (01480 358350). Toy Library Highlees Children’s Centre,PE3 7ER. Pop in any time. Baby Explorers - Fri 12.45am - 2pm. No charge and no booking needed. Call: Steph for more details (01733 260833).

Warboys Toy Library Warboys Community Primary School Community Hall. All pre-schoolers

welcome. Thurs 1.45pm - 2.45pm (term time). Cost: £1 donation. Call: Kate Smith (01487 824390).


Hamerton Zoo Park Nr Sawtry, Huntingdon PE28 5RE Wildlife park and adventure playground. Open daily.

Pigeons Farm Wisbech Road, Peterborough, Cambridgeshire PE6 0TD. Many Breeds Of Farm Animals and Birds, large Play Area, Restaurant and Shop. Open all year. For more details and opening hours call 01733 271020 or 01733 271414,email: or visit:

Shepreth Wildlife Park Station Road, Shepreth, SG8 6PZ. Adventure playground and soft playroom for under fives. Open 10am - 5pm. Call: 01763 26 22 26.

The Raptor Foundation The Heath, St. Ives Road, Woodhurst, Huntingdon PE28 3BT. Open daily, flying displays. Cost: Under 3’s FREE. Age 4+ £3. Adults: £5. Call: (01487 741140) Thurleigh Farm Centre Cross End, Thurleigh, Beds MK44 2EE. Open from 9.30am - 5pm. Farm animals, tractor rides, adventure playgroud, quad bikes, cafe and more! Call: 01234 771597.

Wood Green, The Animal Charity King’s Bush Farm, London Road, Godmanchester PE29 2NH. Animal re-homing centre. Children’s play area, pet supplies and shop. Open 10am – 4pm daily. (0844 248 8181)

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Jolly Tots Issue 21 - Summer 2013  
Jolly Tots Issue 21 - Summer 2013  

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