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Increase Your Bottom Line by Making Your Site More Visible These days, people would rather use the Internet to search for a nearby pizza house than flipping through pages on the Yellow Page. It’s easy, fast and up to date. And, if you’re the type of person who lives on coupons, discounts and deals, you will surely love what the Internet has to offer. For business owners, this is a great source of income, which means that if your online presence is nowhere to be found, today is the right time to get started. One way to become visible on the Internet is to regularly publish content for your visitors. Start off by identifying problems and then provide solutions through your articles. This will drastically improve your visibility over time when your readers start talking, sharing and bookmarking your website. Aside from the value, don’t forget to include search engine optimization into your writing. This is important because it tells the search engines like Google what your article is talking about. Use words or phrases that your clients have used to find your product or service. Free tools such as those provided by Google can list down the initial seed keywords you can work with. However, if you’re not gaining enough traction despite your great content, you might probably check how your titles are written. Grabbing the reader’s attention can be a difficult task but a well-written title simplifies it. In other words, spend time thinking crafting your titles for maximum impact. Also, don’t forget to use headlines to highlight important points within the article. This is pretty useful if you’re trying to be helpful by providing solutions that they’re looking for. Headlines when used correctly can be very effective to increase readers’ retention. I also recommend solving one problem at a time. While there’s nothing wrong for being helpful, but jam-packing everything in the article is not the best practice. Identify the core problem and then proceed by giving out your views how the problem can be solved. If you help them see the

benefits first rather than your desire to earn, they’ll probably decide to purchase from your afterwards. Don’t just slap them with your products right away or you will scare them straight. By now, you already know the importance of using substantive content in your business. However, with a busy schedule like yours, you would hardly find the time to sit down, think and write. If you rather focused on your clients and other aspects of your business, you would need to hire an article writing service. This is the easiest approach to build a relationship between your customers who will help you build a profitable and stable online business.

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