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Finally in Recovery On the Up As we are all very well aware, the country and the whole world it seems is in recession, we are being to that things are looking up and we could now finally be in recovery. But, there are still over 2.25 million people unemployed over the UK. Companies are starting to see production and profits rising and I think are now looking to employ new members of staff to their firms. This is all great news, the more people in jobs the better everyone’s lives are, it is so important for a person to be in employment, it builds confidence, pride and puts money on the table, in turn making family life happier and less stressful. Happier UK As the economy grows the whole country will prosper, I am a mother of two children, I am married to a builder and likely I have had a very successful business career. I started out as a secretary in a trading bank and I soon realised I wanted to be part of the action, so I applied for an internal job and got it as a junior trader I soon progressed to a senior trader and finally was made a director of the bank, I love to watch things grow and succeed, and if I can have a hand in that all the better. Great Opportunities Recently, I was approached by a company asking if I would be interested in an independent director on their board, what a great opportunity, I think this would be a very interesting prospect, looking on from a distance but still able to offer advise within the company. But I want to get more involved a vested interest in the company, so I decided that I wanted to be a non-executive director that way I get to own shares in the company making it more exciting for me.

Finally in Recovery  

As we are all very well aware, the country and the whole world it seems is in recession

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