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UK Manufacturing is diminishing Producing my Ideas As an inventor I am often looking for manufacturing companies to make my ideas come to life by making a prototype’s and going into production. I have in the past had several successful inventions that I needed going into production, I looked high and low for manufactures in the UK, but found it was going to cost so much for them to produce the items that it would not have made financial sense. Keeping it British As a British inventor I am very keen on keeping industry in our country, but our manufacturing industry is in so much of decline it is very difficult to carry out this ideal. Unfortunately, I have on a regular basis had to go out to China or India to instruct production of one of my inventions that has gone into production, now, don’t get me wrong they are very professional and do an outstanding job and I get a holiday at the same time, but, in the same breath I don’t want to add to their economy I want to add to our own. We should be able to recreate the same level service in the UK and at competitive prices, sure I know it will be slightly more to produce in the UK due to our lifestyle etc, but it seems to me that we are just happy to sit back and let our industries collapse. Glimmers of Hope But it seem all is not lost, recently I came across a company in Dorking, Surrey specialising in the manufacturing of plastics, CNC machining, Injection moulding etc, just what I am looking for and right on my door step. The costs were very competitive and the service was first class, we are currently working on an upcoming prototype together in I and looking forward to working with them further.

UK Manufacturing is diminishing  

As an inventor I am often looking for manufacturing companies