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Nur Misuari, chairman of the Moro National Liberation Front, and governor of ARMM from 1996 to 2002 n/38877-day-5-zamboangacrisis-wounded

The Zamboanga City crisis was an armed conflict in Zamboanga City, Philippines between the forces of the Republic of the Philippines and a faction of the Moro National Liberation Front, generally known by other factions as the Rogue MNLF Elements (RME) under the Sulu State Revolutionary Command (SSRC) led by Ustadz Habier Malik and Khaid Ajibon, whose group continues to recognize Nur Misuari as MNLF Chairman. . The crisis erupted on September 9, 2013 when this MNLF faction attempted to raise the flag of the self-proclaimed Bangsamoro Republik at Zamboanga City Hall, which had earlier declared its independence on August 12, 2013 in Talipao, Sulu. This armed incursion, which has been variously described a "crisis", a "standoff",a "siege", and a "humanitarian crisis", has been met by the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and the Philippine National Police (PNP), which seeks to free the hostages and expel the MNLF from the city. The standoff has degenerated into urban warfare, and has brought parts of the city under standstill for days. The clashes has caused the displacement of more than 100,000 people, the occupation of several barangays (villages) by the MNLF, the deaths of several civilians, the closure of the Zamboanga International Airport (which has since been reopened), and the slowdown of economic activity in the city. On September 28, the government declared the end of military operations in Zamboanga City. Commander Malik, reportedly the leader of the MNLF forces, remains at large, and several skirmishes are still being regularly reported.

Effects of the Zamboanga crisis Zamboanga bleeds economically in crisis. Air travel to and from besieged Zamboanga City remains on hold for another week, prolonging an economic standstill that is estimated to be bleeding the city up to billions of pesos in lost revenue for each day of the MNLF impasse. The air carriers Philippine Airlines, Philippine Airlines Express and Cebu Pacific have cancelled flights to and from Zamboanga until Saturday, September 21 after the Civil Aviation Authority extended the suspension of the operations of Zamboanga Airport due to security concerns. The Mindanao chapter of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the Zamboanga Chamber of Commerce and Industry are set to meet Tuesday to assess the full economic impact of the ongoing crisis on the city. The business closed down in Zamboanga city, because of the crisis, and because of this the people wouldn't be able to get supplies right away. The Crisis has affected the government, by draining its funds for supplying for the military in security of the nation. Monday, Sept. 16, 2013, in Zamboanga city in the southern Philippines. The standoff, which began Monday when about 200 Moro National Liberation Front guerrillas stormed several coastal communities in Zamboanga city and seized residents, has displaced more than 60,000, forced the closure of businesses and resulted in more than 50 deaths so far. ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines - The military launched air assault Monday to flush the rebels under the MisuariDESTROYED. The remains faction Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) out from their of Barangay Catalina, one of defensive position in the embattled zone in this city. the 5 barangays where Two MG520 attack-helicopters unleashed two rounds of rebels were contained. Photo rockets past 12 noon towards the rebels’ location at sitio by Leanne Jazul/Rappler Lustre. The air strike came following a brief lull from the ground attack. It was the first time the government forces launched an air assault since the standoff began Monday last week. The airstrike complemented the ground assault of the combined government forces flanking the location of the rebels. There was no immediate report of casualty during the airstrike as troops are still assessing the impact of the airstrike. Lt. Col. Ramon Zagala, public affairs officer of the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP) and designated as spokesman in Zamboanga City, said the air assault would provide support to ground forces. Zagala said 81 government forces have been wounded, including 69 from the AFP and 12 from the police. Six security forces were killed. Meanwhile, 61 rebels have been killed, and scores have been wounded and captured on the eighth day of the standoff. As this developed, at least five suspected MNLF rebels clad in military uniforms on board a private red vehicle sneaked in and entered the embattled site in Martha drive, Sta. Cataliana but were intercepted by the government forces. Upon questioning, the apprehended suspects presented documents but not enough to back their claims as members of the government forces.

The suspects were immediately brought to the police station for investigation.

Effects on society MANILA, Philippines Residents flee from While the crisis in fighting between security forces and Zamboanga City rebels from the Moro between the Moro National Liberation National Liberation Front Front (MNLF) who (MNLF) rebels and raided several villages government troops is in Zamboanga city, not yet over, President southern Philippines Benigno Aquino III gave September 9, 2013. assurances the government has the oanga-city-crisisnecessary resources to rehabilitate Zamboanga City. slideshow/residents According to Aquino, the government's estimated amount needed to rebuild -flee-fightingZamboanga is P3.89 billion. between-security"This will go to housing, continuing relief assistance, for those who want to forces-rebels-mororeturn to their homes, education assistance for students whose parents photohave lost their jobs, cash for work, supplementary feed program, temporary 054538711.html bunkhouses while permanent houses are being built, shelter assistance livelihood assistance," he told reporters on Thursday, September 19. He said the amount would be taken from the contingency and calamity fund as well as other lump sum funds — which currently amount to P6.1 billion. Plans for rehabilitation between the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD), the National Housing Authority and the local government unit under City Mayor Isabelle "Beng" Climaco are ongoing, he said.

MANILA, Oct. 5 -- Secretary of Social Welfare and Development Dinky Soliman appealed to international humanitarian organizations, civil /files/2013/09/zamboanga society organizations, and nongovernment -refugees.jpg organizations (NGOs) to join hands in helping the city of Zamboanga recover from the devastation brought by the armed conflict between government troops and Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF)-Nur Misuari faction. Soliman made the appeal during the Donors' Forum held on October 3 at the Intercontinental Hotel, where she presented the P3.89 billion early recovery and rehabilitation plan for Zamboanga City, which includes, continued food assistance, construction of shelter units for the displaced families, Cash-for-Work implementation and livelihood programs, DSWD said in a statement.

Secretary Soliman also underscored the services that should be done, in addition to the services and interventions currently being provided by DSWD, the LGU of Zamboanga, and other line agencies to the affected families. These are continued supplementary feeding for 20,000 schoolchildren and 3,800 pregnant and lactating mothers, registration of evacuees and issuance of Family Access Cards (FACs), identification of relocation sites, preparation of site and shelter development plans, psycho-social and stress debriefing sessions, especially for the hostages, and engaging partners to ensure speedy recovery of the affected families. "The DSWD will continue its food assistance to the evacuees until October 2013 but food supply needs to be assured until December this year. To date, the Department has provided P113.19 million for food assistance, non-food items, financial assistance and cash-for-work. We have also mobilized 200 camp managers," Secretary Soliman explained. 1st article Source : During the time of September 9 2013 flights to Zamboanga city has been cancelled .there were six people already killed, and several of them are also injured. There were 220 civilians trapped because of the MNLF 2nd article Source The Philippine Army sent military engineers to rebuild the costal villages in a talk with reported defense secretary Voltaire Gaszmin said engineers would be deployed in the next few weeks he said rehabilitation of houses and infrastructure will the the third phase of the governments program to help the residents in Zamboanga city recover from the attack he said that the engineers will lead restoration projects in 40 hectares of land. Effects on culture The three weeks crisis sparked by the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) attacked in Zamboanga City against the government affects the culture of the people. The beliefs of Muslims or Christian such as terrorism, unjustified violence and the killing of innocent people are forbidden. The ruthless leaders or rulers who commit acts of violence are inhuman. The standoff left the people of Zamboanga homeless while the city looks like a war zone. Residence has to live in an evacuation center. Hundreds had been taken hostage, some have been escaped but some are still remain captive. The effects of these sufferings left the people to live in terror and trauma especially for the children. The city's establishment had been closed for weeks such as banks, schools and offices. Zamboanga is a beautiful and historic city but after the standoff it looks like a war zone. The citizens of Zamboanga are very hopeful that in time they will pick up the pieces and rebuild their lives all over again. Effects: Society:

- Around 131,000 people were homeless and 180 people were left killed - The normal lives of the people of Zamboanga were being blocked due to the war - All schools, offices and some business were being shut down - Army engineers will help the Zamboanga folks to build their broken houses Economics: - The economy grew around 7.6 percent, due to the fact that people purchased numerous materials to rebuild their livelihood. - A lot of money were spent on repairing damaged structures - The Zamboanga businesses are still recovering from the incident

Individual Essays and Ideas Darwin Chan 9A #9 Individual essay The four elements required for a nation state are people, government, territory, and sovereignty. These elements are present in every nation state today. They are also a factor in the effects of a crisis, for example like the Zamboanga civil war incident. Each and every one of these elements affects the economy, society, order, and development of a nation state. The most important element is People, because no state can function without a relatively homogenous group of people with a common culture or ethnic identity. If the inhabitants of the nation state did not have a common culture or ethnic identity, then the state would be overrun by chaos, since if each has its own culture or ethnic identity, their personal practices, beliefs, and habits would most likely contradict each other and would result into disagreements with each group. Territory comes hand in hand with People, since people cannot create a state, unless they inhabit a definite territory When they reside permanently in a fixed place, they create a community of interests and a sense of unity. It becomes easy to organize them into a society. So the state requires a fixed territory, with specific boundaries. Government is essential for creating a state with order. It carries the function of managing the state's resources, development,order,security, and welfare of its citizens. The government of a state must be able to equally balance it's resources for security and development, and also being able to attend to the order of the state and the needs of the people. Sovereignty is the condition of a state being independent Sovereignty has two aspects- internal and external. Internal sovereignty is the supreme authority of the state over all citizens and associations within its territory. External sovereignty implies the freedom of the state from foreign control. No external authority can limit its power. The recent Zamboanga crisis has created a big impact on the entire nation. The people and the nation should come together to help rebuild the nation. Ordinary people can help by donating goods and financial support for the victims of Zamboanga, but Yes, the business have closed already, so this is where the government comes in, by persuading the business to re-open in order to provide supplies for the victims, the government should

also pause some developments, and focus their financial power to help Zamboanga city rebuild their infrastructure and the lives of the victims. Since people are a big element in nation state, if the people were in disagreements with each other, then this would postpone the development of our nation. The Zamboanga incident is an example of this, we are all considered Filipinos, but we are currently engaging in civil war, MNLF, though Muslims are still Filipinos to begin with, so because of these skirmishes and wars our nation is being torn a part, you gain nothing in the sense that the MNLF cannot overthrow the government since they are just a small group, but even though they are a small group, fighting with them costs resources and lives, and thus slowing or even to the point of postponing our development as a nation. Sovereignty is a factor on the Zamboanga incident because the MNLF wanted to have an autonomous region for the Moro people, and through this they wanted to make the message clear to the government by creating chaos. Territory is another factor in the Zamboanga crisis. The MNLF wanted territory, so they tried to fight for it. A student can be of big help in rebuilding a nation, since students are the future of the nation, right now what I and every other grade 9 student in Xavier School is doing, is creating an informational magazine to inform the public that the Zamboanga crisis does not only affect the people who are living in Zamboanga, but the whole nation. So a way of helping this nation is being a good example of hope, by exercising our talents and abilities by giving our insights and ideas to the public, in order for the people to be inspired and for a spark to be lit for innovations to be created from our vague ideas on solving the problem of our country. A student can also help rebuild our country, by being a good example to others by excising right morals and values, like honesty and friendship. Through this others even the public would be inspired to take initiative to help our country,by being a better person by following the example of a role model student. This would have a great effect in the future of a nation. Lastly, the simplest thing a student can do is study hard. Studying hard helps students to really become the future of any nation state. Studying hard will affect the nation, in the long run more people would be able to find better jobs and we can develop better as a nation, since each student can give their ideas and insights. Even though this is so, we must not forget that the general labor work force is the backbone of any economy. If a nation has an idea, but no one to work or apply that idea, then it would be lost. So studying hard affects the future, because people can apply for better job that will help on a nation's development and can also work as one of the labor work force. For example a citizen can become a scientist and a fisherman at the same time.

Marvin Yambao 9A #36 The people and government joint effort to rebuild the nation. Government agencies such as Philippine National Red Cross,Philippine Dept. Of Health and other agencies distribute food rations, medicine, supply safe water, make decent sanitation and disease monitoring system.There are volunteers and organizations from various sectors that are helping the government in providing the basic needs and assisting medical staff in treating sick people.

As a student, we can use the social media to inform the netizens of what was happening to our brothers in Zamboanga and how can we extend our help to them. We can also join the relief operation in our school by donating food, clothes or money. Lastly, we offer mass and prayer to the people of Zamboanga to have peace among them and unite as one nation regardless of their religion.

Raymond Lim 9A #23 Ever since the Zamboanga war many effects occurred especially on the government. The government can contribute in helping the residents of Zamboanga. The government could help repair damages on homes. Another way for the government is to send supplies to each resident. People and students can simply help by donating food and money, but more on money because the food might spoil.

John Chua 9A #2 Since the Zamboanga crisis happened our government and the people should help each other rebuild the city. Like how now the government is going to send military engineers to help rebuild homes and the infrastructure of the city they can also make a temporary relocation area since some of the houses are destroyed so the homeless can stay there while their houses are being repaired. So that the people will have food and other merchandise the people should start reopening their business establishments to help the people to get up from their situation, and also some non-government organization like Red Cross can help the sick and wounded in Zamboanga they can provide relief goods to them as they recover. Students can also cook food and give it to the people like what the people of the Ateneo de Zamboanga did while the MNLF were still there because if they continue that the recovery of people will be faster also students can help in clinics as the assistance for the doctor so the people who need medical as stance would be treated

Lance Atienza 9A #7 During the chaos that was occurring in the cities of Zamboanga, the Philippines were both suffering on the people and government. The whole government can react to this situation by helping the victims of the Zamboanga City War, by sending military support, supplies to rebuild their wrecked homes, builders, food supplies and first aid kit supplies. These are mostly things that are required to help Zamboanga achieve their normal state. Why? Due to the fact that providing Zamboanga with good security can resolve to peace, therefore it can send away the enemies. On the other hand, during the war, people and soldiers often starve to death or get injured, to fix this problem, food supply and medical kits are best used, therefore the government are ought to provide it. Lastly, after the war, obviously, a lot of homes and public structures result to a broken state, therefore they need supplies and workers to do the job, this causes less work and more ease for the people. As a simple student, we can all make a little difference that can pile up into a big thing that could affect the victims. But for me, I would strongly encourage other students to donate goods and pray for the sake of the people. We can't manage and afford to commit those big stuff, since we have limited sources, therefore we can do these little things as a community. Firstly, we can give the victims canned goods, because it does not spoil and it is distributed. It is also necessary to donate clothing to them. Lastly, we can also use our faith with the love of The Lord to make him guide those people experiencing peril.

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