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Visiting places



We prepare the luggage.



And passports.

What a big building!!

1809 Km

We are in the plane flying to Bucharest.

We are in the Bucharest. HOORAY!!!!

In Bucharest we hire a car to go to Brasov. Bucharest Brasov 171 Km, 2 hours and 30 minutes In Brasov main square. Beautiful square!

Our car

This is our hotel, the Coroana. We are tired and we are going to have dinner and sleep. See you tomorrow at Bran castle.

What a nice castle!

Yummy, yummy!!! Fresh blood!

There are many steps to the entrance!

Let's go to the ticket office and see the timetable and prizes.

Salut friends. Welcome to Bran castle.

Look. Our Romanian friend is there. Salut!

Look at the video of the "visit"

Hello girls. Have you seen a vampire?

Yes. In the fireplace.

We've finished our visit. It's been great. See you soon again!

Comments for Cornelia

Dear partners, Brasov is a great touristic place because of its history, views and location. There are a lot of monuments, museums, mountain resorts which offers you joy and relaxation. 30 km away is Bran Castle, the place where the legends says Dracula, The Vampire, lived. We are very happy you came to visit us! Cornelia and students You can find here more useful information

Travelling from Brasov- Romania to Penafiel- Portugalia 3 591 km, 34 hours, 6 countries: Hungary, Croatia, Italy, Spain, Portugal Checking what to visit....

...making the travel list. and find out the costs..


We packed and calculated the costs..... Here is the list: packing and costs....

So...we made our plans...

Ready to go!

...ready for the trip! Penafiel, wait for us!

After almost 37 hours journey, we arrived ... So happy to meet our friends! Olรก, amigos

We are very tired so let's go to the hotel....

Now it's time to visit Penafiel...

Time to say good bye... It was a very nice trip...Obrigado, dear friends! We are waiting for you in Brasov!

Comments Alice

Penafiel is a beautiful city. It is a city surrounded by gardens. Here we have a very important Museum, which was recognized as the best museum of the year in 2010. Penafiel, is visited by many tourists because it has: beautiful natural landscapes, human heritage, gastronomy, traditions, fairs and festivals. It is a place with many prehistoric monuments, from the time of the Romans: ruins, churches, monuments, bridges, memorials, rock carvings, necropolis, tombs... We are waiting for you. Alice and students.

TWINBUS" TTA -CYPRUS Present.... 11-15/3/2013 "


DAYS ROMANIA Bucharest Neamt Tecuci

1ST DAY: Gathering point: HERMES Airport Larnaca. Departure to Bucharest at 19:40 with BlueAir, flight number OB-138. Arrival at the hotel. Dinner and accommodation overnight.


DISTANCE LARNACA BUCHAREST km 1236,78 2h and 25 min

2ND DAY Breakfast and departure from hotel to visit the Neamt Country. We will visit the Romanian Monasteries: Agapia and Neamts and Neamt Fortress. Dinner and accommodation at Piatra Neamt city. DISTANCE FORTRESS AGAPIA




284,5 km About 5-6h with bus

3RD DAY: Breakfast and tour at Piatra Neamt city.Planned visits: the 15th century Stephen’s Tower (the city symbol), the medieval town square and the Cucuteni culture museum. Departure from Piatra Neamt to Tecuci in the afternoon. Dinner and accommodation at Hotel Park in Tecuci




4TH DAY: Breakfast followed by a town tour (School, Pazvante Park). Departure from Tecuci to Bucharest. Arrival at the hotel, dinner and accommodation





198km 2-3 h

5TH DAY: Breakfast. Tour at Bucharest (Arch of Triump, Romanian Atheneum and University, Central University Library, Royal Palace, Romanian Patriarchate). Because of these buildings Bucharest is known as “Little Paris”. Departure from Bucharest to Larnaca in the afternoon at 18: 20 with Blue Air, flight Number OB-137.



We are looking forward for our trip! We will send you lots of photographs! St' 2 Class

TTA from Tecuci - to Portugalete We discuss and decide what to visit in Portugalete and in Bilbao, where we should stay , how much the trip costs.

1st day of our trip- We leave Tecuci at 7:00 by car - We leave Bucharest at 13:00 by plane at Henri Coandă airport. Our destination is BILBAO. - At 18:30 we arrive in Bilbao and leave for Portugalete in a rented car (2o km ) .

Day 2 -Our accommodation at the pension Bellamar was a good choice. - Today we are going to visit Portugalete: Puente Colgante, Salazar Tower and our friends school CEP VIRGEN de la GUIA. Day 3 - Today we want to visit Bilbao. - Guggenheim Museum is well known in Europe.

In front of the Guggenheim Museum

A photo to remember our trip in Portugalete, near Puente Colgante.

Day 4- Back home - We leave Portugalete at 9:30. - We leave Bilbao by plane at 11:50. - We arrive in Bucharest at 17:35. - Back home by our parents' cars (at 22.30 we are at home)

Our journals are ready. We wrote some information to remember.


From Olsztyn to Cyprus From Olsztyn to Warsaw by bus or by train, From Warsaw to Larnaca by plane From Larnaca to Limassol by bus

By plane from Warsaw to Larnaca - 3,5 hour

Limassol is a big city lots of hotels for tourists, good for holiday the whole year, aquaparks a port a medieval castle a university old town

Finding information before the journey to Cyprus.

youtube movie Watching presentation.

airlines - LOT 1194 zł We need sunglasses, hats, shorts, flip-flops, swimsuits, suntan cream, shorts, T-shirts...

youtube slideshow -Limassol

Comments from George

Dear partners, You have done an excellent choice. Limassol is very beautiful city and you will have a wonderful time there. Limassol is the second largest city in Cyprus. It is the island's main port, a main tourist center, and the center of the wine industry of the island. Limassol has two of the most spectacular archaeological sites in Cyprus; built on cliff tops the ancient cities of Amathus and Kourion are situated east and West respectively in the city with spectacular views overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. You can visit the old city center and the castle. You can have also some excursions to Troodos villages to discover the traditional rural villages that live solely at their own pace. Don't forget to spent a day at Fasouri waterpark. Children will love it :). We are waiting for you!! MORE INFORMATIONS ABOUT CYPRUS

FROM PORTUGAL TO GREECE SANTORINI One of the wonderful Greek islands. Come with us!

We have to go by plane. Santorini is so far!!!

4 384 km, 46 hours!

Look! Penafiel to Santorini .... many kilometers.

Lara, looks ... beautiful landscape!

Tomรกs, I go to the beach.

Ricardo sees the color of this sea. It's so blue!


What we saw in Santorini!

Beautiful sea!


A very romantic island!!

Goodbye friends! We love visit Santorini!

Comments Stavroula

about Alice's work

Great work Alice! Your pupils are real painters! Congratulations! Santorini is the island of love and romance. You can also enjoy the most beautiful sunset there. So, you and your pupils should take the chance to visit the island some time. Watch the video: http://www.visitgreece. gr/en/greek_islands/santorini

Stavroula about .....

Comments Jolanta and students from Poland.

Dear friends from Greece we love your presentation. Cracow is a wonderful city and you know Cracow very well. Congratulations ! Do not hesitate and visit Poland ! We propose to watch the legend about the dragon. LEGEND

Travel brochure - TTA  

We visited Poland, Romania, Cyprus, Portugal, Greece and Spain.

Travel brochure - TTA  

We visited Poland, Romania, Cyprus, Portugal, Greece and Spain.