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WORKS VOLUME 2012- 2018

ZHUOQING CAI 4 0 3 0 B ar i n g S t r eet , Apt 305, Phi l a de l phi a , PA , 19104, U. S . ( + 1 ) 21 5 - 5 8 2 - 1 9 0 8 | j oki nt sa i @ gma i l .c om

EDUCATION BACKGROUND UNIVERSITY of PENNSYLVANIA MSD-AAD Program (Master of Science in Design - Advanced Architecture Design) TIANJIN CHENGJIAN UNIVERSITY 5-year Bachelor's program of Architecture, Gifted Engineer Class Degree: Bachelor of Architecture

Philadelphia, PA, U.S. 08/2017 – 01/2019 Tianjin, China 09/2012 – 07/2017

PROJECTS/COMPETITIONS Micro Architecture Design: The Revolution Collected by TCU School of Architecture for exhibition Boller Castle Renovation Project Won the Top Place in Presentations Competition held by TCU & VIA University College.

Horsens, Denmark | 06/2014

Tianjin, China | 11/2014

Architecture in Evolution: Lace of Lake Participated in the UIA-HYP Cup International Student Competition in Architectural Design

Daqing, China | 06/2015

Moire Pattern - Form and Algorithm Design Design process and final drawings are edited into a book

02 THE SOCIAL NETWORK Architecture and Urban Design--- Transformation of the Moon Lake Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, China

Tianjin, China | 06/2013

Mapping at Temple of Wude Generated the image data of external facade and interior decoration

Future Airport Physical model and drawings are exihibited in AIA Philadelphia

01 FUTURE AIRPORT Architecture Design--- Terminal for Cargo & Passenger in JFK Airport New York City, New York, United States

03 LIFT UP THOSE OLD WALLS Old Architecture Renovation--- Boller Castle Gallery Boller Castle, Horsens City, Denmark

04 THE MOUSE CAGE Architecture Design--- Amalgamated Dwelling Hong Kong, China

New York, U.S. | 01/2018

Philadelphia, U.S. | 01/2018

05 T H E F LU F F Y WA L L Interior Design--- Innovation Design of GRG Technology Philadelphia, United States

INTERNSHIP Intern, Tianjin Urban Planning& Design Institute, Architecture Branch Tianjin, China | 07/2015 Planning and Architecture Design for Innovative and Entrepreneurial Park in Hancheng City, Shanxi Province Architect Assistant, Beijing Zhongaojian Engineering Design Co., Ltd Qinghai Huangnan Tibetan Autonomous Prefecture Henan County Jingdu Logistics Park Design

Beijing, China | 06/2016

SKILLS Rhinoceros, Autodesk Maya, Google Sketchup, Autodesk Revit, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe InDesign, Grasshopper, Auto CAD, Lumion, V-ray, Keyshot, Ecotect, Python, etc.

06 WORK IN PROGRESS Architecture Design--- Tesla inc. Headquarters Design Miami Beach, United States 07 OTHER PROJECTS

01 F U T U R E A I R P O RT

Terminal for Cargo & Passenger in JFK Airport Teamwork Members: Zhuoqing Cai, Zehua Zhang, Jounghwa Kim Architecture Design New York City, New York, United States Fall 2017

After 2010, with the development of many countries in Asia like Singapore, Japan and China, especially some big cities in east Asia, such as Beijing, Shanghai, HongKong and Singapore City, plenty of capital flow into Asia and middle east, which means that the "big apple" New York City is going to lose its dominated states in the world. Even if there still lots of highrises and huge companies in it, NYC is facing the crisis to hold the capital. Unlike many big cities in Aisa and Middle East, NYC does not have modern airport for both citizens and cargos with high efficiency and professionality. In this way, many though about the reason that NYC is losing its status is the lose of huge modern airport and terminals. In this point, we take a part of JFK airport as site, to design a new terminal for both cargo and people, with future idea of luggage and cargo system as well as asethetic of future airport. The whole point of the project is robotic. Today we are in a super high efficiency decades, people go into the airport only with the code in their phones, then go through checkpoints and get on the airplanes, meaning human is definitely a kind of logistic system, just like luggage and cargo. In this way the inner space of the terminla is all about layerings, people go inside the building to feel the luggage and system shotting by and experience themselves as a part of the system.


Design Team Jounghwa Kim Zehua Zhang Zhuoqing Cai

Proffessor Ali Rahim Brian DeLuna Ezio Blasetti Nate Hume

Teaching Assistant Angela Huang Caleb White Ryosuke Imaeda Zacahry Kile

Student Assistant MsD Advanced Architectural Design Section Model Rendering Axon Angeliki Tzifa PennDesign, University of Pennsylvania Carrie Frattali Daniel Cely Musab Badahdah Shuoqi Xiong

Graduate School of Architecture Fall Two Thousand and Seventeen

Long Elevation

Long Section

Short Section

Departure Plan

Luggage System

Site Plan

Exploded Axon

Physical Model Elevation

Physical Model Axon


Heilongjiang Province

Original Pool

Daqing City

Extraction Intensified

Start Extract Oil

The Moon Pool

Oil Depleted

History and Current Situation of Daqing City

3 millions (tons/year)

Oil Demand


Unfortunately, overdrilling for about 20 years, Daqing is facing a serious crisis --- natural oil is depleted. As a result, more than half of citizens whose jobs are related to oil are migrating to other cities to ask for jobs. At the meanwhile, plenty of drilling lakes are abandoned. Rencently, government have tried to restore some of those lakes as parks, which, however, are all failed. From the aerial view, it is reasonable to say that obsoleting lakes are distributed all around the poor city. In order to evoke the vigor of the Daqing City, we focus on those abandoned lakes. By connect all platforms in each lake, we transform the lakes' appearence from many obsolete platforms to a comprehensive net with new functions, which could bring the vigor and social activities ot the middle of the lakes. Indeed, urban vitality will spread by those networks.


In the northeast of China, Daqing City, a typical oil city, has been drilled oil for more than 50 years. With the fully development of the drilling technology, the seed of the overdrilling was planted 20 years ago. What the most noticeable is that citizens who live in Daqing City are depending on the oil drilling. As for the topology, numerous of little lakes which named "youpao" as the site of oil drilling are scattered in the Daqing City.


Spring 2015


Transformation of the Moon Lake Teamwork Members: Zhuoqing Cai, Jianan Kang Content Division: Urban Design & Architecture Design of Library, Kindergarten, Shopping Mall, and Theater Architecture and Urban Design Daqing City, Heilongjiang Province, China

Oil Production


Original Platforms

Add New Connection

Transform to City Net

All the roads are terminal.

The connection we designed connect every

The net will expand and connect with

platforms, make roads circulated.

old city.

Distribution of Kindergarten

Distribution of Shopping Mall

Distribution of Middle School

Distribution of Sports and Cultural Building

Distribution of Hospital

Distribution of Entertainment Places

New function and connection form a net in the Moon Pool.

New fuctions such as office buildings and hotels appear along the major street.

Facing this serious dilemma, we attempt to design a net covering the whole pool and connecting all platforms. Additionally, we have done a research about major building function's distribution in the city, and have selected functions which cannot be provided on these abandoned platforms in the Moon Pool and periphery. Citizens in the city can visit every building via these bridges and enjoy these facilities and spaces as well. Meanwhile, the Moon Pool is not only a memory of Daqing's Oil Era, but also a public space. In this way, we give the Moon Pool vitality again, even promote surrounding area's development.

Other functions continue to fill the blocks, facilities have matured.

The Moon Pool-centered new city expands to surrounding places.

Connection Between Buildings

Bridge Form

Public Space

Relation between Bridges and Floors Kindergarten

02 Library 2nd Floor Plan



03 Museum 2nd Floor Plan


01 Theater 1st Floor Plan

05 Hospital 3rd Floor Plan

04 Gymnasium 1st Floor Plan

Middle School

07 Kindergarten 2nd Floor Plan

Library 06 Shopping Mall 3rd Floor Plan

08 Middle School 2nd Floor Plan

Shopping Mall 3


Museum Theater Transfer Stop

In the site plan, eight main public buildings are distributed on the eight platforms in the Moon Lake. Besides, three transfer stops help main buildings to be connected. Because of the different functions of main buildings and different positions, connections between each buildings need to be diverse. That is to say, bridges' connection have to be multitudinous to lead citizens and to distinguish the crowds and traffic. In this regard, the Moon Lake could transform to a more dynamic, literate, and intriguing spot in Daqing City.















Urban Texture Analysis

Street Texture Analysis

Public Architecture Distribution

Touring Route & Cultural Buildings

03 L I F T U P T H O S E O L D WA L L S

Boller Castle Gallery Old Architecture Renovation Boller Castle, Horsens City, Denmark Spring 2014

The Boller Castle is an unique castle in Horsens because of its moat. However, the function and the origin of the moat are unknown. The Boller Castle was a nursing house for old people when I get the disign assignment. As time goes on, the castle no longer fit the up to date laws and regulations of nursing house. Therefore, the castle was vacant and waited for the transformation. Considering the reputation of Horsens of culture and entertainment events, I decide the new function of the Boller Castle as a fine art museum. To achieve the brignt visit environment in the castle, I have to break down some useless interior walls. Howver, the almost 1 meter thick outer walls puzzled me for a ong time because few sun light could shine into the castle. The flash of idea usually fleeting, I use a small motion on the outer wall to make daylight come into the interior space ---- lifting up some parts of the outer walls. I believe that the outer walls of the building just like skin or clothes of human. And I assume that lifting up a part of the wall just like lifting up a girl's dress to see what is in it. Quiet a small, lovely motion shows a cute and vigorous characteristic of old building. Meanwhile, I prefer to try my best to preserve the origin outer appearence, and shows the new character of the old building by a tiny action. That is my attitude to the old architecture preservation and renovation.

The Original Castle

Lifting Up Part of Walls

Interior Transfroming & Preservation

Opening on Roofs & Walls

Exhibition Zone

Exhibition Zone

Exhibition Zone

1st Floor Plan

Exhibition Zone

Rest Zone

2nd Floor Plan

North-South Section Considering the typical Danish outer wall style and the historic status, I preserve the most of the outer wall appearence, except for the part of film material on the west wing, which asks for more sun light. In the countyard, I do more on the outer walls, lifting up three parts of walls, which belong to different types of exhibitions. Those motions also reveal the fresh charactor of the old building.

East-West Section


After Transformation

For the north wing of the castle, I make a wide space for huge sculptures, paintings and photographs exhibition. To achieve enough natural light and comfortable indoor environment, I lift up the south wall of the north wing. Meanwhile, under the lifting wall, a hugh long window replaces the original brick wall. At the same time, considering the top sun light, I open a wide window on the roof top to let the sunlight flow into the exhibition space.


After Transformation

For the west wing of the castle, I break down multiple small rooms to manifest a long corridor for gallery function. In a two story full height space, I divide the height to make a rest space like Cafe on the second floor, and a joint of the west exhibition space and the south one. To maximize the natural light in the castle, a large film material set on the west wall, to ensure the temperate light environment rather than the dazzling one at the same time.


After Transformation

In the east wing, I prefer a dim exhibition room for some abstract artworks. Thus, I lift a more narrow gap for the sunlight. Under the contrast between the narrow bright zone and the dark exhibition zone, citizens could feel the conception of combination of the artworks and a spot of artificial light. Meanwhile, the original chimney is transformed to the shield of the artificial light to intensify the dim concept.


After Transformation

As for the south wing of the castle, another big transformation set on the wall is the curving from the top of the wall to the bottom, and a little stage formed. As the link between the interior space and the countyard, the stage could also be the performance zone for live house or outdoor exhibition. vAnd I believe that function could well suit for the feature of Horsens and encourage poeple to visit the museum.



04 T H E M O U S E CAG E

Amalgamated Dwelling Architecture Design Hong Kong, China Spring 2013

During last two decades, global population density and city building density has increased rapidly. However, there are also plenty of living troubles around citizens life too. More and more citizens could not offer a stable apartment to support their careers and dreams. Facing this issue, many officers are going to rent some amalgamated dwellings, such as capsule apartmens. But there is a serious shortcoming to live in capsule apartments. According to psycologists, living in narrow and crowded space could lead to many psycologicla issue, like claustrophobia and insomnia, since people can not move in capsule apartment, and there is no window and opening vision in the room.

Usage Rate of Normal Apartment Form 64%

To solve this problem, I roll up three kinds of major living space to save about 2/3 space, in the same time an interesting rotation space formed in a hexagonal prisms space. On one hand, citizens could move to reach every function space in a entertaining way. On the other hand, it covers the same space as normal amalgamated apartments because of saving vertical space. Therefore, the Mouse Cage combines advantages of amalgamated apartment and usual apartment. Not only does it save huge space, but also it provides a more entertaining and positive life. It is totally a new lifestyle for citizens.

Usage Rate of the Rotation Style 100% Facing to the urgent issue of growing population density and building density in cities, I research useage of space in normal apartment. Even in the most crowded room, there is also waste space. That is the space over our heads. According to my research, the space over 2.1 meters high is usually wasted. And a single person can only use one space at one time. However, if these spaces are rotated in vertical dimention, the useage will be close to 100%.

Rio de Janeiro






In the space of 3.8 meters story height, I roll up three basic space-- sleeping space, study&work space, and cooking&dining space. In this way, I save 2/3 three dimentional space so that a single citizen could live comfortable life in only 10 sq.m. For using the Mouse Cage, there is a rotate machine which could run it. Citizen could just walk along the asile to reach every space. In the same time other funitures will be folded away. 00





00 70


Folding Bed

Folding Desk and Chair

Folding Dining Table and Chair

Folding Balcony

Folding Cabinet

Folding Hidden Door






Study & Work

Cook and Have Meal

Double Mode

Keep Pets

07:00 GET UP








Singing & Playing Instruments

Enjoy Scenery

Take Exercise

Home in Bed

UNITS IN TOWER BUILDING Four Units in a Floor Traffic Center contains an elevator and a stair. Two Units set on half storey. This kind of tower is the smallest, which covers about 92.6 sq.m.

Six Units in a Floor Traffic Center contains an elevator and a stair. Units set on every 600 height. This kind of tower building could be combined in mutiple forms.

Eight Units in a Floor Traffic Center contains an elevator and a stair. Eight units embtace it along an aisle. This kind of tower building is the most efficient mode.

05 T H E F LU F F Y WA L L

Innovation Design of GRG Technology Interior Design Philadelphia, USA


Fall 2017

Technology and technique are kind of two key elements in the loop of development of design area, meaning that new technology pushes the appearance of new technique, then this new technique also pushes the exploration of new technology. This project focuses on the fabrication of contemporary architectural design. I choose GRG/GRC (Glassfiber Reinforced Gypsum/Glassfiber Reinforced Concrete) to find its limitations, then make use of its limitation to explore the new asethetic of this technique. Since common GRG/GRC products are big chunks with curves and big suraces. However, how to achieve a delicate and elegant product with GRG/GRC technique is an interesting question. In this way, we use six different elements by arranging them to shape fluffy and waving wall. The wall starts from super flat part, then a subtle bump, then small elements, finally get the total fluffy point where is exactly the position of door.

Elevation & Section

Rendering in Larger Scope

For the overall form, the fluffy elements starts from the corner of the wall with subtle motion, then go toward the opening (door), gradually to much bigger movements and bigger pieces. Finally form the fluffy quallity. In a larger scope, those elements coorperate with each other to shape the wave like movements to provide the wall with dynamic motion. In this way, the wall could never be a solid surface, but a dynamic, waving massing in a much ligher way. To make it buildable with GRG technology, each piece of those elements can be build in one of six molds. Then they all be inserted in the larger frame. The whole installation is hung on the original wall. Detail Motion

06. WORK IN PROGRESS T h e C o n t e m p o r a r y D e t a i l , Tesla inc. Headquarters, Miami Beach, USA, 2018

Facade of Section Model


Axon of Section Model

Detail Rendering

06. WORK IN PROGRESS T h e C o n t e m p o r a r y D e t a i l , Tesla inc. Headquarters, Miami, USA, 2018

Elevation of Physical Model (1:1 Facade Detail)

Physical Model Detail

Exploded Axon of Physical Model (1:1 Facade Detail)

Joints Detail

07. OTHER PROJECTS M o i r e P a t t e r n , Form and Algorithm Research and Design, Philadelphia, USA, 2017

F l o w i n g R a y, Indoor Basketball Stadium, Tianjin, China, 2016

Facade Drawing Detail

Site Plan


Interior Rendering

Wa l k i n g i n t h e L e v i a t i o n , Fine Art Museum, Tianjin, China, 2015

C o l o r f u l L i g h t a n d S h a d e , The Epidermis of Corridor, Tianjin, China, 2015

Portfolio2018summer_Zhuoqing Cai  
Portfolio2018summer_Zhuoqing Cai