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“While dealing with shape, colour, material and texture is one of the more important aspects. It’s not the question of how to create, but how to make someone sense something” - Kenya Hara

By capturing the sound spectrum of the ocean waves we are giving sound an image, something that can be seen. In this case it is a curve. It will speak to us in a different way but still carry the same information. The sound spectrum is constantly changing over time. But if we save the different curves from the wave and line them all up, they will create something that can be seen as contours that are explaining a surface through curves.

I have created a sound spectrum. A face which communicates with your senses through haptics.

The soundscape is plast where we spend a meaningfull time that can seem useless to others. By placing your feets on this piece, you can’t help to let them seek their way to the most comfortable place... ...the soundscape will speak to your senses and harmon will resent itself.

A CAD file was produced in Rhinoceros and then CNCed using cemical wood. For a rough finish no sanding was done. Last but not lest the product was spray painted matt white.

After 20 hours of CNCing and two layers of white spray paint, the soundscape was realized. This have been the main objective since the concept was developed to communicate in a haptic way.


Inspired by sound and the possibility to convert its information to be received through other senses.