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Acad Schemes Edit AutoCAD export schemes.

apply curve piping Constructs a mesh pipe display around a curve.

apply custom mapping Add a custom texture mapping channel to an object.

apply displacment Constructs a displacement display mesh for surfaces, polysurfaces, or meshes.

apply edge softening Constructs an edge-softening display mesh for surfaces, polysurfaces, or meshes.

apply shut lining Constructs a shut-line display mesh for surfaces, polysurfaces, or meshes.

ArcBlend Create an arc blend curve between two curves.

ArrayLinear Copy and space objects in a single direction.

Bake Combine an object's textures and decals into a single bitmap file and assign that bitmap as object's texture.

block edit Allow selecting a block instance to change the block geometry and update the block definition.

box edit Size, scale, position, and rotate objects numerically.

drawing order Bring forward- Bring curves forward in draw order. Bring to Front- Bring curves to the front in draw order. content filter Open the Content Filter dialog box.

continue curve Continue to draw the selected curve using control points.

convert dot Convert Dot objects to either point or text objects.

convert extrusion Convert extrusion objects to surfaces and polysurfaces.

crease splitting Control whether surface creation commands divide creased surfaces into polysurfaces. diameter Report the diameter of a curve at a specified point.

digline Draw a line normal to a surface with a digitizing arm.



dim crease angle


enable clipping plane/ disable clipping planeTurn on/off the selected clipping plane.

draft anglepoint Place a point object on a surface the surface's draft angle break location.

DupDimStyle Create new dimension styles by copying existing styles. EditPythonScript Edit a Python script

explode block Explode a block including any nested blocks into component objects.

extract analysis mesh Duplicate an object's analysis mesh.

extract curvature graph Duplicate a curve's curvature graph.

extractUV mesh

Find Text Search for specified text.

Find watermark

get documentuser text ground plane Open the GroundPlane panel.

Gumball Displays the gumball widget on a selected object facilitating move, scale, and rotate transformations around the gumball origin.

Gumball Alignment/ DragStrenght

Hatchbase/ hatchscale Set a starting point for existing hatches/ Scale hatch patterns in model and layout space.

intersectTwoset Find the intersection of one set of objects with another set of objects.

isometric Change the current viewport properties to a parallel projection isometric view looking from a specified quadrant toward 0.

library Materials, textures, and environments are stored in the model, but render content can also be saved to files creating external libraries that can be shared between models.

light Open the Lights panel.

makeuniform Changes a curve or surface so each control point affects the surface exactly the same way.

markfoci Place point objects at focus locations of conic curves.

matchcrvdir Changes the direction of selected curves to duplicate the direction of a specified curve.

matchmapping Changes the texture mapping properties of a selected object to duplicate a specified object. matchproperties Changes the object properties of selected objects to duplicate those of another object.

matchalledges meshrepair Open the Mesh Repair wizard.

modify radius Changes the radius of existing arcs and circles.

option export/ import

Rebuild UV Reconstructs selected surfaces to a specified control point number in either the u- or v-directions independently.

Relocate Gumball Moves the gumball widget origin and orientation on an object.

Remeber copy options Remove multiknot Deletes knot from a curve or surface. Repeat Repeat any command or script/macro. ReplaceBlock Redefines selected block instances with a different block definition. RevCloud Draws a revision cloud polycurve. revert

Discards changes and reverts to the previously saved document. runpythonscript

scalebyplane Changes the size of selected objects in two directions using different lengths for each direction. selboundary

selvisible selbrush


selhatch sellinetype setpt

Tween curve

Tween surface

New commands in RHINO 5  

New commands in RHINO 5

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