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Discover how leading companies are using FARO portable measurement systems to improve and speed up their quality control and production processes


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editorial Alberto Castiglioni, Chief Editor


ear Readers,

FARO is not only the world's number one company for portable measuring devices; we are also renowned for our CAM2 measurement software. Now, we have released two new software packages that boost speed and productivity and enhance support for our hardware: CAM2 Measure 10 includes features for collecting and analysing point cloud data while the totally overhauled CAM2 GAGE 2.2 presents useful new functionalities – such as QuickTools, a barcode reader and temperature probe – that dramatically speed up your measurement tasks. In this issue we also have exclusive new user stories from the world of speed and mobility. From sailing competitions to supercars and from railway car production to tunnel mouldings, you'll find out how leading international companies are using our measuring systems to optimize and accelerate their quality control and production processes. Finally, we have dedicated two pages to the FARO Edge including an infographic that illustrates the product’s flexibility and innovative features. Yours,

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The CAM2 Measure 10 software enables point cloud capture and analysis. CAM2 GAGE, the easiest measurement software on the market, is now equipped with more than 30 new features.

Point cloud capture & analysis and ease of use PRODUCT NEWS In September

2011 FARO launched the CAM2 Measure 10 software followed by the brand new CAM2 GAGE 2.2 software in May 2012. CAM2 Measure 10, the new FARO software for the FaroArm, ScanArm and Laser Tracker, marks the first time FARO has included features for collecting and analysing point cloud data as part of the robust CAM2 line. Already a leader in the development of contact measurement software, FARO’s CAM2 Measure 10 now provides non-contact users the ability to scan and collect point cloud data for reverse engineering, rapid prototyping and analysis. The software is the ideal complement to FARO’s Edge ScanArm. Other new features like Live Colour Scan permit rapid inspection of free form parts with the FARO ScanArm more quickly and easily than ever before. Live Colour Scan highlights deviations from CAD during the scanning process to help identify inconsistencies quickly and expedite the scanning process. Shortcuts allow for the creation of new commands for obtaining measurement data that previously may have only been available through a series of complex operations. This feature enables users to record steps in a measurement process and combines them into a

single command to be accessed later. The Easy Move Wizard simplifies measurement of large parts, particularly when frequent repositioning is a necessity. By enabling quick identification of correct target correspondence, the time required to relocate (or “leapfrog”) the FaroArm is reduced and the potential for user error is mitigated. Other enhancements enable CAM2 Measure 10 users to conduct remote measurements, run commands and see real-time results from their Apple® iPhone® or iPad®. The brand new CAM2 GAGE 2.2 software presents more than 30 new features: highlights include the QuickTools functionality that permits to import and use QuickTools programs generated in FARO CAM2 Measure 10, and the barcode function. Barcodes with inspection plan data can now be created directly in the CAM2 GAGE software. One click with the new FARO barcode reader and the inspection plan is instantly loaded – greatly speeding up your measurement processes. Finally, the new temperature probe automatically provides a real time measurement of the temperature of the parts you are inspecting. Thus the CAM2 GAGE software can compensate for the effect that temperature variations have on your measurement activities – a very useful function to ensure high precision measurements with your FARO portable devices.

Why pictographs? In the FARO News these icons will guide you through the different application fields of our 3D measurement technology:

Inspection  Parts inspection and reporting measurement are essential in today’s lean manufacturing environment. They help reduce production waste and losses or down time due to nonconformance.

alignment  Precise alignments of any machine, fixture or part can make all the difference in the quality of the finished product.

calibration  Calibration is required if initial setups of, for example, machine tools can’t stand the test of time and deviations appear.

Reverse Engineering  Reverse engineering allows us to create virtually anything we can touch. To record and reproduce real items, they are digitized and displayed as fully surfaced CAD models using our 3D measurement technology.

– Au to m o tiv e–

Four good reasons

Horacio Pagani says: I like the FARO tools because:

Photo: Pagani Automobili S.p.A.


I nspiration: FARO systems support our renaissance inspired working methods because with them we can easily combine art and science.


Integration: During development we constantly modify elements manually. With our FARO solutions we can easily keep the CAD and CAM files up to date.


 obility: We can easily move M our FARO arms and Laser Line Probe around the workshop as required.


Easy to use: FARO devices allow you to focus your whole intellect on the design or assembly challenge.

Pagani Huayra is the latest Pagani Automobili creation.

The contours, charisma and creation of supercars Automotive Inspired by Italian renaissance heroes, legendary car designer Horacio Pagani creates

the world's most exclusive supercars by a masterful fusion of manual craftsmanship and technology.

The Argentinian-born designer Horacio Pagani, has risen to the top of supercar industry making a name for himself through his application of advanced composite materials. At Lamborghini, he worked on the designs of various famous models before founding Modena Design and starting work on his lifelong dream – the Pagani Zonda. Between 1999 and 2011, 206 variations of the Zonda were created and built. In 2011, Pagani revealed his new Huayra. It is a stunning curvaceous creation that is to many eyes, the fulfilment of Pagani's dream to create the most beautiful car in the world. While championing a commitment to renaissance artists and hand craftsmanship, Pagani is firmly settled in the 21st century when it comes to metrology: the company owns two FaroArm Fusion systems. It also has one FARO Laser Line Probe that can be attached to either measuring arm to provide seamless Laser ScanArm functionality. With these systems, Pagani is perfectly equipped for free form surface measurement, part inspection, part-to-CAD comparison, rapid prototyping and reverse engineering. Horacio Pagani, you started as a one-man design studio making furniture over 20 years ago. What elements of your approach have stayed constant? Firstly, when I was about 16, I started learning about Leonardo and the Renaissance. I was fascinated by the way he mixed art and science and I wanted to do the same: to be both an artist and an engineer. That has been the consistent theme throughout my professional life. Secondly, I have always admired plastics because they allow you to be more expressive as a designer. I realised the significance of advanced composites in the eighties and we have been investing in applications of that technology ever since. Tell us about the mixture of inspiration and technology

behind your design process. The female body was clearly a source of inspiration for the shapes of the Zonda. We work manually in the early stages with pencils and resin models. There is a charm that only the hand can give. When we have the cosmetics perfected, we use FARO 3D portable measuring systems and move into the CAD realm to deal with structural calculations and progress towards CAM. There are 3 FARO devices in operation in your workshops. What other roles do they play? We design and build our cars from scratch and we now manage about 10,000 distinct components. We use FARO arms and the Laser Line Probe for all kinds of tasks from reverse engineering during design to inspection and alignment during construction. They are an integral part of everything we do. What new ambitions fuel your vision today? I still work on many different projects covering automotive, aviation, military, sports and industrial design. Discovering new materials and new technologies still fascinates me.

Pagani Automobili S.p.A. Pagani Automobili S.p.A. was founded by Horacio Pagani to design, manufacture and market exclusive supercars as limited series and one-off editions. It employs 53 staff in its workshops near Modena, Italy. Creating up to 40 cars per year, the team members switch constantly between design, testing and assembly jobs. Excluding the Mercedes motor and gearbox, a Pagani Zonda or Huayra car requires over 4,000 components all designed and manufactured to meticulous quality standards.

summary Pagani Automobili designs and builds some of the world's most exclusive supercars: FARO measuring systems are integral to the creative and technical development and assembly process. faro Metrology News | 3

– FARO A rm–



2 6

1 4

The FaroArm can be used for multiple applications, allowing for quality improvements across different processes.

The FaroArm – the measuring arm with boundless possibilities FARO is the market leader in portable computer-aided measurement systems while the FaroArm is the world’s best-selling measurement arm.

FARO arms are flexibly deployable, portable measuring systems for 3D measurement. They meet the highest accuracy requirements of modern development and production. With FaroArm products you can measure, digitize, or create a CAD component analysis during production or assembly. The two FaroArm models (Fusion and Edge) satisfy specific application and industry needs with different working volumes and accuracies. Furthermore, a Laser Line Probe (LLP) can be easily added to any FaroArm turning it into a Laser ScanArm: measurements can be carried out with or without direct contact to the object – ensuring an uninterrupted workflow. So whatever your need – alignment, calibration, inspection, reverse engineering or CAD-to-part comparison – a FaroArm will handle the job effortlessly and accurately. The FARO Edge represents the latest generation of

faro Metrology News | 4

the FaroArm product line. The Edge is the world’s first measurement arm with on-board computer. Its touchscreen display enables access to more than 40 touch features, from basic measurement options to set up and mounting verification. The diagnostics screen, for example, allows users to monitor real-time temperature, check the mount and create an event log. Ambient influences can therefore be minimized, which helps save time and costs and deliver optimal results. Key industry-leading features and capabilities of the FaroArm include: Temperature compensation sensors: FARO measurement arms are the only ones on the market with temperature sensors embedded throughout the measurement arm to monitor temperature and compensate automatically. “Measure it where you make it,” for consistent part accuracy. Internal counterbalance: The FaroArm is the only measurement arm system available with

internal counterbalancing in every model. Our patented internal counterbalance provides neutral buoyancy (where the arm floats horizontally) for fatigue-free use as well as unmatched probe control. Other systems use an external counterbalance system that can limit axis rotation or affect accuracy. Simple to use: The FaroArm’s outstanding ergonomics and stress stop warnings make daily work much easier. On-board diagnostics* and easyto-setup measurement routines* simplify your measurements. This ensures that every measurement is accurate, even in the hands of the most inexperienced users. Flexible: The FaroArm’s lightweight construction, wireless data transfer capabilities, integrated battery and built-in touchscreen computer* enable laptop-free basic measurements to be taken wherever you need them. Enhanced connectivity includes Bluetooth, WLAN, USB, Ethernet and multiple device management through networking.

*FARO Edge only

– po rta ble m e a su r em en t–

Four good reasons

Orlando Perez, Director - Product Management at FARO, says:


Infographic: FaroArm


Compatible and expandable: With its quick-change handle*, the FaroArm allows for seamless and interchangeable accessory integration such as a Laser Line Probe. Large parts can also be measured with the arm in combination with the FARO Laser Tracker. Measure everywhere With performance that rivals large and costly fixed-bed coordinate measuring machines (CMM), the FaroArm presents the major advantage of being portable and easier to use. It can be used for multiple applications, allowing for quality improvements across different processes resulting in time and production costs savings.

1 Inspection of incoming goods Supplier parts can be inspected directly upon arrival using the FaroArm. 2 Inspection of large parts Many parts are too large or heavy to be inspected by traditional measurement equipment. The FaroArm can be taken everywhere and be mounted next to or on the part to be measured for fast and accurate results. 3 Machine alignment Positioning of machines, fixtures and parts is crucial for the quality of finished products. The FaroArm can be mounted next to the manufacturing equipment to quickly and repeatedly verify tool alignment. 4 CAD comparison Measurements captured with the FaroArm can be


 obility: Large and heavy M components must no longer be transported to the measuring machine. Quality control can be completed on-site with the measuring arm.


Smart Touch: Access more than 40 touch features from basic measurement options to set up and mounting verification.


 recise: Built-in smart senP sors warn against excessive external loads, correct for thermal variations, and detect possible setup problems. They enable highly accurate measurements.


 niversal mounting: The U measuring arm can be mounted and operated very easily, regardless of the surface being worked on.

compared to nominal CAD data to instantly detect deviations. Soft, deformable and complex shapes can be easily scanned to verify features, 3D surfaces and 2D cross sections.

5 On-machine inspection During the production process you can measure your parts directly on the machine, without the downtime resulting from tool setup or quality room inspections. 6 Dimensional inspection Angles, prismatic features, distances, geometric and positional tolerances are easily checked with the FaroArm and the intuitive user interface of the CAM2 Measure 10 software. 7 Reverse Engineering/Prototyping Objects can be quickly scanned, digitized and converted to CAD models for rapid prototyping, as-built documentation or reproduction. 8 Measurement room inspection Measurement bottlenecks can be reduced by using the FaroArm alongside traditional measurement equipment in environmentally controlled inspection rooms.

Most Common Applications Aerospace: Alignment, tooling & mould certification, part inspection Automotive: Tool building & certification, alignment, part inspection Metal fabrication: OMI, first article inspection, periodic part inspection Moulding/tool & die: Mould and die inspection, prototype part scanning

faro Metrology News | 5

Sailing Boats With multihulls and

rigid wingsails, the 34th Americas Cup represents a phenomenal challenge. Artemis Racing is sailing towards the perfect wing form with a FARO Laser Tracker.

If your idea of sailing competitions is aerial footage of elegant white yachts with billowing spinnakers cruising gracefully across a harbour then think again. The America's Cup has entered an era of unprecedented speed, thrills and action thanks to some carefully revised rules. With TV crews from all over the world in attendance, the race needs to start even if there is only a light breeze, but the boats need to be manageable with a gale blowing. Furthermore, today's audiences want to be transported behind the scenes and into the heart of the action. The smaller AC45 (45ft / 13.5m long) with 20m masts and sails the size of a tennis court is a development platform. It competes in the America’s Cup World Series before teams ramp up to the AC72 (72 ft / 22m long) for the Louis Vuitton Cup (the Challenger selection series) which precedes the 34th America’s Cup in San Francisco in September 2013. Wingsails permit boat designers to capture the efficiency and aerodynamic advantages of aircraft wings that allow the new multihull boats with hydrofins to “fly” across the water at unprecedented speeds of 25-40 knots (1 knot = 1.852 km/h). New broadcast technology will take viewers right into the thick of the action. On board the AC72, there will be 7 remote-controlled and 2 handheld HD cameras and 18 microphones permanently on 'Record' to capture the action for TV and YouTube audiences around the world.

Photo: Artemis Racing

But as with any innovation, there are countless technical and tactical challenges to overcome. The design rules leave a fair amount of freedom to encourage innovation. And winning a sailing competition always depends on the combination of a great boat and the skills of the crew. So design teams and crews will be working diligently for the next months to optimise their chances of winning the trophy.

– s a ili n g b o ats–

Designing wingsails to win faro News | 7 faro Metrology

– s a il i ng boats–

Four good reasons


Speed: The ability to do continuous comparisons to the CAD saves us a huge amount of time when we are setting up the mould for a new part.


 obility: We have enough M equipment to ship around the world as it is. So it is great to have a compact and mobile 3D measuring system.


Easy to use: We need to focus all our energy on the design and sailing challenges, so a system that takes the metrological hurdles out of the way is perfect for us.


Range: The scale of our work means cumulative error would be a serious concern with conventional methods.

Photo: Artemis Racing

Mark Allanson, Wingsail Construction Manager at Artemis Racing says:

Artemis Racing is sailing towards the perfect wing form with a FARO Laser Tracker.

Artemis Racing is the Challenger of Record for the 34th America's Cup representing the Royal Swedish Yacht Club. David Endean, Project Manager for the AC72 catamaran talked about the role of the FARO Laser Tracker in the wingsail design process:


summary Rigid wingsails and multihulls requirements have revolutionised the America's Cup. Artemis Racing is using a flexible mould and a FARO Laser Tracker to optimise wingsail design.

“A wingsail is a complex composite assembly consisting of a major structural component, shaped ribs and flexible skins similar to a light aircraft wing. During racing, it has to cope with a barrage of changing variables, so our designers spend countless hours using extremely powerful computers to develop the wing form. The more refined the design, the more pressure the construction team comes under.” “In this competition, time and budget are decisive factors. Using the FARO Laser Tracker we have developed an approach that cuts the time required to create new wing forms by half and allows us to quickly change moulded surfaces without wasting template materials every time. And

we can have higher levels of accuracy without a prohibitive increase in costs.” “When we were evaluating the purchase, we considered two brands. The FARO Laser Tracker performed flawlessly out of the box and convinced us with its real-time continuous measurement and CAD comparison capabilities. We are all passionate sailors and prefer to be on the water than studying metrology. Having this gear is a dream because it gives us the independence and flexibility that we need as we run for victory in San Francisco.”

David Endean, Project Manager at Artemis Racing

Artemis Racing Artemis Racing was founded by Swedish businessman Torbjörn Törnqvist and is headed by America's Cup veteran Paul Cayard as CEO, with Terry Hutchinson as skipper. The team comprises many world renowned sailors and top-name design and engineering staff. The Principal Designer is Juan Kouyoumdjian (BMW Oracle '07, Prada '03, Le Defi '00-'95), and other well known sailors involved in the design team include double Olympic medalist and naval architect Santiago Lange, and three-time America's Cup winner Tom Schnackenberg (TNZ '00-'95, Australia II '83). faro Metrology News | 8

“Every decision we make has an impact on our two key elements, time and money. So we feel privileged to have the independence and efficiency afforded by the FARO Laser Tracker.”

– In d u s t r i al M a n u factu r in g –

Four good reasons

Photo: TVSZ

Andrey Komarov, Chief Metrologist at TVSZ, says:


 obility: The production M area is huge and the parts are heavy so it is great to be able to simply roll the lightweight FaroArm over to where it is needed.


Speed: Once a programme is established, the operator can quality check a whole series very quickly and almost without thinking – it is that easy.


Reliability: Features like auto-temperature compensation, overload sensors and good seals make it really easy to achieve consistent results even in a tough environment.


“ Democratic”: You don't have to be a highly-trained metrologist to get consistent 3D measurement results with the FaroArm.

Verification of an advanced TVSZ wheel casing.

Revitalising Russian rolling stock Industrial Manufacturing Europe's largest industrial facility, the Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant

is a new Russian approach to revitalising their railway system where only the best is good enough.

The Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant (TVSZ) is a new high-tech project built on the site of a giant ex-Soviet industrial enterprise called the Tikhvin Production Association Kirovskiy Zavod. Officially opened on 30th January 2012 by Premier Putin, it marks a milestone in Russian industrial history as the first such facility in more than half a century. With a total investment over USD 1 Billion, a production floor area of 233,000m2 on a 50 hectare site, the Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant will produce 13,000 freight cars with 65,000 wheel sets per year. The combination of a foundry and car assembly on one green-field site allows an unprecedented level of production efficiency and flexibility. Starting with a blank drawing board, the international teams of engineers could optimise the big picture and every detail of using state-of-the-art planning tools and best practices to design the plant and the cars to be produced. And there was a clear commitment to finding the best available technologies to streamline the workflow. RAM Robots Automation & Manufacturing Systems, FARO’s Israeli distributor near Tel Aviv, got involved before Metrological Center “Master-Service”, an official Russian FARO distributor, was called onto the project to develop a quality control concept. After having carefully studied the project requirements and evaluating the available options for inline manufacturing controls a recommendation was made: Tikhvin purchased seven Platinum FARO measuring arms. The main application will be the quality control of complex 3D castings such as freight car wheels or suspension components, especially series productions. Metrological Centre “Master-Service” is a respected metrology consultancy based in St. Petersburg. They began selling FARO equipment over four years ago after carefully analysing the market. “We were look-

ing for great technical products with a global brand reputation to complement our software and consulting services,” says Sergey Kartashov, Brand Manager 3D. Like all FARO distributors, “Master-Service” is committed to after-sales support. Some twenty operators and engineers were trained to use the FARO arms. Both engineers and operators of varying ages and experience levels were trained, but everyone was able to easily grasp all aspects of the training – including programming of the software for series inspections. With bold investors ready to modernise the manufacturing base and engineers looking for the best equipment on the global market, it is a great time for equipment that can really deliver on expectations. “We chose the FaroArm Platinum because of the mobility and speed it gives us,” said Andrey Komarov, Chief Metrologist at TVSZ. “The seven units can be wheeled to wherever they are needed on the shop floor. It is a very rough environment, where the temperature can range from zero to 35°C. So the automatic temperature compensation is also very important. Basically it is a very robust and easy solution that frees up a lot of time for our operators.” TVSZ summary Tikhvin Freight Car Building Plant Closed Joint Stock Company TVSZ was formed in 2004. The new plant was officially opened in 2012 and it is now the largest industrial manufacturing facility in Europe in terms of area and investment volume. But it is not simply about scale: TVSZ is at the forefront of a transfer of Western expertise and technology to the Russian machine-making industry and it is a showcase for integration with the combination of casting and assembly under one roof.

TVSZ has opened a giant scale freight car plant with an integrated casting and assembly shop. Seven mobile Platinum FARO measuring arms are used for rapid and efficient quality verification at different stages of the manufacturing process. faro Metrology News | 9

– me chanica l engineering–

Markus Grau, Product & Business Development Manager Gage at FARO, says:


 ersatile: The FARO Gage V replaces all conventional gaging devices. This allows you to save time and money with one single device.


 ortability: The Gage is a P portable device for jobs needed on different areas of the shop floor.


Simple to use: The FARO Gage’s internal counterbalance allows the user to move the Gage with one hand without becoming fatigued.


Wireless operation: The new Bluetooth cable free operation and the extended-usebattery provides true “measure anywhere” capability.

More flexible and precise inspection at HERBERT Maschinenbau thanks to the FARO Gage mechanical engineering The FARO Gage enables HERBERT Maschinenbau GmbH & Co.KG

to increase the flexibility and precision of inspection measurements, particularly in the area of monitoring goods arrival, and thus helps to save time and money.

Photo: HERBERT Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

Four good reasons

Use of the FARO Gage for incoming goods inspection.

The company, with its headquarters in Hünfeld (near Fulda, Germany) and with some 300 employees, has been active in the global market with great success ever since it was founded in 1905. Its main area of activity is the development, design and manufacture of system solutions for tyre production. The range of services include machines and tools for both tyre construction and vulcanisation. Herbert provides complete solutions for the global tyre industry. The diverse product range includes tools and machines for the

faro Metrology News | 10

manufacture of scooter and bike tyres, through to tyres with a diameter of more than four metres for special-purpose vehicles. As the quality of the products is vitally important to the company, measuring technology has been used at HERBERT Maschinenbau GmbH & Co.KG for a century. Hand-held measuring devices, callipers, fixed CMMs and CNC-controlled measuring systems in processing machines are all used to carry out measurement tasks. At the end of 2011 the company decided

Photo: HERBERT Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG

– m e c h a n i c al e n g in eer in g –

Use of the FARO Gage for interim checks during the production process.

HERBERT Maschinenbau The company was founded as an engineering works in Frankfurt am Main by Leonhard Herbert in 1905. It was initially involved in the manufacture of vehicle tyre moulds. The transition to the construction of vulcanising equipment for tyres and tubes, finally incorporating the production of prefabrication machines for tyres, was made there after. The engineering firm HERBERT Maschinenbau GmbH & Co., based in Hünfeld (Germany), was founded in 1966 and continues to manufacture tyre moulds and building drums in the industrial region of Hünfeld, near Fulda. Based on extensive investment measures, the company, which celebrated its 100th anniversary in 2005, has now become a market leader in the field of the development and manufacture of products for the tyre manufacturing industry. A worldwide network of branches and agencies ensures that HERBERT can fully meet the needs of its globally active customers. HERBERT Maschinenbau GmbH & Co. KG first port of call for your customers when it comes to moulds, containers, tyre-building drums or manufacturing capacities. Herbert Maschinenand Anlagenbau GmbH & Co. KG is the specialist in hot presses, tyre manufacturing machinery and other machinery and equipment for the manufacture of tyres.

to use portable measuring technology from FARO. A particular focus was the improvement of the monitoring of incoming goods and interim checks in the production process.

must be carried out quickly and efficiently, before the parts are used in production and assembly. Furthermore, there are plans to use the FARO Gage in other areas as well.

In the search for a suitable solution, the company from Hünfeld collected information on the subject at the CONTROL trade exhibition in Stuttgart for example, where they found out about the innovative products from FARO. In choosing a suitable measuring system the following criteria were particularly relevant: precision, portability and simple, user-friendly operation of the equipment.

Measurement tasks that have been difficult to implement up until now due to their complexity, are now easier to manage thanks to the Gage.

The FARO Gage has been used in the area of goods incoming inspection as well as for interim checks of products produced in-house since the beginning of 2012. The Gage is particularly well suited to these tasks due to its flexible application options. The primary job is to check the quality of incoming goods and the inspection of parts in order to ensure optimum processing. With this application in particular, a 40% to 50% time saving has been achieved through the use of defined measuring procedures or macros, known as predefined measuring processes. It is also especially important for HERBERT Maschinenbau to be able to replicate and verify the quality and fit of purchased parts, which can be documented and checked by means of reports. This check

“We have been able to expand our measuring capabilities and use the Gage for direct model comparison.” Thomas Landgraf, Head of Quality Assurance at Herbert

The measuring system developed by FARO now enables the company not only to measure complex parts and components, but also offers the customer the opportunity to check the quality of the parts produced by means of direct model comparisons. Herbert has invested ten million Euros in stateof-the-art technology in the past few years alone. “We are the number one worldwide in terms of quality and market share in mould making,” says the company's managing partner Matthias Walter in an interview for the BVMW Enterprise Award. faro Metrology News | 11

– O il & Gas–

State-of-the-art measurements for special valves Oil & Gas Petrolvalves purchased a new FARO Edge ScanArm for greater flexibility when taking precise measurements of parts

with very complex geometry.

Based in Castellanza, in the Province of Varese (Lombardy, Italy), Petrolvalves S.r.l. has been operating in the Oil & Gas industry for over 50 years, designing and manufacturing valves for extraction, transport, piping, refining, etc., which are used under the most diverse conditions (standard, high or low temperature, undersea, etc.) on systems scattered throughout the world. The company's Quality Manager, Giuseppe Ramponi, explained: “The particularity and geometric complexity of our products require highly specialized production processes and control procedures to ensure compliance with requirements and specifications.” To meet these requirements Petrolvalves has been using a FaroArm Platinum six-axis measurement arm with Measure X software (subsequently updated to CAM2 Measure 10) since 2005. “It is a sophisticated instrument that meets our needs perfectly,” added Ramponi. With the production of increasingly complex and technological components, and having seen the excellent results achieved using the “old” arm, at the end of 2011 Petrolvalves decided to evaluate the purchase of a second instrument. This device would be used to solve problems related to the measurement of actuators with highly complex geometry, recently produced for undersea valves. Following detailed research and some consultations with FARO, the company chose the FARO Edge ScanArm (a FARO Edge measurement arm with a Laser Line Probe). Ramponi: “Tests demonstrated that this was the right instrument for our specific situation since it takes fast, precise measurements of geometrically complex components such as undersea actuators, worm-screws, special shafts and grooves.”

In particular, FARO's new Laser Line Probe gives the FARO Edge new functionality and performance with regard non-contact measurement that would be difficult to match. In fact the wide

faro Metrology News | 12

Photo: Petrolvalves S.r.l.

In short, the FaroArm offers a level of precision that is comparable to fixed-coordinate measurement machines. In addition to taking up less space in the workshop, it performs inspections more efficiently and eliminates machine downtime.

Dimensional control using the FARO Edge ScanArm.

–O il & G as–

Four good reasons

Photo: Petrolvalves S.r.l.

Giuseppe Ramponi, Quality Manager at Petrolvalves S.r.l., says:


 he FARO Edge ScanArm T was chosen to measure geometrically complex parts with the goal of reducing time and costs.


In addition to its reliability, we chose the new FARO measurement arm to take high precision measurements within our tolerances and with a repeatability of 0.024mm.


 he FARO Edge ScanArm T is a versatile measurement system and, despite its many functions, it is relatively simple to use.


One of the main advantages of the CAM2 Measure 10 software is its “merging” functionality, i.e., the possibility of comparing the 3D scan with the original design in real-time.

Engineer Giuseppe Ramponi, Quality Manager at Petrolvalves S.r.l. and a quality control inspector.

laser beam significantly increases scanning capacity without sacrificing precision, while still ensuring high speed and high definition. Also it is possible to optimize these measurement and scanning operations with the CAM2 Measure 10 software. Giuseppe Ramponi concluded: “We have only been using the new arm for a short time – it went into operation in January 2012, following the training course – however, we are already using it with excellent results. We have even begun measuring geometrically complex pieces and we are also successful with the performance in terms of precision, reliability and speed.”

“Technological evolution has progressively increased the complexity of our products. That's why we require increasingly effective and sophisticated measurement instruments.” Engineer Giuseppe Ramponi, Quality Manager at Petrolvalves S.r.l.

Petrolvalves S.r.l. Petrolvalves S.r.l. (Castellanza, in the province of Varese, Lombardy, Italy) is an industry leader in the production of valves for the Oil & Gas industry. Founded in 1956, the company produces valves for export worldwide through its significant network of sales offices. Constant investment in the development of new technologies allows the construction of sophisticated, highly technological valves which are mostly customized according to users' specifications. The development of exclusive products has allowed Petrolvalves to acquire key international clients, such as Aramco, BP, Chevron, ConocoPhillips, ExxonMobil, NASA, Petrobras, Repsol, Shell and Statoil.


The constant development of new products led Petrolvalves to invest in new measurement systems. Expectations for the new FARO Edge are high and the precision, reliability and flexibility of FARO products provide a solid guarantee.

faro Metrology News | 13

– M ou l d Making–

Four good reasons


 ccuracy: Our reputation A depends on delivering the promised level of accuracy, which we can now easily guarantee with the ION.


Speed: The smooth integration of hardware and software and the smart warm-up feature make work faster and easier.


 obility: Besides being M able to move it to wherever it is required in our workshop, we also travel to our customers to perform certain on-site services.


Reliability: Our workshop climate is very raw and variable. It is good to have a robust device that intelligently handles all the environmental variables.

Photo: CBE Group

Pascal Clerc, CEO at CBE, says:

Positioning reference points while working with the FARO Laser Tracker ION.

Tighter tolerances for tunnel longevity Mould Making French mould specialists CBE are helping their customers to produce more

accurate concrete segment moulds that reduce construction challenges and enhance life expectancy of tunnel linings.

Advances in tunnel technology are increasing the viability of tunnel projects to solve infrastructural challenges all over the world: from reducing congestion in megacities to opening access to remote valleys. Precast concrete segments allow tunnel constructors to reinforce the tunnel quickly and cost-effectively. The CBE Group is a leader in this field, making concrete segment moulds and all associated handling equipment for customers on five continents.

summary CBE produces moulds and handling equipment for precast concrete tunnel segments. With a global reputation built on innovation and precision, CBE uses the FARO Laser Tracker ION for quality control.

“We know how to integrate the production of the precast segments into the overall tunnel boring process so that work can proceed smoothly and without complications,” says CBE's CEO Pascal Clerc. “Any inaccuracies in the geometry or dimensions of the segment will lead to delays or problems during the tunnel construction phase or issues of reliability during the tunnel lifetime. For example, if the segment surfaces don't match precisely, stress cracks may result. Also you might have problems with water leakage between segments. That is why we make moulds that are accurate to +/- 0.3mm. This level of accuracy sets us apart in the market.” Founded over 25 years ago, CBE has played an important role in the evolution of technology and methods in this field. “Staying ahead of the game is all about recognising the trends and working out what technology and methods are needed to fulfil the expectations of the customers.” A FARO Laser Tracker ION is used to verify the dimensions and geometry of all the contact surfaces of the mould. “Before we had the FARO Laser Tracker we had to rely on templates for quality control. Our measurements were limited to 2D and deviations could easily go unnoticed. With the ION, we not only save time and increase the accuracy – we are able to verify

any point on the mould with respect to the CAD files. This ensures that the geometry and longevity of the tunnel will not be compromised.” “We evaluated 3 types of laser tracker and chose the FARO product based on the combination of price, performance and service,” explained Mr Clerc. CBE's current production capacity is 2,000 moulds per year and the dimensions of each mould can be verified with the FARO Laser Tracker ION after manufacturing in a batch process. “We use it in a raw workshop climate, so having a robust, mobile and easy to use solution was vital.” Besides the moulds, CBE makes all the associated handling equipment including fully-automated moulding plants with outputs of 5 to 6 segments per hour. CBE's engineering office works closely with the tunnel engineers to optimise the design of individual segments and of the segment precast plant. “The more accuracy we can offer, the more customers appreciate the advantages of precision. We now have a new customer in the Netherlands that requires a tolerance of +/- 0.2mm.”

CBE Group The CBE Group was founded by Robert Salmon in 1987 based on the visionary realisation that precast concrete mouldings would play an increasingly significant role in the future of tunnel construction. Thanks to the Channel Tunnel project, CBE was able to grow rapidly. Today it is globally active with major projects all over the world. Since founding, CBE has manufactured 230 production facilities and 11,000 segment moulds: these in turn have made 10 million concrete segments that are installed in 2,200 km of tunnel construction. faro Metrology News | 14

– Cu s t o m e r S erv ices–

Interview FARO News met Thomas Rexer, Director Post-Sales at FARO Europe, to discuss

the new state-of-the-art customer support services.

Proactive customer support customer services

rect access to service, warranties and assets information, including an online calendar to schedule maintenance and recertification services.

The new FARO online customer service has been developed to make FARO users’ life even easier. Thomas Rexer, Director Post-Sales at FARO Europe, explains how new state-of-theart services, 24/7 information and intuitive interactive knowledge base, allow us to reach this goal.

This year we will also organize additional user events and webinars to share best practices for optimal use of our devices. Dates and files will be available on the website soon.

“Finally, we will have a new webshop area where customers will find all the accessories they might need to operate our portable measurement devices.”

FARO’s website has an area dedicated to customer service and assistance. What was your thought when you designed this section? We were focusing on 3 key adjectives – simple, comprehensive and efficient.

Thomas Rexer, Director Post-Sales at Faro Europe

What are the most important benefits for the customers? The support website is open 24/7. We decided to offer different types of support that were previously only available during office hours. For example we now have a video library to teach people how to use the different FARO systems correctly and more effectively. We are also increasing the availability of information about the development of new products and accessories. We present solutions for operating hardware and software and we have FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions), drivers and interactive areas. It is really simple for users to find comprehensive and useful materials for their daily activities. It sounds like a very customer-oriented platform with the user in control? Exactly! Customers must be able to decide when they want to access our customer service and to find what they need quickly and easily. We are also working on a new customer portal (ready in 2012) for di-

Thanks to this “24/7 self-service” philosophy, the customer will be able to save time – and money. It looks like FARO is offering complete solutions and not only portable measurement devices… Thomas Rexer, Director Post-Sales at FARO Europe.

Faro Customer Services FARO operates service and calibration facilities around the world all of which are ISO 9001 certified and ISO-17025 laboratory registered to service FARO’s products. Each centre provides warranty, general repairs and postwarranty services. At FARO, our goal is to service, inspect, calibrate, and return your equipment in a timely manner. FARO’s training equips you with the knowledge necessary to execute measurements with confidence. From product setup, basic measurements, working with alignments and nominals, to advanced procedures and programming, we offer basic and advanced level classes at our FARO training centres, or at your own facility. FARO also has experienced customer service representatives who offer telephone support for equipment or application-related questions. They will walk you through your personal requests step-by-step. Our multilingual customer service staff is available from 7am to 4pm (GMT) from Monday to Friday. Hotline: +49 (0) 7150 9797 400

A couple of years ago, we established a program called “total customer satisfaction”. It is an important goal and we already reached some significant milestones, e.g. we improved our hotline availability and we are continuously reducing our turn-around times. In addition, with our warranty and maintenance contracts and yearly recertification – including software and hardware upgrades and customized post sales assistance – we guarantee optimal functionalities and performance during the entire life cycle of the device. FARO also offers basic and advanced training (in FARO’s training centres or at the customer site). These trainings help you to get the best possible return on investment from your equipment. In addition we introduced basic and advanced metrology seminars to improve the user’s metrology background.

faro Metrology News | 15

Me t r o l o g y N e w s

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