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Best Android Smartphone Around Getting Android handset to your need is more difficult than buying an iPhone . There is lots of name available for Android operating-system, some have a lot more feature than other, and many just have more innovative element on the product. In reality, you can find some type who have very poor performance around, you have to read review, details specification, and price tag to get the best Android smart phone available on the market. Many of this handset is without a doubt have more feature, great performance, and definitely widely popular among Android user. This time I'm going to show you best Android handset out there based on many review and in-depth specs at least until April 2013.

HTC DNA This smart phone stands out as the first smart-phone that has 5 inch display screen and 1080p resolution. This alone, makes the mobile phone more impressive and much better

than several other handset available on the market. To aid the big resolution, HTC DNA equipped with 1.5 ghz processor that make it run smoothly when running app, game, and many other stuff. When you look in to the scale, maybe you believe this mobile phone is a pablet, nonetheless the dimensions is smaller compared to Samsung Galaxy Note II. Beside that, HTC DNA doesn't have stylus and other stuff generally available on a pablet.

Samsung Galaxy Note II This product is a solution for you who want to get 2 devices at once. This is tablet and smartphone. Designed with Quad Core processor plus 2 Gigabyte ram, long life battery, and micro SD slot up to 64 Gigabite. This device includes stylus to help you write a document easily wherever you'd like. The only real minus with this device is the large size which means you can't put it on your pocket.

Google Nexus 4 Nexus 4 isn't the only device that created by Google, but this gadget is the first smartphone that sold under Google Brand and not from other provider such as Samsung or HTC. At a price $300, this mobile phone quite affordable for mobile phone on it's class. just like other high quality gadget, Nexus 4 loaded with Quad Core processor, 4.7 inch display screen, and 720p on its resolution. The only minus for this device is the lack of micro Sdcard and 4G LTE connection. But it's not an issue as this connection is just available on some region. provides best price and deals on smart phones, android phone and mobile phone.

Best android smartphone around  

Getting Android handset to your need is more difficult than buying an iPhone . There is lots of name available for Android operating-system,...

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