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2012 – An Events Odyssey Whether you or somebody you know has been directly affected by a musculoskeletal disease or a trauma related condition or not; our cause needs as much funding as possible and you can help. By organising a fundraising event or taking part in a sponsored event you will help us fund Trauma & Orthopaedic Research – helping to find new, innovative ways of improving current methods of rehabilitation. This newsletter is the first instalment of alphabetical fundraising ideas to help you decide what to do.



Sally roped her aerobics class into doing sponsored step-ups for as long as they could. Everyone in the class was asked to get at least £50 of sponsorship each. They raised £800.

Anne-Marie and Jacqui (newsletter story in Dec 2011) did a sponsored bike ride between two hospitals where Anne-Marie had surgery. 120 miles - £1,700!

is for Aerobics

Perhaps you belong to a club or run a class. Perhaps you’ve been told you need to give your joints some more exercise. Aerobics is a great way of getting that exercise. The fundraising aspect of this could be to get everyone in the class to make a donation. You could also do Sponsored Star Jumps for a set length of time.

is for Bike Ride

Now the weather is starting to get warmer, it might be a good idea to get the rust of your bike and do a sponsored bike ride. Get some other people involved and you can all get sponsorship from family and friends. If you’re not a fan of the outdoors then perhaps you can use an exercise bike and get sponsored for a set length of time rather than by distance. Joint Action News March 2012



Last year, Vivien (diagnosed with arthritis) gathered a few friends together to bake cakes and sold them in her own back garden to friends and neighbours during a summer party. She raised £100. Vivien was really pleased with this as the treatment she’d received for her arthritis meant she could make all of the cakes, pain free.

Dylan had a knee replacement following a rugby injury. Dylan organised a 70s disco at his rugby club and raised £600 including a raffle.

is for Cake Sale

Something that doesn’t involve too much exercise is baking. Ask your local community centre if you can hold a charity cake sale. Ask friends / the local community to make a cake and invite people to come and sample slices of the delicious cakes on display. You can ask for money per slice or per cake. An alternative is to get a table at a school fete. If Vivien and 49 other people all did a similar cake sale, we can fund a small pump-priming research grant project. We currently have over 65,000 supporters – it only needs 50. Will it be you?

is for Disco

Themed discos are always popular. It’s a good excuse to show off those Travolta moves you practice in front of the mirror and get exercise at the same time. You could hold it in your local church hall, community centre, school hall or even your front room. You could choose a decade (e.g. 60s / 70s / 80s); have a specific genre (rock / pop / country / dance); or have a specific theme (e.g. school disco, song titles, celebrities, fancy dress etc). Music is easy to sort out. You can use iPods or CDs. Many libraries have an extensive selection of CDs to rent. £600 pays for a month’s worth of lab consumables needed to investigate bone cancer.

Joint Action News March 2012



Doreen asked her granddaughter to sell old records on eBay and, so far, this has raised £5. That granddaughter is Joint Action’s Lauren.

Sue is a teacher and last year, following a hip operation, asked her class to dress up in fancy dress and donate £1. Sue raised £28. This may not seem much but if 25 classes did the same, it would fund an orthopaedic caliper to improve a child’s walking ability.

is for eBay

Spring cleaning time! Instead of throwing out the things you don’t want anymore, if you’re internet savvy, sell the items on eBay. Joint Action is registered on the site. When it asks if you want a percentage to go to charity, search for us and we’ll come up in the list. You can sell old clothes, vinyl records, puzzles (without missing pieces), books etc. So, as well as making a tidy house for you, you can make a “tidy” profit for yourself and for Joint Action (unless you choose to donate 100% of course)!

is for Fancy Dress

Fundraising in fancy dress is simple. Get your work colleagues involved and have a fancy dress day in the office – everyone in the office can make a donation to the charity in return for wearing a silly outfit all day. If you have children or grandchildren, ask the school to have a fancy dress day and get each child to donate £1 of their pocket money

However you decide to raise money for Joint Action, you’re not on your own. Contact Lauren by calling 020 7405 6507 (option 1) or emailing, if you need any materials. If none of these ideas are your cup of tea then contact Lauren to send you a Fundraising Pack. Look out for G to L in July’s newsletter!

Joint Action News March 2012

“GREAT” News

We now have a limited number of places for the Great North Run which takes place in Newcastle on Sunday 16th September 2012. If this run or any other running or swimming events take your fancy, please contact Lauren on 020 7405 6507 (option 1) or

Introducing Patient Liaison Groups The British Orthopaedic Association Patient Liaison Group (PLG) was formed in 2004, and under its new Lay Chair, Nick Welch, looks forward to a closer and more productive relationship with Joint Action. Nick and Peter Foy (Joint Action Development Manager) will be having more conversations to establish areas Nick Welch – of mutual interest. In the meantime PLG Lay Chair please visit the PLG web page on the BOA website Here you can read the papers the Group has published on the expectations of various patient-groups. Please feel free to contact Nick if you wish (

PLG’s & Joint Action

PLG’s are associated with hospitals to help patients to improve orthopaedic care. Their aim is to: 1. Offer you comfort and moral support 2. Allow you to discuss issues that directly affect you and your treatment by learning from other patients experiences 3. Help you gain confidence from other peoples successes 4. Make new friends and meet others who have been in a similar situation to you. If you are interested in joining or even leading a PLG, you can register your interest by logging onto the Joint Action website with your login details you were provided with or contact Lauren on 020 7405 6507 (option 1). We are looking for people like you all over the country. We have many people who have expressed an interest already and would love to have you be an integral part of their group. We can achieve so much more through PLG’s, Keeping People Mobile for longer. Join Action is the research fundraising arm of The British Orthopaedic Association

Joint Action News March 2012

Joint Action News - March 2012  

This newsletter marks the start of Joint Action's year of events. What will YOU do?

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