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Social Enterprise Consulting

BOARD SECEUR 2014-2015

What is SECEUR?

About the board

SECEUR is a student organization that involves talented students in consultancy projects to help non- profit organizations run more efficiently and effectively. The Amsterdam office of SECEUR opened last year and the first projects of SECEUR Amsterdam are finalised. SECEUR’s mission is to help social enterprises make this world a better place and to develop a sense of social responsibility in the business leaders of tomorrow. Groups of students from diverse backgrounds work closely together with non-profit organizations in analysing organizational processes, pointing out problems, and offering innovative solutions. At SECEUR you get the opportunity to contribute to society, develop yourself and gain first-hand consulting experience.

Becoming part of SECEUR as a board member is a great business experience opportunity that is done part-time. Therefore you can easily combine it with your studies. You will operate from September 2014 until June 2015 with an average commitment of 10-15 hours per week. As a SECEUR board member your weekly tasks will encompass a dynamic variety of activities that will develop you academically and mentally. You get to meet external parties, lead interesting discussions between different stakeholders in different cities, manage the different project teams we have, recruit students, and much more. You can become part of a great consulting experience as well as make a difference in your community.

PRESIDENT Carrying the end-responsibility for the overall strategy of the organization, the President of SECEUR keeps an overview of everything going on inside and outside the organization and has a supervisory/ coordinating role over his or her fellow board members. The President oversees all issues at board-member level, leads by example, and motivates the other board members to show a 100% commitment. In doing so, he/she creates a productive environment and supports the other board members in their activities when and where needed. Also, the President identifies new opportunities in and outside the organization and responds with appropriate strategic action. Finally he/she represents the organization towards various external parties. You will: • Oversee all internal and external issues affecting the organization • Set strategic goals for the organization and monitor progress • Supervise fellow board members’ processes and personal growth • Represent the organization towards stakeholders • Be responsible for further developing the organization

Questions? Ask... Jeanine van Munster Board 2013-2014

DIRECTOR OF FINANCE & IT The role of Director of Finance & IT is very diverse. On the one hand the Finance Director deals primarily with all financial issues on board member-level, safeguarding the financial health of the organization with tasks such as budgeting, accounting and bookkeeping. However, there is also plenty of room for other activities - if you are up for it. From meeting clients together with the PR to developing and implementing your own ideas to improve the organization. Besides these two parts, this function also incorporates responsibility for the information systems within the organization and increasing the performance of the processes within SECEUR. Furthermore, due to your internal-external overview of the organization, you can easily identify areas of improvement, as well as managing funds to ensure that SECEUR achieves its organizational and strategic goals on all levels. You will: • Manage the capital structure and create a yearly budget that reflects SECEUR’s strategic goals • Have room to develop yourself in other areas that interest you • Manage costs and revenue: be responsible for the financial organization such as invoices, bookkeeping and payments, and be on top of legal & tax issues • Achieve IT process excellence

Questions? Ask... Jim van der Klein Board 2013-2014

PROJECT MANAGER The Project Manager is concerned with the planning and execution of each individual project. As such you get to be in close contact with our consultant community and constantly improve SECEUR’s impact on improving the efficiency and effectiveness of non-profit organizations. Besides the handling of current running projects and monitoring their progress, it is the task of the Project Manager to document and formalize approaches and establish best practices guidelines for projects. As a Project Manager you can gain excellent business skills that go hand-in-hand with your studies as well as being applicable in your job later on.

You will: • Identify best practices and set-up working protocols • Plan projects • Supervise processes • Monitor project progress • Communicate with consultants and clients and have a leading role

Questions? Ask... Arvid Landwaart Board 2013-2014

DIRECTOR OF PUBLIC RELATIONS The responsibilities of the Director of Public Relations lie in two connected fields. Primarily, this position deals with all external communication concerning SECEUR and representing the foundation in most matters. The PR Director’s primary responsibility lies with project acquisitions and generating new project opportunities. Additionally, he/she carries out marketing tasks, and duties in the area of customer care and relationship management. In carrying out these tasks, the PR Director will be in regular contact with numerous potential clients and other stakeholders and actively work on maintaining and improving SECEUR’s image within the market.

You will: • Be responsible for the acquisition of customers and projects • Join different PR-activities inside and outside VU and Amsterdam • Manage different and interesting stakeholders • Manage SECEUR’s marketing & social media appearance • Manage different channels to engage potential clients

Questions? Ask... Jim van der Klein Board 2013-2014

DIRECTOR OF HUMAN RESOURCES The job of the Director of Human Resources is divided into two main fields of responsibility. Foremost, he/she is responsible for the entire life cycle of recruiting and staffing within SECEUR. This includes tasks such as interviewing potential candidates, strategizing team building and formations, but also highly context specific tasks such as organizing training sessions. Secondly, the Director of HR is concerned with internal communication within SECEUR and has the duty to maintain an accurate and consistent internal database of all persons within SECEUR. As such, being the Director of HR requires great communication skills and allows one to become actively involved with our own SECEUR community as well as our alumni through events, trainings and workshops that you are responsible for. Finally, you get to actively strengthen the SECEUR brand on campus. You will: • Be responsible for the recruitment and selection of applicants • Organize consultant trainings • Manage the flow of internal information • Be a spokesperson and communicator • Responsible for the branding and marketing of SECEUR mainly for recruitment

Questions? Ask... Lisanne Brummelhuis Board 2013-2014

WHAT WE ASK OF YOU • Available

from September 2014 until June 2015 • Committment of 10-15 hours per week • Proficiency in the Dutch language Feel free to e-mail us or check out our website Apply before June 18 by sending your cv + motivation letter to

SECEUR bestuursbrochure 2014-2015 Amsterdam  
SECEUR bestuursbrochure 2014-2015 Amsterdam