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Scheduling a meeting Before you start a meeting at the office you need to schedule a meeting room, find a conference phone and get some donuts on your way to work. You also have to do a few things to set up an online meeting. It only takes a few minutes and I'll walk you through the options. This article will be reference WebEx's MeetMeNow software because it's what I use, but the tips apply to most online meeting software. Choose date and time Choose a meeting date and time. Most control panels offer this is as the beginning of the online meeting process. By default your local time zone is displayed but can be changed if needed. You also want to schedule an estimated meeting duration. Don't forget to select email reminders and the default reminder time on most meeting applications is fifteen minutes. Fifteen minutes before the meeting the attendee will receive a reminder email. Is the meeting a recurrence? You can set up the meeting to recur each week at this time if applicable. Types of invitations Most online meeting applications offer several different ways to send meeting invitations. WebEx offers three types of meeting invitations. The most popular way is to log into the meeting application and choose the option "schedule a meeting ". The most popular applications offer toolbar integration into applications such as Internet Explorer®, MS Office® and Excel®. I find this to be the most convenient feature that MeetMeNow has to offer. If you're meeting attendees are already using instant messengers you may have the option to schedule a meeting directly from your instant messenger. MeetMeNow has built in Instant Messenger functionality. Choosing options Not all meetings are like, some are interactive and others require a one way presentation. Here's some of the options that you may want to consider when setting up your next online meeting. Chat allows people to use text messaging features to communicate during the meeting. Attendees can text the meeting organizer or each other. Video option allow attendees to either view your web cam or vice versa. The notes feature can be set up to either allow just the meeting organizer or all attendees use a built-in notes feature. Notes can later be printed out at the end of the meeting. File transfer is a popular choice to allow the presenter to publish documents and files to attendees. WebEx MeetMeNow has a unique feature to send feedback to the host. When the meeting ends a feedback form appears to allow meeting attendees to give feedback on the meeting experience. Privileges

After selecting your options you may want to set up some privileges for your attendees some of these are selected by default and others aren't. You can allow attendees to save shared documents or perhaps print only. Attendees may have the option to view the attendee list, thumbnails or control applications or desktop remotely. You can also select detailed chat options allowing participants to only chat with you or all attendees. Conclusion The options and settings reviewed above will depend upon the type of meeting you are having. Obviously a sales presentation or training demonstration will be different than any brainstorming meeting. But now you know some of the choices you have and the flexibility that online meeting software has to offer. I have written detailed reviews of the webs top online meeting software. Please visit my independent reviews and see how they compare in features and functionality.

Demosthenes Damon is a article writer who uses online meeting software to save money and communicate with clients. See detailed reviews at [] or online meeting software []

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==== ==== Hold Your Next Meeting On FaceBook all Intergrated Auto Conect ==== ====

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