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Mobile Marketing is gaining a foothold in businesses large and small, national and local. Most consumers have heard of or are members of these "daily deal" clubs and are becoming inundated with offers every day. In many cases the offers have no relevance to their interests. While Groupon is the 1,000 pound gorilla in the room, hundreds of other sites are trying to cash in on the concept. Unfortunately, most of these deals are not personalized and will ultimately lead to consumer fatigue. My friends are beginning to "opt-out" of these offers as their in-boxes swell with daily deals. How is this relevant to marketers who are considering mobile text marketing? I'm afraid that the same issues are likely to arise in the not-to-distant future as more marketers begin to consider mobile text marketing campaigns. What this means for business is that the early adopters are likely to experience better results. Mobile text marketing is about list building. Mobile text message marketing connects businesses and customers through their mobile devices such as smart phones or tablets (iPad). A short message promotional message is sent to consumers (with permission). Consumers can then respond to the offer in a number of ways. A marketer's goal is to try to entice consumers and prospects to sign up for their mobile text message marketing. This often means opt-in opportunities that appear on web sites where consumers give permission to text marketers to send offers, coupons, contests, trivia, event info, updates, and more to their customers. Businesses also promote their text marketing "clubs" on premises through the use of posters, table tents, banners and other communication programs in order to build their list. This arms race is similar to email marketers who built large lists of customers to market to. My concern is that consumers will become overwhelmed with the frequency and number of offers they receive. That is why I believe that those marketers who begin now to build their lists will have an advantage over their competitors who delay their campaigns while they continue to "look into this." Companies need to consider a mobile text message campaign presence now. It is time to jump on the bandwagon! Many businesses do not have the time or the inclination to understand what is necessary to plan, organize and implement a text message campaign. The price for doing it yourself is a big investment in implementation time and the learning curve. An alternative is to work with agencies, consultants, or text message companies that already offer the software back end to run text message campaigns which can be managed for you. Whatever you decide, the time to decide is now. As a marketer and business person you have a responsibility to understand the impact of mobile marketing and to act!

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==== ==== Making Money Reading Text ==== ====

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