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Leather luggage is one of the stylish pieces of luggage that most travelers love to have. Even though the luggage is expensive, it is a prestigious matter for travelers to have leather luggage while traveling. Leather luggage is available in various types and qualities, such as top grain, full grain, and genuine or split leather. Top and full grain leathers are the outer layers of the hide, in which top grain is the outermost layer. Split leather is usually made by using the innermost layers of the hide. Top and full grain leather luggage is more durable compared to split leather luggage. On the other hand, split leather luggage is more attractive and has a natural look than the top and full grain leather luggage. One of the important features of leather luggage is that the luggage remains for longer periods with proper care. The luggage is flexible and is easy to maintain. But the luggage has certain disadvantages as well. There can be scratches and stains on the surfaces as time passes. This may badly affect the appearance of the luggage. Moreover, it is difficult to manage leather luggage because of its heavy weight. Therefore, leather luggage finds usage as a carry on piece than a large bag with more holdings. Follow some of these principles if you want the luggage to last long. First, the luggage should not be kept in places where there is extreme heat or cold. Secondly, it is not wise for the luggage to be out in the rain for long periods. This may cause damage to the surface of the material. If the luggage happens to become wet by some means, it should be dried as early as possible by wiping it with a towel and then keeping it in a dry place. Leather luggage is cleaned by gently rubbing the surface with a damp soft cloth or a sponge without applying any chemicals or cleaning liquids. Lukewarm water and a mild soap are necessary to clean the surfaces.

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==== ==== Take a Look sum great video,s all About Holiday Travel Luggage ==== ====

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