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I dedicate this book to Dwane and Anton, the boys I met in heaven. You are my friends and I will see you again in heaven. I wish I was with you. I worked hard to write this book before Jesus comes to fetch us. God says He will be sending Jesus soon.

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Thank you TO MY ABBA FATHER, JESUS, AND MY BEST FRIEND, HOLY SPIRIT – Thank You for making me taste and see that You are the God of the supernatural. Thank You that You have never, nor will You ever, leave me or forsake me. Your love is all I need. May this book bring glory to Your Holy name. Thank You for Your breath in the book, Lord – Your precious Ruach HaKodesh. TO MY FAMILY – Thank you that you are walking with me in the Spirit, living with me in the supernatural, and that you are always ready to cover me with your love. Thank you for the freedom all three of you give me to go and preach the Gospel of Jesus Christ around the world. TO MY PERSONNEL AT THE MINISTRY that have the same fire and love to serve Jesus Christ as I do – I see all your long hours and hard work. Thank you for your beautiful hearts and your passion for this ministry and spreading the Gospel. TO MY PARTNERS AND FRIENDS OF THE MINISTRY – Thank you for your support and your continual prayers of faith that lift my hands. You have become my friends. For the people all over the world that pray for us and send us e-mails and letters, thank you all! These letters are a constant stream of joy and make me want to fight the good fight with more strength, courage, and valour. TO EVERYONE WHO CONTRIBUTED TO THIS BOOK – Judike, I will never be able to thank you enough for helping me. You are a real go-getter. When I look at you, I see Jesus in your eyes. Holly, you were handpicked to let your expertise flow through this book for the building of His Kingdom. Your eagerness to serve is precious in the sight of the King. Jules, you were sent by God for a time such as this. Cilmi, your beautiful touch flowing from your beautiful heart makes this book one of a kind. Destiny Image – thank you for sharing our vision!

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