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We‘ve set the stage for an efficient, convenient and webbased learning and teaching platform. You can harvest the fruits.

... can‘t be easier !

An investment in knowledge always pays the best interest. (Benjamin Franklin)

There is hardly any other medium which can support teaching, training, further education and knowledge transfer more efficiently than the internet Learning and teaching in the 21st century is not imaginable without paradigm change. For the “Digital Natives� new media and the internet are part of their day to day life. The role perception of learners and lecturers is changing. To suitably teach and educate the new generation, new easy and efficient concepts with support of new technologies are in demand.

Blended Learning – An investment to harvest the fruits of modern and efficient education in future Blended Learning gains more and more importance in practise. Blended Learning is a learning and teaching concept which represents a didactically reasonable link of classroom training and virtual learning on the base of new information and communication media.

The advantages of Blended Learning for teachers and learners are the efficient and reasonable allocation of learning content prior to, during and after classroom training. It leads to a strengthening of learning and educational content as well as to informal (personal) and formal knowledge review. Blended Learning responds more flexibly to the needs of individual learners and groups independent of time and place. Blended Learning will play a significant role in the future as a teaching and learning method within the formal and informal education, as well as in training and further education.

Yield a large crop with the teaching and learning platform join2learn© User friendliness is the most important criterion for deciding on creation, allocation and administration of learning content Without learning content no Blended Learning. Without authors no learning content. The most important requirement for a successful implementation of Blended Learning is to be able to easily generate and administrate learning content. Teachers have to overcome almost insurmountable obstacles when using complex systems. join2learn© was developed with a specific focus on these requirements and offers an user-friendly and efficient software.

Blended Learning with join2learn© offers significant benefits and a wide range of utilization Regardless wheater for schools, universities, academies, companies or other educational institutions, join2learn© offers for all fields of application scalable solutions. The web based software has been developed for small and medium sized learning platforms, as well as for large applications with several thousands of users. Harvest vital advantages with join2learn©: Easy access to the possibilities of Blended Learning. Coping with the extensive functions with only 45 minutes training effort. Efficient creation, administration and use of learning content. Significant time and cost savings for teachers, educational institutions and companies. Rapid and well-directed distribution of learning and educational content. join2learn© makes Blended Learning easy & efficient!

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Suitable solutions for individual needs....can‘t be easier!





The perfect starting solution for schools and SME‘s - without financial risks The access into the world of Blended Learning can‘t be easier. Our Software as a Service (SaaS) solution offers you the full range of services needed for an easy and efficient learning platform.

The professional solution for large applications and e-commerce solutions Our ENTERPRISE solution offers hired or purchased licences. Regardless if for universities, retail markets, industries, public administrations or individual e-commerce solutions - we will provide the appropriate solution.

Everything buyable at reasonable costs - without risks. Your benefits:

Your benefits:

Your platform is ready for use as soon as within three days

Consulting & Design

You save investments for expensive and maintenance intensive hardware and software 24/7 System support

Installation on your system Hosting-Services Training for Administrators und Authors

Regardless wheater for 10 or 500 users - our online demand solution offers a favourable entry and is scalable anytime Convince yourself of the benefits with our FREE TRIAL version which offers you the possibility of testing join2learn© in its entirety for a specific period free of charge and without obligation.

Interface to existing administration systems Migration of existing learning contents Use the opportunity of a „Proof of Concept“, which demonstrates the possibilities and saving potentials.

For details, our yield consultants will be glad to help you, further information is available on our website

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