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Established works for Joi Harris JOI HARRIS 1319 oakwood dr unit 31, San Bernardino, CA Phone: (909) 503-3639 ~ Email: PROFESSIONAL SUMMARY OR OBJECTIVE STATEMENT To obtain an public relations position


June 2014-Present , Riverside Marriott at the Convention Center Social Media Consultant Monitor and conduct social media Intel, Address negative and positive client commentary on an array of consumer sites,

August 2012 – February 2014, Payless Shoes source Sales Assistant Determining potential Clients needs, conducting consultations, updating market promotional material, handling client accounts

EDUCATION 2005-2013 San Bernardino, Ca, Community Christian College A.A. Liberal Arts August 2013 -2015 Riverside Ca, California Baptist University B.A. Public relations August 2015-August 2016 Riverside Ca. California Baptist University M.A. Public relations


February 2014-June 2014 Riverside Ca, Riverside Marriott at the Convention Center Public relations/Sales and Marketing internship

Joi Harris 1/9/13 JRN371 M. Pearson Writing assignment 1

7 Steps to Developing into a Help Meet

When it comes to a relationship with the opposite sex ladies, there is plenty of mystery. I'm here to tell you that there is a divine design to how to deal with the men. Its all in being a help meet. Here are 7 ways that you can begin to develop into a help meet and thrive in your relationship. 1) Date God. By learning about God and building your own personal relationship with Him. You will learn about his plan not only for you personally, but for women as a whole. 2) Date yourself When you know who you are in Christ, you can then learn how to embrace your role as the lady in a man’s life. You will know what God expects from you and how you truly are an intrical part of any lasting relationship. 3) Don't be scared of an Adam. Embrace Him. Ladies, God has clearly stated that men werent meant to be alone. Let Adam lead you into a place of love and acceptance of who you are. 4) Sex is gift. Keep it wrapped Now I know this sounds crazy but sex is truly a gift from God. God wants a married couple to enjoy one another. To become one physically and mentally. 5) Leave perfection for Fabio. We are all human. We all make mistakes. Learn to forgive and to be compassionate and understanding. It will make for smoother waters. 6) Have fun Who said you can't date your spouse. or play fight or laugh and joke. Having fun will keep you both younger and happier.

7) Always learn. Just like any other aspect of life, education is key. Continue to learn about yourself and your spouse. You can never know too much.

Joi Harris 1/24/14 JRN 371 M. Pearson Query Letter Joi Harris 1415 E Date st apt 211 San Bernardino Ca 92404 (909) 503-3639 1/24/14 Amy Dubois Barnett Ebony Magazine

Dear Ms. Barnett, In honor of valentines day , I had an idea for a great how to love story to spice up love lifes for all the couples out there. The story would have a interview with a prominent black relationship/marriage counselor. She would answer some of the most common questions for couples in different stages of their relationships. The questions will cover topics for newlyweds, couples reaching the 7 year mark and more veteran couples. The interview will even cover some of the more controversial topics that comes with loving the opposite sex. The article will be a page length. In column form. The interviewer will ask the questions

that Ebony readers have submitted through your contact us forum. Also a survey will be taken from random people through the black community to ensure we get some really good questions. For instance we could interview Ms. Lisa M Black. She has her own counseling firm here in California. As a public relations major I am more than qualified to not only write the article but I can conduct the interview as well. I am established with my contacts with different graphic designers to come up with a layout for the article. I will conduct research and the surveys to ensure the best quality for the article. Joi Harris 2/7/14 JRN 371 M. Pearson Writing assignment 4

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Joi Harris 2/15/2014 M. Pearson JRN 371

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A day in the life of.....

Today something scary happened to me. Today HIV awareness seemed to be the topic of discussion through the whole cosmos. I heard all about knowing your status. Tips on how to protect yourself and about how HIV isnt a death sentence... anymore. That scared me most of all. The fear was absolutely gripping. I couldn't breathe, My vision began to blur, I stood in the middle of the walkway spinning into never ending darkness. As I felt my anxiety grip my throat and continue to crush the last bit of beloved oxygene out of my lungs i fought. I braced my hands against the wall, I planted my feet firmly on the ground and I inhaled. I took the biggest, deepest life saving gulp of smog riddled oxygen I could. I kept inhaling until my throat burned from my efforts of resurreccion. As the darkness faded and my vision regained it clarity i took my first step. I took my first step to taking my life back. I walked to that door, i placed my hand on the ice cold metal knob and I turned it. That chill hit the back of my neck and the bright light blinded me but I didn't stop. Hi, my name is Naturalista , I am a young black woman between the ages of 18 and 30 and I’m at high risk of contracting HIV. I would like to know my status please.

The naturalista Life..... January 2, 2014

This morning is proving to be one of celebration. I woke up feeling like I could conquer the world. I turned over and smiled as one of my curls danced on the tip of my nose. I glance over to my right and I noticed that my beloved had confiscated a strand of my dark locks to wrap around his finger. I knew he loved my decision to go natural, but now I think he is in love with it. It is so amazing. He provides even more inspiration to continue my journey. I instantly feel a surge of sex appeal as I lay next to my husband in his shirt. The desire to kiss him overwhelms me as I embrace his lips with mine. A familiar sound of pleasure escaped his lips. Then the alarm blares and screams reminding me I don't have time for the thralls of newlywed romance. A sound sends me flying from my bed. Im late. I have a meeting this morning and I'm late. Another high puff day it is. My go to style is sleek and professional. I'll dress it up with a pair of pearls and a slim silver chain and bright red lips. That screams, “Hey I know what I'm doing.” That sound, ohhh I know that sound. Its the sound of the sky opening up and letting loose all it has be withholding the entire winter season long. Its raining. its pouring and i know there are women everywhere dreading that very sound.” Not I “,said the naturalista. I am going to dance in it. Give my hair an extra boost of moisture as make my way to conquer the corporate world. Yes today is a day of triumph. My hair and I, we make a great team.

A day in the life of......... Today is the day that I start my new years resolutions. I know I am about four weeks late. In my defense I thought I was perfect, without flaw up until twenty-four hours ago. I was watching television when a commercial came on. It started this really pretty little girl and she was dancing and singing about how she was going to be a princess and she was going to rule her subjects with love. I watched and thought that was so cute. Thirty seconds into the commercial I was no longer enthralled by the cuteness but weighed down by the guilt. Weight watchers seems to believe that I need to get back to my childhood freedom and my highschool figure. Standing 4’9 and weighing in at about 135 pounds, I ate my highschool figures and devoured her flat abdomen, peak physique and tight bodied goodness. She is long gone. However weight watchers believes that I can resurrect some older, wiser thinner but not quite skinny version of her. For just a dollar a day I can calorie count and portion control my way to vanity based happiness. So heres to my new years resolution, I will attempt to give some thought to trying weight watchers. that is after I finish my french toast, two scrambled eggs, bacon and coffee.

A day in the life of......

I did it. I took the lead of a very big very scary platform. It was so high and so deep the all I could see on the bottom was black. I tossed a pebble into the abyss to see if I could hear anything , but I all heard was the silence of uncertainty. I know that if I jump, I may land safely. He told me that I would be safe if I made the choice to jump. If I chose another life for myself , it would be ok. I dont have to stay where I am, live how I do , think how I do because currently that is what I do. I can change. Change is good. So I decided to put my faith in what he said, I put my trust in his words. I let his reassurance hold me and carry me down as I took that lead off the cliff. I fell for what seemed like forever, the wind and gravity circling around me. I am at the mercy of my choice to act on my faith. I quit my job to pursue a career in public relations. My faith the size of a mustard seed seems to have taken root. I start my internship in a week and I couldn't be more excited. Thank you God for your mercy and love, and for sending me a protector in the form of my husband. Amen.

1/15, 7:56pm Joi Houston Dear Mrs. Floyd, My name is Joi Houston. I am currently attending California Baptist University. I am a Public Relations Major. In order to gain some experience with freelance and blogging, I am seeking opportunities to do some writing for established blog sites and websites. If you currently have any opportunities, I would like to do some freelance for your amazing blog site. Thank you in advance. I look forward to hearing from you. My contact information is included. Regards Joi Houston Email: Thursday

1/16, 6:51am Natural Hair Rules !!! I'm always looking for great content. Do you have some relevant writing samples you can send me? My email is

1/16, 8:30am Joi Houston I have a couple of assignments I can send you from my current freelance class. I had to start my own blog as an assignment and I chose my natural hair journey. One entry is a diary entry and the other is a product review. I will send those to you ASAP if that is ok. Choose a sticker or emoticon

Here is my proposal . (Only visible to you and the client)

I am a public relations student. I am looking to gain some experience freelance writing. I will work for 80 cents per word to gain the experience. I have added a recent product review that I have done. If this is something along the lines that you are looking for, then feel free to contact me.

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