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Johrei Center Newark “Increasing acts of Love for Others, and a Grateful Heart” Number 16 – AUGUST/2013

The true meaning of being

“born anew” Kyoshu-sama’s Message Paradise on Earth Service Hall of Worship, Atami Sacred Grounds June 15-16, 2013

Congratulations everyone on the Paradise on Earth Service. With a deep sense of awe and fear of God, I say that God, the one and only God and the Creator of all, is the parent of our life. Out of His great love, God has created this whole universe and everything in it in order to make us humans His true belongings, namely, His true children. A paradise on earth means that God welcomes everything He has created into His heaven and makes them His true belongings.

For us to become one of God’s true belongings is how we can be a part of establishing a paradise on earth that Meishu-sama talked about and how, also, we can be “born anew” as a child of God. We must realize that God, at this very moment, is nurturing us in order for us to be born anew. I cannot emphasize enough that it was not me who initially taught the importance of being born anew” as a child of God. It was Meishu-sama who did so. Meishu-sama showed us what it is to be “born anew.”

“Increasing acts of Love for Others, and a Grateful Heart” In April of 1954, a year before he passed away, Meishu-sama suddenly collapsed with the symptoms of a brain hemorrhage. A few days later, Meishusama said that the stroke “was an extremely mystical purification” and that it was “a significant occurrence with regard to the development of the divine work.” Then, on the 5th of June that year, he assembled his most devoted disciples in his house in Atami and told them what was happening with him. He said: “This is called the Birth of Messiah, and a Messiah has been born. This is not mere conjecture but a fact. I myself was surprised to know this. I should tell you that it is different from rebirth or reincarnation. Rather, I was born anew,” and he also said he was like “a new born baby.” 10 days later, on the 15th of June, 1954, Meishu-sama held the “Provisional Ceremony to Celebrate the Birth of Messiah” at the almost completed Messianic Hall, which, after reconstruction, became the current Hall of Worship. Following the will of God who was with him, Meishu-sama came to the conviction that his “mystical purification” was a sign that Messiah has been born within him and that he was newly born as a child of God.

It is my firm belief that this whole event came as such a delight to Meishu-sama that it was beyond description and that the true significance of this event cannot be grasped easily by human mind. And that is why, I believe, Meishu-sama did not conceal his realization from us but shared it with us through holding the provisional ceremony in 1954. Even though most of us did not attend this ceremony and may have no idea what it was like, I tell you that our souls were there and were witnesses to this event, or so we should believe. At this time, Meishu-sama did not say that he was “born again” or “reborn”; he said he was “born anew” like “a new born baby” and made it clear that his experience was different from “rebirth” or “reincarnation.” What this means is that not only was Meishu-sama given birth by his physical parents but also he was given birth, once again, by God to become God’s true child, to be “newly” born. We followers consider it so natural to believe, for example, in the power of Johrei or the various teachings of Meishu-sama. But what about this event of Meishu-sama being “born anew”?

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“Increasing acts of Love for Others, and a Grateful Heart” Have we not been revering Meishu-sama so highly as to misunderstand that Meishu-sama’s experience is somehow unrelated to us? Have we not been shying away from approaching and tackling this issue face to face? Have we ever – even once – seriously asked Meishu-sama to teach us what it was like to be born anew? If we are not aiming to become a true belonging of God, a child of God, what are we trying to become in this life? We may not be able to understand the true meaning of being “born anew.” Yet I feel we, as the believers of Meishu-sama, have an obligation to Meishu-sama to believe in this fact that he was born anew and accept this fact wholeheartedly as an important message from Meishu-sama for each one of us. I understand that you members of Izunome Kyodan always strive hard to learn and practice whatever task the church gives you, and I am grateful for your sincere efforts. I know you continue to “practice altruistic love for others” and to “cultivate a grateful heart” in order to become “a pleasant person and a pioneer of salvation.” I also know that

you channel Johrei daily and work on other practices relating to Nature Farming, home gardening and Art. I believe you do all these things because they were taught and practiced by Meishu-sama himself. But we should remember: the very last teaching and final example of Meishu-sama was to be “born anew.” If we openly and clearly set this message of Meishu-sama, this teaching of “being born anew,” as our final goal of all of our practices, I am certain that Meishu-sama will make you and your practices full of life and much more wonderful. Today, on this joyous occasion, let us express our gratitude to God that we who are one with Meishu-sama have been given a blessing to be born anew as a child of God, and let us, in unity with all humanity and all nature, praise God for this glorious blessing of His. Thank you very much.

Get ready! ANNUAL ANCESTORS SERVICE Saturday, September 28, 7pm.

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“Increasing acts of Love for Others, and a Grateful Heart” FAITH EXPERIENCE I

Name: Michael Charney Johrei Center: Newark, NJ My name is Michael Charney. I am 65years old, live in New Jersey and have been a member for thirty-five years; since 1978. Although I’ve had countless miracles bless me and wish to be able to share many of them, today I would like to tell you of my transformative experience with money. It seems that I’ve been beset by financial issues and difficulties for much of my adult life. I’ve been self-employed since the early 1970’s doing sales and marketing. My business career has been marked by having tremendous, seemingly-endless stress when it comes to having any financial balance. In a word, I would say that “struggle” has defined my business life. Indeed, I’d have to say that until recently, ‘financial grace’ was foreign to me. In fact, I can say that for many, many years I would experience deep fear and anxiety about even being able to pay the rent, make a car payment, put gas in the car or purchase a new pair of needed shoes; not to mention put food on the table for my family. The very prospect of being able to survive for ‘the new month’ would often be simply impossible due to the amount of money needed, and the limited amounts I was able to bring in. Sadly, stress, fear, and continuous feelings of

insecurity and inadequacy have haunted me for decades. I need also mention that one day in February of 1989, the distribution business that I had owned for 13 years closed down. It simply could no longer continue because of its very significant debt. On that day, through a form of bankruptcy proceedings, I was legally alleviated of the debt. Fascinatingly, the very next business day, I unexpectedly received a substantial inheritance for virtually the same amount of money that I had just been relieved of. Somehow I didn’t consider taking the inheritance money and going to the Judge and telling him to use the funds to pay off my creditors. Instead, I thought of the money as a ‘gift from the universe’ to help me launch the next chapter of my life. I subsequently came to realize that I had had the opportunity to eliminate spiritual clouds by paying off those debts that I’d incurred, but had chosen instead to indulge myself and not be cognizant of spiritual matters.

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“Increasing acts of Love for Others, and a Grateful Heart” Fascinatingly, by the time in 2001 when I met my wife, I had once again come to amass a pretty significant amount of debt; an amount approaching $100,000. That amount was in large part due to a combination of business mistakes and poor decisions, living beyond my means, a divorce settlement, and the constant borrowing of money so that I could continue to ‘survive’ by using freshly borrowed funds to pay off other debts and deal with current expenses. This cycle continued for several years hence, and within a few years my debt grew to exceed $200,000. Regardless, God and Meishu-sama provided me the most magnificent of all my blessings in 2004, nine years ago. It was the birth of my daughter, my only child. Some of that additional debt had come at the hands of dealing with the most significant purification of my life: the 95-day hospitalization and almost two-year severe physical purification of my one-year old daughter, in 2005. That purification happened at a time when I was first exposed to concepts expressed in the Practice of Sonen wherein I came to realize that I was being asked by God and Meishu-sama not only to pray for my daughter’s well being, but for all humanity who have ever had anything to do with any similar purifications. As a member, although I found various ways to give service, and read Teachings, and make some donations, financial difficulties were continuously ever-present. Probably very few days would go by where I wasn’t riddled with the question of ‘When would I have finally dispelled enough clouds to no

longer have to suffer? When if ever, would that day come?’ I received guidance to tithe. That I should do so even though I had to borrow money to payback debt and pay expenses; that I should make sure that God received minimally 10% of all the monies I received. At the same time I was told that I must stop borrowing; trust in God that somehow things will work out. But the stress was impossible, and I made a decision that if I wasn’t going to borrow any more, then I would hold off on tithing donations until I had enough money coming in to afford it all. God would have to wait. Sometime soon thereafter, sadly my daughter began to have a degree of repurification; not as serious as several years before, but nonetheless, something that affected her every day and caused both my wife and myself severe heartache, sadness and distress. Methods we had previously used to help her using wholesome organic foods no longer did the trick. Johrei and Sonen practices apparently not enough. Her purification was going on several months when the minister asked me about my donations. I said that I had slacked off, and was advised to Thank God for all my blessings from the deepest part of my heart, and make the appropriate donations, on time, with Joy and Deepest Gratitude. That God was responsible for all. And of course reminded that I would have no daughter, have nothing, were it not for God. When one Minister I had known for many years came to visit the East Coast, he asked me how things were going. I told him

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“Increasing acts of Love for Others, and a Grateful Heart” that I was fearful that I would not be able to survive. That in fact I feared that my family and I might soon be “Out in the Streets”. That the difficulty of my financial situation was totally frightening. He stopped me, and waving his finger guidingly said to me, “Michael, You will Never be out in the Street. God Loves You. Meishu-sama Loves You. You never have to worry…” Thereafter, I often drew upon those words for support.

Countless friends and business associates who knew of my financial ‘massive debt” advised that I should declare bankruptcy, and get a fresh start; that only a fool wouldn’t do so. For me though, bankruptcy never could really be a consideration, because I had come to understand that I needed to resolve my spiritual financial clouds. Not create more by doing such a thing.

Meanwhile, I began to donate as per the guidance. Miraculously, no sooner had I made that commitment and taken action, my daughter’s purification stopped. What hadn’t abated for several months, resolved overnight.

Still not knowing when, if ever, my financial fortunes might shift, I was slowly knocking off debt, but nonetheless every month was suspenseful as to how the monies would appear. The only difference was that after having experienced Miracles Every Month for countless months consecutively, my level of faith had shifted. I’d come to absolutely believe that every month we would be protected. That God’s Blessings Always Come. That Meishu-sama was overseeing everything.

And for many, many months an interesting scenario came about. Each month when I met with the Minister at our Center, I would tell him that somehow, despite all my fearful concerns and worries, what I had described a month before as an impossible situation for me to make it through the month and still take care of the obligations on my table, somehow, always inexplicably, enough money came in to enable me to do it. Each month the situation grew even more impossible, with “no chance” that my anticipated income could be anywhere near enough…. Yet each month, enough came in, even if was just the Exact Amount needed. Strangely and miraculously, Impossibly Month after Miraculous Month, another Miracle. Repeatedly.

There have been numerous months when donating was extremely difficult. That had the donation not been made I’d seemingly have lots more money available for my family’s comfort or enjoyment. But I had come to know the importance of God first; God is always looking after us. Do what is appropriate. I was even advised to go beyond the 10% tithing. Heck I would sometime donate something like $144.27 for example. Why was I penny-pinching with God? Couldn’t I see my way into something comfortable that shows more faith and more gratitude? Maybe something ending in some round

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“Increasing acts of Love for Others, and a Grateful Heart” number like $150.00? And so I began to donate, but now with More Pleasure. As I write this today, I admit that I find often myself anxious to donate, with huge pleasure. To do so, on behalf of my ancestors and humanity and all whom I represent, to Thank God and Meishu-sama for all I have, to not be attached to the dollars donated, but to donate with Gratitude, Joy, Happiness and expanded Understanding, what a wonderful transformation! I feel so blessed. In my work I started to represent a company that produced a product called the Bluapple. Its purpose is to enable produce to stay fresh longer and it really works extremely well. Made with organic ingredients inside a plastic blue apple, someone need only put one inside their refrigerator and can experience the benefit of fruits and vegetables lasting longer – even nutrients staying in foods for longer. Despite being a good salesman, I was having trouble selling the product into some markets and was frustrated. One day I was with the Minister and told him of a powerful buyer who seemed to be born just to be nasty to me and deny me. The minister halted me and had me look beyond that individual. He said, “Michael, you are a salesman. And you are an Instrument of Light in the Divine Plan. With what you do, you can affect Many lives.” We discussed looking at Bluapples, in the same way that we do Flowers of Light. That each Bluapple could be a vehicle for bringing Happiness into people’s homes and lives. With the understanding that All is God’s creation, I could comprehend that a

plastic bluapple is not really an inanimate object. It is a representative of God. That with the prayers behind it, that Bluapple can bring Happiness to people and strengthen their connection with God and Meishu-sama, I continued my work.

Last year, in May of 2012, my wife started to suffer from some skin irritations and I had had some coughing issues for some time. We came to find out that the rental house we had lived in for almost 6 years was highly unsafe because of toxic mold. We had to live elsewhere for about two months while things might get resolved. The purification was so difficult that ‘stressful’ is not an adequate description. Nonetheless, I knew from my many experiences with Meishu-sama, that after the purification there would unquestionably come a wonderful blessing. Indeed, somehow we received enough money as an insurance settlement that we were able to move from that home into a wonderful brand-new Townhouse in a lovely nearby town. What an incredible blessing. Beyond my wildest dreams. And such a wonderful thing for us all. My work representing various companies continued, and I continued to expand the frequency of my prayers for the Happiness of humanity – in particular with the Bluapple as the Flower of Light that could

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“Increasing acts of Love for Others, and a Grateful Heart” get into many people’s homes. And once there, that my prayers would even be more important, that in the homes where there are Bluapples, God’s Light and the connection to Meishu-sama will become stronger and stronger. Somehow Meishusama will tap these people on the shoulder, sooner. Late last year, I finally took to heart some of the guidance that Ministers had been giving about starting a Nature Garden in your home, even if we don’t have the condition to do Nature Farming outside. And so, on a small level in my kitchen, I started cultivating 3 varieties of organic seeds so that on a daily basis we could have the opportunity to work with soil, do prayers, and have gratitude for the soil, the abundance the earth provides and all ancestors that have preceded us. Humble as it is, the process of caring for the plants, the soil and our ancestors has felt grounding, and humbling. Interestingly, shortly after I started this process, some huge developments started to occur with my business. Although since my birth I’d never had to have been hospitalized (how blessed!), in November of 2012 I experienced a peculiar loss of consciousness that forced a brief hospitalization. Thankfully, within a few days I was ‘back to normal’, now with some heightened awareness about some of my lifestyle imbalances and conscious of the

need to make various adjustments. Meanwhile, I also found myself thinking that no doubt, “After the purification, comes the blessing”. Concurrently, in November, a chain store in North America tried the Bluapple in about 85 stores. The response was quite good. Uniquely, the amount of product that they started to sell in each store was far above that which most other stores had been able to sell…and the word has spread. Some stores started selling hundreds of Bluapples in a month. One store sold more than 1200 units in a four-week period! And somehow, Meishu-sama has had it come to pass that within a few months all 1,000 stores in this major chain located all over North America began to feature Bluapple in their stores. It truly is a miracle. It is conceivable that the “Bluapple Flowers of Light’ may reach 1,000,000 homes before too long. Beyond my wildest dream, but not beyond Meishusama’s vision. (Maybe we all can pray for the Light to spread into many homes through these products which are now also being exported into more and more countries, as well). As a consequence of these developments, it appears that I’ve come to the point of being able to imminently resolve my debt, and function from a place of grace for the first time. Beyond differences in my personal confidence and financial capability, I’m blessed ever-further with more experience from God and Meishu-sama for which I am so grateful, and through which I only hope that I can contribute to others’ Happiness and understanding.

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“Increasing acts of Love for Others, and a Grateful Heart” Meishu-sama had written about adversity often being a necessary purification before a blessing is possible. Also, of his being blessed far beyond his wildest expectations. Although I’ve often read those Teachings and knew they were his experiences, to live them myself tells me so much more about what is possible, and how Meishu-sama works through us all. I have been so incredibly blessed, and do not have words adequate to thank God and Meishu-sama for the countless, wonderful blessings I have received. It feels awkward to try to detail my gratitude, except to say that I can only hope to be of ever-greater service in the Divine Plan and help as many people as possible know the Happiness and Gratitude that I’ve begun to tap into by expanding my relationship with God and Meishu-sama. Thank you so much.

Sacred Focal Point Presentation - OHIKARI June 2013 The Newark Johrei Center congratulates all new members of Meishu-sama’s family. Elizia Cooke and Helena Corsetti. Congratulations and welcome!

Let us all become “pioneers of salvation” for 1000 new members.

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“Increasing acts of Love for Others, and a Grateful Heart” FAITH EXPERIENCE II

In January of 2008, I moved to Belo Horizonte, where I learned about Johrei through my boyfriend and his mother. I felt a great affinity with Meishu-Sama and its guidelines for our relationship with our ancestors. Thus, in April 2009 I received the Ohikari (Sacred Focal Point) to practice his teachings intensely.

Paradise on Earth Service, June 2013 Guarapiranga Sacred Grounds Júnia Pinho Dias Good morning everyone! My name is Junia Pinho Dias, I'm 24 years old and I have been a member since 2009. I monitor the training program for new members and also the youth group at my Johrei center in Belo Horizonte, Minas Gerais. Today I want to tell all of you about the wonderful miracle that I experienced through the powerful strength of Johrei. When I was five years old, I lost my father in a car accident. He had suffered for many years with rheumatism, allergies and wounds that bled profusely. When I was 7 years old, I also began to experience the same problems and it lasted until I was 16 years old. In 2006, I suffered a motorcycle accident which fractured the neck of the right femur and I had to go through surgery because it was necessary to insert pins.

However, in early 2011, I began to feel sharp pains in the same spot where I had placed the pins. So, I consulted a doctor and he scheduled an x-ray and an MRI examination. I was diagnosed with the loss of bone tissue and the absence of cartilage in the head of the femur, due to lack of blood circulation (Osteonecrosis). So due to the friction of the bones, the pain becomes unbearable. The recommended treatment was the placement of a prosthesis because, due to the severity of the problem, there was no other action to be taken. However, until the release of the prosthesis by the health plan, in order to ease my pain, I was appointed to do an arthroscopy procedure. This was the injection of a drug to stimulate cartilage regeneration. This procedure was set for January 2012. During this period I received quite a lot of spiritual assistance from the members, and when the pain eased, I went to the Johrei center to receive and give Johrei. One week prior to arthroscopy, I was informed that my insurance company had changed their decision, and the procedure had been suspended.

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“Increasing acts of Love for Others, and a Grateful Heart� I was devastated and sought the minister, who directed me be patient and to try to understand that there was a greater purpose for this cancellation. He said that I should be thankful, seek and receive much Johrei and continue with my dedications.

Because of that so many people came to me asking for Johrei.

I calmed down and tried to follow the guidance I received. However, in preparing for the monthly Appreciation Service for February, I felt excruciating pain and the minister then took me to be guided by the minister responsible for my whole area.

Thus, in December 2012, I returned to the doctor who, after observing my initial diagnosis was surprised at how well I was doing. He told me that by now I should have been unable to move or perform everyday activities. He then suggested that we re-do the exams.

He guided me to receive 10 hours of weekly Johrei and that every ten days, I receive an hour with him. He encouraged me to consume natural foods daily. He also made me aware that this purification was related to my ancestors, especially my father and told me to do the practice of Sonen for him. He also encouraged me to perform these practices without being attached regardless of whether surgery was needed or not. I trusted in God and in Johrei, so I was improving. I also strived to give two hours per day of Johrei. I decided to do all of these practices, besides going to the Sacred Grounds at Guarapiranga, detaching myself completely from seeking a medical solution. With this, the pains were decreasing and I was already able to give Johrei both in my Johrei Center and in my workplace, where I experienced many miracles. Three colleagues who felt headaches and cramps felt a very strong, immediately improvement due to the Johrei I gave them.

Ten months after receiving the guidance from my minister, my pain was almost completely gone, and with the improvement, he guided me to consult with a doctor again.

He even asked me, "Do you have a faith? Which religion you follow? "- I responded with eyes full of tears that I was a member of the Johrei Center and I explained about Johrei and Meishu-Sama. Surprised, he added "You're walking like a normal person! You can already see that your pain decreased thanks to your faith. Keep that faith and be thankful every day, because you really are blessed". I was very emotional and I recognized, in that instant, that the words of Meishu-Sama are real, and that the strength of Johrei is undeniable. In March this year, I redid the exams again with great emotion, and it was verified that the cartilage regenerated without the use of any medication. The doctor, himself was speechless. He did not understand how, throughout this period, I overcame the pain and regenerated cartilage without medical intervention. Again, he recognized the miracle that I had received.

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“Increasing acts of Love for Others, and a Grateful Heart” So, as I did not feel any pain, the doctor concluded that there was no need to do surgery.


With this miracle, I confirmed the strength of Johrei. My faith was strengthened further at that time and it increased my desire to serve and help others. This is my commitment from now on: "I commit myself to bring the miracle of Johrei and become a pioneer of salvation in the lives of many people." Even today, thanks to this miracle, I managed to bring a co-worker who is coming to the Sacred Grounds for the first time, along with a group from Minas Gerais. And on this special day, we celebrate the Paradise on Earth Service. I have permission to be here, at this sacred altar. It is a thrill I never thought I would experience. It's my endless gratitude! Thank God, and Meishu-Sama, my ancestors, the ministers and all the people who led me on the path of salvation and happiness. Thank you and Happy Paradise on Earth to all!

Monthly Appreciation Service Guarapiranga Sacred Grounds July 2013 Roberta Helen Vicente Campos Good morning everyone. My name is Roberta Helen Vicente Campos, I'm 28 and I have been a member for 17 years. I am from the Johrei center located in the Northfort, Fortaleza Area, Northeast Region. Today, I would like to report to all of you, the changes that occurred in my life after I made a decision to become a pioneer of salvation. In April of this year, my husband and I went to the National Youth Conference, held in São Paulo. At that time, I saw Rev. Tetsuo Watanabe's presentation, where the President directed that to be a pleasant person, you must first be a good listener. What touched me most was the story of his experience. When he came to Brazil, he faced many difficulties and he said he never stopped believing that he was on the right track. This point for me was very

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“Increasing acts of Love for Others, and a Grateful Heart” moving because I was impressed with such persistence. In the closing lecture of the youth conference, issued by the Director of Expansion of the Church, he told us: "The only thing we need to do really is to make people happy. Take this into your way of thinking, so that each of you get in tune with the Supreme God. All of the things will fall into place in your lives. " My biggest wish was always to guide people to the divine work to become happy, but I always had difficulties in this practice. So, I reflected upon my life and realized that, through dedication, I received many blessing and protections. I wasn’t grateful enough, especially by not inviting people to learn about Johrei. While I was visiting the Sacred Ground, before returning home, I signed a commitment to become more loving and sincere, becoming a pioneer of salvation. When I arrived at the Church of Fortaleza, I immediately headed to the altar and asked Meishu-Sama to show me the people he wanted to see again in his Divine work and I asked for him to allow these people to become new members. Wasting no time, I started to use the tools of the internet to chat with friends who I had not seen for some time and I asked

them about their faith. I spoke with a friend who lives in Maranhão. She did not attend the Johrei Center for over two years and was facing many problems. We talked for about three hours. I heard enough and with much patience and love, I guided her to seek Johrei and to not waste any more time, because our happiness depends on other people’s happiness. Thus, she gained strength, her feelings changed and she returned to the faith. She received her Ohikari again and even managed to bring other people from her family to church. Also, I contacted a friend who did not attend the church for over four years because of her difficulty accepting certain people's opinions. We talked for a long time and I told her that it is always easier to put the blame on others, but the important thing is to seek what we need to change to better serve God. After one month of listening, she reflected on its importance in the divine work and returned to the Johrei Center, All these guiding occurred through social networks. However, I needed to break out of my shell and overcome the difficulty of guiding

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“Increasing acts of Love for Others, and a Grateful Heart” people. I decided to start making monthly meetings to give Johrei in my home. At the beginning of May, I visited my sister-in-law who left the church 10 years ago and my brother who always received Johrei but had never awakened to join the faith. I sincerely desired them to be happy and to overcome their purifications. With that feeling, I invited them to participate in meetings. They accepted and attended. So much so, that now they go to the Johrei center and began a new cycle in their lives. They decided to take the training classes for new members and at the end of May, my sister-in-law received her Ohikari again. My brother’s faith awakened and he decided he also wanted to be able to give Johrei. My family was in such a peaceful and harmonious atmosphere that this led my other brother to receive Johrei as well. But the greatest miracle was yet to come: my father was an alcoholic for 40 years and since the day that my brother received the Ohikari, my father never drank again. There was a big change in his behavior after he started receiving Johrei often.

I've always had difficulty guiding people and I had not imagined experiencing so many changes, especially in my family. Today I am a very happy and fulfilled because I realized that what is most important is pleasing God and we should focus on bringing salvation to people. In less than a month, I guided 5 people plus my brother to the Divine Work. Given these facts, I intensified my practice of Johrei. I also began helping with the training program for the Youth Group and I'm always in contact with young people, trying to be useful in some way. I am also motivating them to strive to be pioneers of salvation and I am currently helping seven families in my group. Thanks to God, Meishu-Sama and my ancestors for permission to be here today, at this sacred altar of the Sacred Grounds at Guarapiranga. I reaffirm my commitment to give more Johrei, spread the teachings of MeishuSamaand to engage in the practice of Beauty and home gardening so that I can be able to fulfill my mission. Thank you all.

Indeed the strength of Johrei’s light is magnificent.

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“Increasing acts of Love for Others, and a Grateful Heart” Home Garden Saves! I know that now worldwide, we are being guided by Kyoshu-Sama and Rev. Watanabe to practice home gardening. Perhaps many people think that the goal is that neighbors, relatives and friends may have on the table, even on a small scale, vegetables and fruits free of pesticides. My experience has taught me that it is much more than that. I see this practice as a way for us to devote love and gratitude to the soil and therefore to God. As this love grows, God will surely allow us to experience the performance of the power of Nature. I believe to see that the same thing happening on a farm of five acres occurring in their own backyard. In a very tiny space, no one will fail to recognize the existence of God and the spiritual world. That is, the home garden can indeed turn into spiritual the materialists, vibrant people of love for humanity. The practice of home garden can make us recognize the intimate relationship we have with our ancestors. That's how I feel today. Thanks to the guidance of Kyoshu-Sama and Rev. Watanabe, I do not feel a farmer, but a sower of salvation. I would like to leave a message: no matter if your "home garden" has five acres, or if its just a vase…take care of her with love. Love that little piece of soil; let the sunlight illuminate it, drizzle it with pure water as your heart is pure. Earth, fire and water are the source of all life forms, of our lives, including. And the universal fuel that makes them act together in harmony is love and gratitude.

This is why Natural Agriculture is one of the pillars of salvation taught by Messiah Meishu-Sama. Minister Paulo Oyama, Korin Farm in France We have to broaden our understanding of the Home Garden, reflecting over the difference between the organic home garden, and Meishu-Sama’s Nature Farming. Meishu-sama’s concept is not only about using clean soil, clean water, pure seeds, and avoiding the use of chemical fertilizers and pesticides; but also, on a grander scale, it’s about treating the garden like a miniscule model of the sacred grounds, where our feelings and passions align with Messiah Meishu-Sama’s Will. The importance of the home garden does not dwell on quantity or rate of production, considering a small garden is not intended to meet all the necessities of a family; but even through this small and simple action the home nature farming garden, if done correctly and with the proper sonen, will emanate a spiritual energy with the power to influence farmers, businessmen, and society as a whole to practice Meishu-Sama’s nature farming. Therefore, we encounter the possibility and opportunity to release mankind from the clutches of greed, materialism, and egocentricity. These home gardens act as antennas of this moving spiritual power, delivering this energy to the world.

Izunome Association USA - Johrei Center Newark, 124 Jackson St, Newark, NJ 07105 - (973) 465-0044


“Increasing acts of Love for Others, and a Grateful Heart” We need to get our hands in the soil, to break through the layers of our ancestors who are suffering from the anguish of heartbreak, the pollution and contamination of the environment… everything caused by the egoism and materialism of mankind. This is why we must create these home gardens with this sonen in mind. This new sonen from our nature farming home garden is what will make the difference from here on in; all this will be accomplished when we align our sonen with

Meishu-Sama, when we relearn and revive the beauty of nature, and when we truly understand what it means to partake in Meishu-Sama’s Nature Farming. Nature Farming is a Pillar of Salvation. Our Sonen (goal) is to be able to have all of our members practicing Home Garden until the Annual Ancestors Service in September, even in small pots. A great mission to all. Minister Felipe Hidd Germenink

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Izunome Association USA - Johrei Center Newark, 124 Jackson St, Newark, NJ 07105 - (973) 465-0044


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