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Sticking to a Healthy Diet to Fuel Workout Gains Achieved at Toronto Fitness Centres

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One of the biggest challenges and obstacles to overcome to achieve your fitness goals is adjusting your diet and eating habits. For those of us that have not participated in regular fitness activities, beyond walking the dog or weekly household chores, it is very easy to develop what we think are great eating habits because they fit well with our busy schedules.

However, once we notice we are starting to put on a few extra pounds and want to take steps to shed this weight by joining a fitness club, our own workout efforts could just as easily be undermined by our current eating patterns.

One particular problem people face is sticking with a diet for an extended period of time. In fact, most diets tend to come undone at one of two stages – Grocery shopping or preparing meals. Unless you address the personal reasons behind why your last diet failed and at what stage, this problem is likely to occur again in the future.

Grocery Shopping The best time to do your shopping is after working out. You will be more health-conscious about the foods you are buying. Just make sure to not go shopping if you are hungry after a workout. Instead, eat first, then go to the store. When we shop while we

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are hungry, we are more likely to give into our cravings and urges.

It is also beneficial to make a list and stick to it. Having a grocery list not only ensures you are shopping for healthy foods, but eliminates wandering aimlessly through the store, which often leads to temptations. Furthermore, most grocery stores are arranged so the healthy foods you need are located around the perimeter of the store, not down the middle aisles, where the vast majority of processed and fatty foods are found.

Preparing Meals One of the reasons many diets fail at this step is because people dread having to cook and prepare a meal after a long day at work. You are tired, just got done with a workout and are ready to relax, not spend your time in the kitchen cooking. It is tempting to call and have take-out delivered.

To help making preparing meals easier, plan and prep all your meals for the entire week ahead of time. In addition, preparing meals ahead of time allows you to measure out the correct serving portions and ensure you are eating the proper amount of food at each meal. You can cook your proteins, cut up veggies, and so on. You can also freeze and store cooked foods in the

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refrigerator for the entire week, so all you have to do is heat them back up after a long day at work.

In addition, it is perfectly acceptable to include a “cheat-day� once a week, where you treat yourself, in moderation, to a food you are carving. By taking the time to adjust your shopping and meal preparation habits, you will find it easier to stick with a healthy diet plan.

For assistance in developing a workout and fitness plan, as well as a personal nutritional plan and diet, visit your nearest Wynn Fitness Club location today or call us at (905) 276-0040.


(905) 276-0040

Sticking to a healthy diet to fuel workout gains achieved at toronto fitness centres  

Sticking to a healthy diet to fuel workout gains achieved at toronto fitness centres