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Distribution Channels of the Manufacturing Industry Wholesale Suppliers Wholesale suppliers are the intermediary between the manufacturer of the goods and the retailer, who is going to sell the products to customers at retail store. The wholesale suppliers are well aware of the market and its trends. When the vendors buy goods from the wholesale supplier, they need not to worry about the market and don’t need to do any market research because it is already done before by the supplier. The genuine wholesale suppliers provide with the pictures and graphics of the products that the retailer wants to purchase from the wholesaler.

A wholesale supplier’s job is to provide best quality of products. The products can be appliances, electronic gadgets, clothing and footwear, household stuffs, toys and power tools, etc. which are made available to the vendors at very low prices.

These suppliers buy goods in huge quantities from the manufacturer and then resell those to different vendors in batches as per their requirement. The most important function of wholesalers is to prevent the vendor’s extra investment of renting or building a store to keep bulk of products that means wholesalers act as storage house for vendors. Wholesale suppliers provide flexibility to vendors in buying products and allow them to choose the mix of products in different batches.

Products bought from any retail store or boutiques follow the process known as supply chain. The products reaching to the big stores for selling are the result of an outstanding market strategy, research and regulation of supply chain. This chain of supplying goods from the manufacturer to the customer involves a middleman which is none other than wholesale suppliers. Wholesale suppliers provide special trade discounts on the products bought from the suppliers or discount on some specific quantities bought. Other than the cash and

quantity discounts few of the wholesale suppliers provide discounts below the cost, this kind of discount is offered either to capture the market or as an introductory strategy to make a position among the existing wholesale suppliers. Many suppliers provide transportation facilities as well for the goods either free or at minimal price and also provide the vendor with tracking details of the goods. This helps the vendors to keep track of the position of their goods. This practice of providing best quality products with various discounts and offers makes a strong and long term relationship between the wholesale supplier and the vendor.

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Wholesale Suppliers  
Wholesale Suppliers  

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