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August 2013 Thursday 1st August 2013 Edward Snowden got the all clear to stay in Russia for twelve months, excellent news. Putin played this well, no doubt getting much information from Snowden about the US spying worldwide. Obama has thrown his dummy out of his pram, sulkily saying he will not meet Putin at the agreed meeting this year, ah! What a baby, stamping his foot. The US have just a Russian citizen of the streets in the Dominican Republic, taking to the US, without reference to the Russians or international law about extradition. Talk about what hypocrites the USA is! Friday 2nd August 2013 The “Go Home” ads on Lorries touring the country are horrendous. Together with the police stopping people demanding proof they are allowed to be in the UK, but they only stop Asian or African people, that is racism, but not unusual for the UK police. First the Border Patrol should have stopped illegal immigrants, but they did not. Second the “Identity Cards proposed sometime back, should been have introduced. It was different to my driving licence, which I have to produce to prove my identity. Saturday 3rd August 2013 It now appear that the USA was paying the UK millions of dollars to help out with the world-wide spying, and the UK telephone companies are right in there giving over our emails, texts and phone calls to the GCHQ, then on to NSA. Welcome to 1984! Sunday 4th August 2013 The USA has continued at war somewhere in the world since world-war two, with 900 military bases world-wide. They consider themselves the world government. The Arab Spring was USA inspired, and now it going wrong again, and the USA is making demands again. First Blair, then Cameron, dragging the UK into these futile wars, Iraq, Libya, Syria and Afghanistan now has civil wars. Tunis and Egypt will be next, followed by Turkey. The USA and its puppet followers, the UK and the EU have done a great job of destroying other countries.


Monday 5th August 2013 The USA closing embassies, starting in the Yemen, as they know of terrorist’s threats, “they have picked up chatter online”. Total rubbish, it is an stupid effort to justify the NSA spying on the world, which Edward Snowden has revealed. I do not blame the Yemen people, when they are bombed daily my US Drones, killing thousands of innocent men, women and children. The Yemenis have the right to fight back against US aggression. Tuesday 6th August 2013 Gibraltar sovereignty has rear its ugly head again, but of course it is only to take the heat off Spain’s corrupt Prime Minister, Rapoy. Spain claiming Gibraltar, that been British for four hundred years, does not mention the bits of Morocco Spain still controls. Also where is the Fourth Reich (EU) in all this, very quiet, is it because German and France agree with Rapoy, so much for the European Union, get us out ASAP! Wednesday 7th August 2013 The judge and barrister that called a 13year old girl that had been abused by a 41 year old man, a sexual predator, is totally disgusting. She is a child, the 41 year old man is a paedophile that need castrating and imprisoned for life. Any future child that is sexually abused will be afraid to speak up in case they are also called “sexual predators”. The Judge and barrister should be sacked, and possibly their history checked to see if they are also paedophile’s, defending paedophile’s. These are men, supposedly appointed to uphold justice, what a system! Thursday 8th August 2013 Obama has cancelled his meeting with Putin in September, another childish move, by a childish president. Now it is “how dare Russia defy the United States of America”, when they rule the whole world, and what they goes! He has made himself a laughing stock around the world over his attitude over Edward Snowden. The US Citizens have not yet realized that they live in a police state, constantly spied on by their own Government; brain washed and feed lies, all the name of the war on terror, which the USA started and perpetuate. Friday 9th August 2013 Bonga, Bonga land, a bit of an insulting for third world countries, but I fully understand the man’s opinion, foreign aid does always get diverted by the dictators or corrupt politicians in these countries. Stop giving them our money, and as I have said before, give aid by spending our hard earned taxes by building schools, hospitals, irrigation systems etc. to really help the local people, but no actual cash! Stephen Fry, I quit liked the man, and on the times watch QI, I thought him intelligent and funny. But his outburst against Russia and their laws against Gays were totally ridiculous, childish and serve no purpose. Comparing Russia to the Nazi’s, was incredible. 2|Page

The Russians outlawed promotion of homosexuality to young people not banning it. The Olympic is about sport, not politics, after all over 80 countries banned homosexuality totally, some with jail sentences, so why this outrage against Russia. Stephen Fry has gone down in my estimation. Saturday 10th August 2013 All babies born in Britain could have the EU flag stamped on their birth certificate within three years. Eric Pickles said there was nothing he could do to prevent the emblem from replacing the royal crest on birth, marriage and death certificates. The Communities Secretary warned the move was part of a Brussels plot to brand people as European citizens ‘from cradle to grave’. Born in the UK, then British not European citizens, get our country out of the Third Reich (EU). Holidaymakers are to be hit with bills for hundreds of pounds under European Union plans to impose MOT-style tests on caravans. Up to 200,000 families could be affected by the draconian demands which it is warned could devastate the UK’s tourism economy. The UK government is to launch an attempt to block the regulations, but it is feared it will be passed into law by Brussels later this year. Yes there is, just refuse to accept the Third Reich (EU) rules. Get us out, vote UKIP. Sunday 11th August 2013 Federal scientists investigating an unusually high number of dead bottlenose dolphins washing up on the East Coast said on Thursday the carcasses are showing up at a rate that is seven times higher than usual. More than 120 dead animals have been discovered since June from New Jersey to Virginia, the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration's Fisheries Service said. Not surprising the amount of rubbish the USA dumps in the Atlantic daily, the seas are being poisoned, beautiful wildlife murdered. More than 750 dolphins died 1987 alone. British holidaymakers needing emergency treatment at Spanish accident and emergency units are being greeted by chip-and-pin machines as doctors force them to pay upfront for care that should be free. Hospitals have installed the instant payment devices even though Spain faces a hefty fine for refusing to accept European health insurance cards. The cards entitle EU citizens to emergency treatment for free, with the costs being reimbursed by the recipient’s home country. But Spain is not alone, the Dutch and Belgium’s do the same. This has been happening for years, but they took my European Health card details as well as my cash, and I am sure they claimed on that too! So much for EU regulation that all are supposed to obey. Monday 12th August 2013 The Muslim Brotherhood should never be allowed to take control of Government anywhere let alone Egypt. They are a fanatical Islamic party consisting of Salafists and exponents of Sharia law. They believe in their own type of 'god' made rule and not democracy, liberty or freedom of religion. The Brotherhood 'stole' the last election with corrupt voting practices. 3|Page

They promote the Islamic schism between Sunni and Shia. These are the reasons why the majority of secular Egyptians asked the army to remove Morsi. Mubarak banned the Muslim Brotherhood totally, but he was overthrown, but he was right. This unrest will escalate right throughout the Middle East; we have civil war in Syria, Libya and Iraq, with unrest again in Tunis and Turkey. The Syrian war has already overflowed into Lebanon. What a sad mess! Tuesday 13th August 2013 An infatuated public schoolboy brutally attacked a 12-year-old girl who had spurned his advances by stabbing her in the neck and throttling her. Cameron Cleland, 16, searched the internet for ways to kill his victim before deciding to ‘gut her like a pig’. The solicitor’s son even practiced his attack in front of a mirror at his parents’ £1million home. He lured the girl to a secluded location by threatening to kill himself if she would not meet him, a court heard. Cleland told her to ‘be quiet and submit to death’ before launching a ferocious assault. Her life was saved because a dog walker interrupted the attack. The schoolboy admitted attempted murder and was jailed for life at Bradford Crown Court, with a minimum term of seven years before he can be considered for parole. He gets only seven years, what a Justice system, what a sick world we live in! Wednesday 14th August 2013 It is building up nicely for the US to go to war with China over the oil in the Asia Pacific seas, more military aid to the Philippines, new military bases, increase in troops an naval presence, it will eventually happen! All the oil in world belongs to the USA so it theirs to control. Apple will eventually lose out to China, the Chinese will make their own iphones, ipads etc, undercutting Apple, after all it is China that currently makes Apple products, because it is cheaper than having them made in USA, creating work of US citizens. I think personally they are a curse; we do not really need them, with all the mindless texting, inane phone calls, earphone permanently plugged in and vicious social websites, as for the violent video games played, their attraction is beyond me. What a world! Thursday 15th August 2013 Two men were dragged to court for apprehending a Romanian they caught burgling their business. A nine-month ordeal ended for Steven Iliffe, 54, and son Daniel, 26, yesterday when a judge threw out the case against them. They had begged police to go on a roof to arrest career criminal. But officers were barred by their superiors, via their radio, due to health and safety rules. Eventually, the father and son, both former soldiers, went on the roof themselves to tackle the armed man. They were stunned when the police later arrested them on suspicion of attempted murder – and later charged them with the lesser offence of causing grievous bodily harm with intent. Health and safety rules again, what a load of total crap and what a totally useless police force. 4|Page

Friday 16th August 2013 Two powerful earthquakes shook central New Zealand this morning, damaging homes and roads and sending office workers scrambling for cover in the capital Wellington. A magnitude-6.5 quake struck just after 2:30 p.m. near the small South Island town of Seddon, and at least six aftershocks were 5.0 magnitude or stronger. No serious injuries were reported although the power was cut and hundreds of people were left stranded. New Zealand has certainly suffered with earthquakes, what is it, three in the last year? The USA seems to be constantly on fire with one after another forest fires. Flooding or droughts and heat wave, in various countries, volcanoes erupting, earthquakes. Mother is really getting pissed off with the Human race. Saturday 17th August 2013 All this talk about is Syria using chemical weapons, and the USA spouting off about how wrong it is, is total hypocrisy. In the Vietnam War, over 40 years ago, the USA used Agent Orange, a chemical that killed of trees etc., so the Vietnamese fighting the USA in their own country, could not hide easily. Now Agent Orange is a chemical weapon, that poisoned the soil as well, and it is still in the ground today. The continuing after effects of the US use of Agent Orange is birth defects among children, still continuing today, and the wide spread of cancer in Vietnam. Now in Iraq invasion by the USA, the US used chemical weapons against the Iraqis, plus they used ammunition made of depleted uranium, which has harmful radiation. So as I said, the US, complaining about chemical weapons possibly used in Syria, is total hypocrisy. Sunday 18th August 2013 Simple question, if the shale gas that is proposed being “fracked” for is deep below the ground, why not drill offshore instead of in beautiful countryside? After all the drilling goes very deep, then turns at right angles and continues horizontally, pumping chemicals to force the gas to the surface. So why not have the ugly fracking drilling wells offshore? Of course nuclear power stations could run on Thorium, instead of Uranium. Thorium is plentiful worldwide, and does not have the dangerous radiation, and cannot be used to make bombs, just another reason, so why not use Thorium? India is! Monday 19th August 2013 Arthur Hutchinson stabbed couple to death on eve of daughter's wedding. He also killed their son and repeatedly raped a teenage guest in 1983. Strasbourg declared it was 'degrading' for prisoners to die in jail last month. Some 49 prisoners are currently in British jails serving whole life tariffs. Arthur Hutchinson a multiple murderer has become the first Briton to challenge his 'life means life' tariff following last month's controversial ruling by European judges that it breaches human rights. They bloody Fourth Reich (EU) again, the mans is a mass murderer, it a pity we do not have the death sentence. Breaches human rights, what about the victims and their family’s human rights? 5|Page

Tuesday 20th August 2013 Sorry, but those two stupid women arrested in Peru trying to smuggle out £1.5m of cocaine, are as guilty as sin. They now cry threats were made on their lives, they had to do it. Sorry do not believe a word of it, they are only sorry they got caught, good! Thursday 22nd August 2013 The UK Government is a bit above itself, arresting the friend of the Guardian newspaper reporter that wrote the Edward Snowden leaks about worldwide spying. He was travel home to Brazil, through the UK, but the UK police held the man for nine hours under terrorist laws, before letting him go, without charge, but confiscating his laptop, and mobile phone. Then the police go to Guardian newspaper destroying computers and files in case they had Snowden revelations, Wow! 1984 has arrived with vengeance! Friday 23rd August 2013 The chemical attacks in Syria are horrendous, but for the UK Foreign Secretary, William Hague to immediately blame Assad, the Syrian president is out of order. It has not been established who fired the chemical rockets; it could well have been the rebels fighting Assad, part of their effort to get the weapons that William Hague says they should have. These rebels are Al Qaeda mainly, the same terrorists that have caused damage and murder all around the world, and William Hague wants to give them more guns, so they can later use them on us in the UK, bloody stupid William Hague! Saturday 24th August 2013 It was the rebels who overran and captured Assad’s chemical weapons base a few months ago, and we have seen videos of rebels committing truly horrible crimes such as eating the heart of a dead soldier and executing 15 people in a town square. So what’s to stop these Al Qaeda terrorists that Assad is fighting from chemical bombing innocent people to get morons like William Hague supplying them more weapons? We do not need another war, the futile Iraq and Afghanistan wars has left the UK in debt. Syria is not our fight, it is Syria fighting terrorists, and they have not asked the west for help. The USA engineered all the unrest in the Arab countries for the oil, so let then sort their own mess out, but they we have Iran, Russia and China to contend with, it will not be a pushover like Iraq, Afghanistan or Libya. Sunday 25th August 2013 Cameron is in there again with Obama in proposing to invade Syria for the apparent use of chemical weapons, both without a shred of real proof that is was the Assad regime that use them. Even when Assad invites the UN to inspect the sites and the dead bodies, Cameron and Obama, say too, little too late. Rubbish medical examination of the bodies would determine what killed them, who killed them; my betting is the rebels, just to cause more unrest and to get morons like William Hague supplying those weapons. The UK is not part of the world police, and should stay out of the Syria civil war. 6|Page

Monday 26th August 2012 The flooding in Russia is horrendous, with an area larger that France and Germany combined under up to 18 metre of water and still rising, and now extending into China. Major fires on Portugal, Spain, and California, all out of control, floods again in the UK, climate change, what climate change? It is happening all-round us! Mankind cannot beat Mother Nature! Now the floods in China are terrible, but the same flooding covers an area bigger than France and Germany combined in Russia, sadly however the selective, biased and prejudice British media, BBC, ITV etc. never mention the Russian flooding which has engulfed villages, towns and even city’s, very sad that you have to go to foreign media to get the real true picture of what is happening in our world. The proposed Badger cull (murder of) is disgusting; there is no real proof that Badger spread Bovine TB so why not cure the Badgers, not murder them. Shame on the UK government for murdering wildlife! The Fourth Reich (EU) has decreed that sex offenders on “sex offenders lists” should be able to be removed under their human rights, and the UK Government is complying, having already removed 43 perverts. What about the human rights of those already having been abused, and those that will be abused by sick sex perverts being taken off the “watch list”, it makes no sense at all! Tuesday 27th August 2013 In 1925 a UN, world-wide ban was placed on the use of chemical weapons; this was after the use in WW1 of mustard gas etc., which killed innocent men women and children as well as troops. Now, during the Vietnam War the US used Agent Orange a terrible chemical weapon, killing innocent people again, and even today, being responsible for horrendous birth defects, as the chemicals are, 40 plus years later still in the soil. The US supplied chemical weapons to Saddam Hussein to use against Iran when Iraq invaded Iran. All chemical weapons are manufactured by US chemical companies by the way. Now we have the hypocrisy of the USA condemning the use of chemical weapons in Syria, weapons they provided, they say there is clear proof Assad use them. You can prove chemical weapons were used, yes! But you cannot say for sure which side used them, Assad or the rebels. But the US, like in Iraq, will use any excuse to invade. Wednesday 28th August 2013 Well it is clear that the UK will be up to our necks in the civil war in Syria, because Cameron is determined to make a name for himself, stupid man! The plan is to fire rockets at all Assad weapon stores, a really smart move, because the chemical weapons also stored there will be dispersed everywhere. What will be left is another mess like Libya after Cameron’s interference there that is continued unrest, and civil war. The US hypocrisy never ceases to amaze me, they are continually drone bombing in Pakistan, Yemen and elsewhere killing innocent civilians, but they complain about Assad. The USA is behind all this unrest in the Arab countries, and as cynical as it may sound, it would surprise me if it eventually we find out the CIA carried out the chemical attacks in Syria. 7|Page

Thursday 29th August 2013 The whole country is watching as another British prime minister defies the British public, rejects common sense and casts aside all moral decency by threatening to attack a foreign and sovereign nation with military strikes. Warmongers William Hague and David Cameron have refused to reach a solution by diplomatic means and are rushing headlong into war. Our country is in the toilet. Pensioners are freezing to death in their homes as they can't afford to heat them, and the NHS is at breaking point. But this waste of space can find billions to fund a war that we have no business sticking our noses in? What the hell is going on? Cameron will jump when his master in America tells him to, like that war criminal Bliar did? Friday 30th August 2013 Let’s completely lays bare the truth about the non-existent 'special relationship'. By constantly being American cannon fodder, Britain has paid a very high price in blood and treasure and we don't get any thanks or favours from the US for it. All it brings is misery, heartache, financial ruin and resentment. Its true America rescued us in WW2 but they also put us on our knees economically and benefited from our demise, they also made us repay every last penny. They were, in reality forced into the WW2 by the Japanese bombing Pearl Harbour, if this had not happened, the UK would have left on its own! Not forgetting that the IRA got most of their funding from the US and used it to kill and maim many British people. We should not become isolationist but we must put our own interests first. Saturday 31st August 2013 DAVID CAMERON PM (Poodle man) "I want my war. All great leaders have a war. Winston had a war, Maggie had a war, Blair had a war-- It is not fair " Sorry Dave, Parliament says no war so put your toys back in the pram. The Middle East brings nothing but strife, heartache and suffering, all in the name of a Religion that purports to be peace loving. We must stay out of it, and let them decide their own way forward. The Middle East brings nothing but strife, heartache and suffering, all in the name of a Religion that purports to be peace loving. We must stay out of it, and let them decide their own way forward.

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