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Brazil's president tells UN that US spying is a 'violation of human rights' Brazil’s president lashed out at the United States Tuesday at the U.N. General Assembly meeting in New York, saying the National Security Agency's meddling in the lives and affairs of other countries is an “affront.”

Dilma Rousseff said the NSA's interception of her communications with aides -- which were revealed in documents leaked by Edward Snowden -- is a “case of disrespect of international sovereignty to my country.”

“What we have… is a serious violation of human rights,” she said. “Such actions are totally unacceptable.”

The NSA documents were detailed in a series of reports by Brazil's Globo TV, according to The Associated Press. They also included revelations that the NSA hacked the computer network of Brazilian state-run oil company Petrobras, and recorded data of billions of emails and telephone calls throughout the country.

Rousseff said that Brazil will try to develop technology and legislation that allows the country to protect itself from intercepted communications.

Rousseff told the U.N. General Assembly that it should not allow recurring illegal actions to continue and proposed a framework for international governance of the Internet.

She warned that the Internet could become a “battlefield among states.”

Rousseff's five principles for the framework were “Freedom of speech; multi-lateral governance with transparency; the principle of universality and non-discrimination; cultural diversity without imposing values; and network neutrality,” according to the Guardian.

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