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Effective Measures for Flea Control in Dogs

Pet fleas are not only a hazard to the health of your pets, but can also be a cause of worry for your health and that of your family members. In fact, if you have a pet at home, you might be apprehensive during the summer months as this is the time when your pets are most likely to be infested. Fleas are minuscule insects, brown in colour. These parasites have an adverse effect on the health of your pet. The flea saliva causes allergies and leads to the onset of FAD or Flea Allergic Dermatitis. These fleas thrive on the blood of the animals and may also lead to the death of a kitten or a puppy in a severe case of infestation. Therefore it is absolutely imperative for a pet owner to purchase flea control for dogs.

As a pet owner, you should be careful about your pets and watch out for any kind of parasitic development on their skin. Symptoms of the infection are manifested in the form of sores, scabs and scratching of the area. It is necessary to examine the areas that exhibit hair loss and all that is left of them is raw red skin. The incubation period for these fleas is two and a half years. You may not get an inkling of their development as they may lie dormant over a period of time. Pet flea control is possible through the use of various treatments. These include a combination of topical and oral medication. You can opt for any of the flea control programs depending on the intensity of the infection. The hormone lufrenon is administered in some cases which do not allow the flea eggs to hatch.

You can control the growth of fleas on your pet by adopting natural flea control measures. The application of chemicals may prove to be harmful for your pet and therefore it is advisable that you go for natural flea control measures. Garlic can be used to treat the affected area in case of dogs. However, you should refrain from using it as flea control for cats as garlic is damaging to their red blood cells. You can control the growth of flea by conducting regular checks from time to time. Look for initial symptoms such as a constant discomfort and scratching. What you can do is brushing its hair with a metal comb and you may discover them on it. Make your pet sit on a white sheet of paper and start rubbing its back. In case of an infestation, you can spot the flea faeces.

Even after you manage to get rid of the flea, you need to be cautious about the fact that there is no re-infestation. Clean every nook and corner of your home and de-infect them with chemicals, if necessary. You need to continue with the cleansing procedure for a quite awhile as the chances of re-infestation are high. If you have already encountered the problem in the past, you are aware of the extent to which it is difficult to remove them. Taking the help of a vet will prove to be beneficial. Prevention is better than cure holds perfectly true for pet flea control.

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Effective measures for flea control in dogs  
Effective measures for flea control in dogs  

Fleas are a major factor for causing distress to your dogs. These are the reason for various types of skin allergies, irritation and differe...