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Testimonial For Spine Rejuvenation Programme May 2009 Name: Sasa Gotic Age: 31 Occupation: E Rejuvenation Programme leader & E Rejuvenation Centre leader (Croatia) My name is Sasa Gotic and i’m 30 years old. I was a rower for nine years and as a result, I had an injury in the lumbar part of my spine from which i’ve never fully recovered from. Also, while studying on the Faculty of Physical Culture I hurt myself quite a lot from exercising on the trampoline. I also had a car accident which has also affected my spine. I was always in a lot of pain and my lower back was quite badly swollen. As well as this, my menstrual cycle was often irregular but I never thought it could be connected with the pain in my spine. I heard about the Spine Correction Programme and decided to have an X-ray, I then sent it to the doctors in China and they told me that it was my spine that was causing the problems with my ovaries, and I also found out that I have a cyst on one of my ovaries. I decided to use this opportunity to attend the programme in China and I must say I am very satisfied with the results. My spine is now straight and I no longer have any problems with my lower back and the problems with my menstruation and the cyst on my ovaries have all now been solved. Another improvement that i’ve noticed is that my circulation now flows more efficiently so I no longer have cold hands and feet and low blood pressure all of which I had no idea was connected to the spine. I generally feel more revitalised, reawakened and my concentration is better because I have much more energy, I feel as if i’ve been given a big boost of energy. Why attend this programme in China instead of being treated by someone in the country that you are based? This programme is really remarkable. It is a special combination of different techniques and treatments which includes herbs, cupping, special exercises, advice on how to maintain a healthy diet and relaxation methods which all help the process of recovery. In everyday life we don’t really have good conditions to maintain our health, so these 10 or 15 days that a person spends in China on this programme gives you the perfect chance to rest in a beautiful resort. This period of time is needed because during the corrections there are a lot of inner blockages, muscle tension, stress and fatigue that are all being released from the body, so it is important that your body has enough time to go through all the treatments that the programme consists of. So taking two weeks out of your daily routine in order to benefit your health and your life is really worth taking the time out for. When your circulation and energy flow is re-established again, you begin to get ideas again and it really gives you the chance to take a step back and review the priorities in your life and see if the life that you’re living is really how you want to live and if not, what you can do to make it better. Most people’s daily lives are very hectic and we are used to doing things automatically without asking ourselves if it’s damaging our health. If we continue this kind of chaotic routine, we slowly use up all our energy and when we have lack of energy, we are more prone to illnesses and are unable to realise our potential which means that we are not satisfied. This programme is really a natural way to solve your health and other problems. A big part of the programme is also life education, which is mainly educates you on how to protect your spine and how to sustain a healthy and balanced lifestyle so as to prevent future problems. Around 3 months after the programme you need to pay more attention to your spine and during this period you can use all the knowledgethat you have learnt from the programme in order to maintain a healthier way of life. E Rejuvenation Centre, 132 Commercial Street, London E1 6NG, UK T : 020 7650 0718 | F : 020 7650 0719 | E : | W :

I would recommend this programme to everyone, especially sportsmen/women because there is absolutely no sport that wouldn’t have some kind of impact on your spine and when the spine is not in good shape, it’s bound to have a significant effect on your general health.

E Rejuvenation Centre, 132 Commercial Street, London E1 6NG, UK T : 020 7650 0718 | F : 020 7650 0719 | E : | W :