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Testimonial For Spine Rejuvenation Programme May 2009 Name: Joze Krznar Age: 51 Occupation: Entrepreneur I truly recommend this programme to everyone because I feel that it’s a really effective programme that ensures optimum health. In my case, the doctor found that my vertebra was incorrectly displaced in 8 different places. Having completed the programme, my spinal cord is now in the right position and I don't feel any discomfort. The spine correction treatment also benefited other areas of my health and wellbeing. I used to have insomnia, but having completed the programme, I’m now able to sleep much better which means that i’m much more focused during the day. My depression has reduced, my emotional state of mind has improved very much and I feel mentally and physically stronger. I've also had problems with hemorrhoids for 20 years and last year this problem became more severe. After the spine correction and all the treatments my condition is essentially better. I can't say which part of the whole programme contributed to these changes, but I can say that the whole programme has been fantastic and really works. One particular day after the spine correction treatment, when I lying down on my back, relaxing and listening to peaceful music I could literally feel the condition of my body improving and healing. It was such a tranquil atmosphere and I'm sure the spine treatments had a major impact on me. The doctor always has so much energy and it is clear that he also leads a healthy and positive life because it shows in the results of how well we have responded to the treatment. On the last day the doctor also told us how to take care of our spine and advised us on things which are good to do and what things which aren’t good to do. He didn't just stress the importance of how to maintain a straight spine, but he also taught us a lot of other ways to maintain a healthy mind and body. Though the doctor helps you to correct the problem in your spine, it is up to you to take on board the advice he has given you and make sure you stick to it. I’ve really realised that the spine is foundation of our health and that all the problems that a person has are physically connected to it.

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Name: Joze Krznar Occupation: Entrepreneur E Rejuvenation Centre, 132 Commercial Street, London E1 6NG, UK T : 020 7650 0718 | F : 020 7650...