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Testimonial For Spine Rejuvenation Programme 2009 Name: Janko Hranilović Age: 30 Occupation: Team leader of Technical Maintenance at the Hypo Conference Centre, Zagreb.

My health problems started during my career as a professional sportsman when I damaged my lower spine. As a result of that accident, I developed discus hernia between L5 and S1, which is very common. Six years ago I had spinal surgery and I thought that I had solved all my problems, but bigger problems appeared one year later. My diagnosis was Ulcerative Colitis, an inflammatory bowel disease and since then, I have been hospitalised twice for a total of two months. It was really severe and was ruining my whole life. I had tried everything to solve my problems, even just to keep them under control, but nothing seemed to work because I was still suffering. When I started the E Rejuvenation sessions, it helped me a great deal and even though my condition had improved by about 50%, I was still very ill because I was under a lot of pressure at work and had a lot of stress in my life, which meant that my progress was slower than I would have liked. But then I heard about the new Spine Rejuvenation Programme, that E Rejuvenation Centre was offering. I went to China to do the programme without any knowledge of how the spine effects on our organs and our health. After just 5 minutes of the first consultation, the Chinese master explained to me that I had problems with my bowels, and this was because I had a big blockage in my lower spine which was the area where I had had the surgery. During the spine rejuvenation programme, my health condition rapidly improved and I was completely cured of my Ulcerative Colitis. Now after 2 months my health is still very good and I no longer have any problems anymore. Before I did the programme, I was still considering whether or not to have a non-reversible operation to remove the lower part of my large intestine. But I no longer have to think about this as the problem with my large intestines has gone. Now me and my wife can get on and start a family without the fear of my ill health getting in the way. I'm truly grateful for being able to take part in the programme and put an end to my terrible illness. I recommend this programme to everybody, not just to people who have serious problems, because I am sure that this programme will help everyone to improve and prevent ill health.

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Now me and my wife can get on and start a family without the fear of my ill health getting in the way. I'm truly grateful for being able to...