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Diamond: King of Fashion World

Diamond: King of Fashion World

Whoever said that diamonds are a girl's best friend was definitely not lying – especially if the girl wants to be known for her timeless fashion sense. The fact is that the fashion world can be fickle, mercurial, and incredibly unforgiving.

What Cut Do I Want? Gemstones can be cut in a multitude of different ways, and diamonds are no exception to this. Some of the most popular cuts include the Princess cut (known for bringing out the shiny appearance of the stone), the Emerald cut (most commonly used in emeralds, but still popular with diamonds as well), and the Pear cut.

Quality, NOT Quantity

It's true that diamonds are the king of the fashion world, but it's worth noting that truly fashion conscious people will notice a poorly cut or heavily flawed diamond on an otherwise perfect ring.

Not all diamonds are high quality, shiny, and elegant in appearance. You should not buy jewelry with I or SI ratings, since these are very low quality diamonds. Low quality diamonds don't shine, and may even have visible specks inside the rock. Why waste your money on a diamond that doesn't even look good? These all points will help you when next time you'll buy engagement ring under $1000 for your beloved.

Diamond a fashion of king