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Choosing A Topic for Your Blog… Millions of people posted a blog entry this morning. They’re promoting products, espousing causes, discussing their lives, and sharing tips on everything from getting the laundry clean to getting their candidate elected. Finding a blog to read is one thing, but deciding what to write about on your own blog can be a little more challenging. People have created blogs to pass along marketing expertise, sell shoes, cover the latest celebrity gossip, raise funds for bike rides, and even write books. The topic or topics that you write about should excite you and hold your interest, and they can be about absolutely anything. Here are some tips: 1. C  hoose a subject that genuinely interests you. You can create content more easily if you’re enthusiastic about your subject. Your passion shines through to your readers and keeps them coming back. 2. D  ecide whether any topics are off limits. Bloggers who keep personal diaries for their friends and families might decide to keep certain subjects out of the public forum of the Internet. For example, do you really want your significant other reading a frank account of last night’s make-out session? How about your mom or your boss? 3. K  now your readers. Who are they? How can you appeal to them and get them to keep reading your blog? Do you even care about how many readers you have? If you do, what do you want to show, explain, or ask them?

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