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Bebo Kobo turns a ground into a castle Bebo Kobo, the well known real estate business person from Israel who left his own country and moved to London to explore the global market has made some revolutionary changes in major parts of London. He left his country many years back and now London is his country. He entered London at the time of Economic slowdown but his dedication and passion to work globally overcame many hurdles in the path of his success. His eyes were set on the Bebo Kobo Camden which wasn’t a market but it was ground with nothing as such which could be called a market. But Bebo Kobo’s dedication and passion to make Camden a place worth watching and living soon was realized when he got associated with the London’s well known architects and builders, The ESA Architects and designers. The combo of the two proved to be like a boom for the whole Camden Market. After the hard work of Bebo Kobo and the ESA Architects the Camden turned into a developed market, gaining from huge investments the locals got the great job opportunities which caused the overall economic development of the Camden lock village also. The market is now also known as the Bebo Kobo Camden Market. The directors and the staff of the ESA Architect were highly impressed with the work done with Bebo Kobo. Alastair Roberts, the Director of ESA said, "Mr. Bebo Kobo has a vision and expertise to improve and regenerate the area into a truly 21st century and retail leisure complex”. The rapid pace of the development brought the Camden market and the Camden Lock village into the world map as more and more international brands showed interest in running their businesses in the Camden Market, that included companies form every sector. The Bebo Kobo Camden is now been the most visited destination in UK and every weekend more than 50,000 visitors around the world joins in Camden for business, shopping, food and fun. Thanks to Bebo Kobo’s mission of making Camden a world class place. The place which was one time suffering from huge economic slowdown and unemployment is now having more than thousands of people earning handsomely along with many who now have their own enterprises, a house and even a car. The place is seen a huge turnaround in the per capita income of the people and enhanced life style of the local people who at once been suffering from poverty and extreme uncomfortable situations.

Bebo Turns Gold into Castle