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Intelligence opens many door in society. Increasing your Intelligence daily will make you much higher chance for success. That is why it should be a necessity to increase your overall intelligence. So, here we will teach you how to really increase your intelligence. Well we will start off with ways to quickly increase your level of alertness and quickly improve the quality of your thoughts. Breathe Deeply Breathing deeply brings a lot more oxygen into the system then normal. By doing this you are increasing the circulation to your brain, which improves the quality of your thoughts. It also relieves stress which is great when you are taking an exam. Drink Coffee in the Morning Coffee, or any other type of caffeine drink will increase your short term intelligence. In fact, a test was taken that showed that students in college that drank coffee in the morning did much better on an IQ test that was given to them later in the day. But, there is a negative aspect of drinking to much coffee. Drinking to much will you anxious and jumpy, and is very bad for your health. Quick Meditation You could do fifteen minutes in the morning or you could do it right before you are being tested. It relieves stress quickly. Stress as we all know has a big impact to your minds performance. Now if you need some quick stress relief here is a quick little thing you can do anywhere. Sit on your chair with you back strait. Put your feet flat on the floor. then put your hands on your lap with your palms up. Close your eyes and breathe through your nose. Then focus on a steady sound that doesn't change. Do this for as long as you want and when you open your eyes, you will feel refreshed.

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==== ==== To discover how to easily increase your IQ, go to ==== ====

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