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Heard of JV Giveaway Events? Having been around Internet Marketing for a little while I'm sure you have heard the phrase by now "The Money Is In The List", which basically means you will make money by promoting either your own products or affiliate offers to subscribers on your email list. There's nothing wrong with that but whatever niche you are in it can sometimes be a huge problem building that list of names and email addresses. We all sit at our computers dreaming of having a list size of maybe, George Brown (Google Sniper), but the key point to remember here is, everybody starts off at zero!! I started building my list, one by one by one, and I won't lie to you it was difficult in the beginning. It just takes time and can be very frustrating. I use lots of different methods to build my list but a few weeks ago I came across JV Giveaways. Basically a JV Giveaway event is a membership website by where people will give their name and email address to get a copy of a FREE product that you have promoted. There are numerous events taking place throughout the year and while they are commonly in the internet marketing niche, their popularity is spreading to other niches such as self improvement and health among others. One stipulation of joining a Giveaway event as a contributor is you are expected to promote it in order to drive traffic to the site when it launches. You are probably thinking but I don't have a list. Well, we all have friends and family but there are also the social sites such as Twitter and Facebook. Have you ever thought about about email signatures and forums? There is another great side to a JV Giveaway. By promoting the JV Giveaway some people will join you as contributors and there is then an income opportunity available, if they upgrade. By upgrading one has the opportunity to sell products and you are also give some text ads to promote your affiliate links if you wish. You and contributors with then start to Promote the JV Giveaway, so more contributors join and on launch day you have the chance of getting huge numbers downloading your product/products hence building your list. The main thing to also note here is that the contributors may also download your products so you are in a win, win situation!!

It's very important to read the small print as the person setting up the JV Giveaway has criteria. I have joined a few JV Giveaways and one that I like as he seems very fair and the upgrade price is very reasonable is Paul Teague. That's basically it in a nut shell although you do need a few things to join a JV Giveaway:1. An Autoresponder, I use AWeber. 2. A FREE product - You don't necessarily have to create your own product to give away at these events - you can give away somebody else's as long as you have the appropriate giveaway/resell rights. And Finally 3.You should create a dedicated squeeze page for new prospects to opt into so they can download your free product. Keep it as simple as possible. Giveaways are a fun way to build you list and will help you polish your skills at creating a sales funnel - your squeeze page, leading to a sales page, leading to an affiliate or self-created product, leading to a SALE!

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