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We have all seen the images of the pearly white gates that lead us into the heavens. We have all heard the myths about an angel weighing our souls, judging us based on past experiences and future intentions. If we are good, then we are allowed into the heavens. If we are bad, then we are forced to burn in Hell for all eternity. However, we very seldom see, or learn about the angel that was blessed with so much power to judge us and discern our fate. That angel in Yoruba terms would be Eshu-Elegba. The number for Eshu-Elegba is three, meaning the three great divisions, such as the past, present, and future. He is commonly associated with crossroads and gateways. The gateways represent the bridge between the physical and spiritual realms. It is the angel Eshu-Elegba who leads us by the hand and guides us into the heavens, the world of the invisible, and the world where all the Orisha lay. This is perhaps why all offerings to the Orishas are shared with EshuElegba. Eshu-Elegba's purpose is more than just an angel of guidance. He is the Orisha who believes in tough love and likes to teach hard lessens about life. However, Eshu-Elegba's main purpose is to teach people about the importance of making good decisions. The crossroads represent situations where opposing forces need to come together. In many situations we experience conflict at the crossroads. If we turn left, we are using our intuition and not logic. If we turn right, we may be taking the path of least resistance. A right turn can also suggest that we are making strictly logical decisions without using our intuition. In all situations, we are going to have to be aware of our past and present situations in order to make appropriate decisions. This is the primary lesson that Eshu-Elegba tries to teach us. It is difficult for many people to understand that there are four worlds, or four different planes of existence. Just as there are four parts of the Ori. Two parts of the Ori are invisible, while two parts of it are not. The parts that are not invisible are the past, and present. We can see, feel, and understand those worlds or planes of existence while making decisions. However, we cannot feel or see the other two worlds, which are the worlds of the future, and the worlds of the manifested. The world of the future is common knowledge. However, very few people understand the world of the manifested. It is a world of infinite possibilities. It is the world of creation, a world of birth; it is the world where all of the Orishas lay. This is the world where we can understand the probability of certain outcomes. It is the world where we communicate with higher powers within ourselves, and throughout the universe. We can only get to this world by appealing to Eshu-Elegba. Through offerings, prayer, and love we can ask him to guide us through the gateway so we can become aware and truly understand our possibilities.

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Gates of Heaven - Eshu-Elegba  

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