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The Warrior Forum is, by far, one of the best places to communicate with others also interested in Internet Marketing. However, it's also been one of the best ways to market your own Internet Marketing product or money making eBook. The truth is that creating your own products is one of the perfect ways to make an extra amount of money besides the actual cash you earn from your Internet Marketing. Whenever you are selling an eBook on the Warrior Forum, they are called Warrior Special Offers, also known as WSOs. Having your own WSO could be a wonderful way to be thought of as an authority in the eyes of the other members, so you will definitely become respected in the IM community. How do I make a WSO? First, you want to start finding out if the money you are making is what people really want. The reason I say this is because most people only make $100 a week, and in their sales page, the best results they will be able to promise is $100. Which is not enough in order for a WSO to be considered as worth the investment. So, you want to wait until you've created a strategy which you know can help you make money consistently. Once you realize that you've gotten a strategy down that makes you several hundred dollars a week, I suggest that you get somebody to try out your method for free as proof that your method actually works. You can then record their progress and use that as a part in the eBook. Tips for a good sales page. By the time the product is done, what you need to do is get a sales page that will get your prospects ready to purchase. So, you want to get pictures of your affiliate earnings, AdSense earnings, or basically any type of earnings which the product teaches. Do not fake your earnings, as you will only get caught out one way or another and your reputation will be gone before you have one. Just be honest and be sure to not entice readers too much that they are expecting something too brilliant. How do I market the WSO? This is probably the main problem that most people struggle with, when really it isn\'t as hard as people make it out to be. The main benefit of a WSO is that people know that this section of the forum is people selling products with solutions to their problems. They are already in a buying mood, looking for the best products to spend their hard earned money on. Remember that if you made a good product, you can be sure that those people who have bought already will leave a good review for others to see. Once people see that there are already people who have paid the money, and they are recommending the product then they are more likely to by themselves. It is like a snowball effect.

Creating a WSO and getting lots of people to buy it may be tough, especially when you create your first one. However, if you make your first WSO with as much quality content as possible, you can be sure that everybody is going to start recommending your future WSO's. So, work hard on getting that first one down and you should be on your way to lots of cash and authority.

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==== ==== To check out WSO Blueprint and create your own Best selling WSO, visit ==== ====

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Visit to check out WSO Blueprint and creat...

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