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If anyone has ever told you that you can't burn fat build muscle as the same time. They informed you with false information. As you may know you do need enough calories in order to build muscle. As much as you need a calorie deficit in order reduce fat. Now the solution is in your body fat. What does your body fat do for you? It gives you energy and stores energy. As long as you have fat to reduce. All you need is your stored energy in your body for your muscles. So after an exercise you use your stored energy (unwanted body Fat) to repair your body, which will build you lean tissue. Here are some tips that will help you burn fat while building muscle. 1. Lowering calories while making sure your muscles don't starve. Stay with your protein and fats high. Eat raw vegetables or slightly cooked vegetables. Smaller meals are good 2 or 3 hours apart every day. 2. After every workout while your metabolism is running at a highest level. You want to feed it with nutrients so you can immediately have your muscles recovering, protein and carbs are needed. 3. Don't stick with the same exercise or resistance. You need to keep the body guessing, Workout the whole surface of the muscles. 4. Don't give up review your goals every day. Those are just a few tips am letting you keep in mind. When you're trying to build muscle and burn fat fast. So for the next time if someone tries to tell you can't burn fat build muscle you can tell them it's not true.

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==== ==== To start effectively burning fat and building your muscles, go to: ==== ====

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