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We're starting something new in the civil justice world. We noticed something missing in today's plaintiff funding industry - fairness to plaintiffs. This not-for-profit organization was founded to be that something.

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A Note from the Founders

Friends, Over the past few decades, we have witnessed the caustic effect the non-recourse industry has had on the clients in thousands of cases. As civil justice stakeholders, we appreciate that funding litigants and plaintiffs’ families is part of access to justice, and making recoveries in complex cases can be financial marathons for law firms and clients alike. Our goal is to support the lives of plaintiffs who are in financial duress. In the name of the Seventh Amendment, we are capping our interest rates at 7% simple interest. We have started this not-for-profit organization with the mission of helping individuals and their families who are suffering as a result of a catastrophic accident. We hope to build a model that will change the industry nationwide. We think this is a big deal. We hope you agree. Respectfully, John and Amy Bair, Co Founders

Ways to Engage Bairs Foundation with the

Lawsuits can run families dry. The Bairs Foundation provides low-cost access to capital so families have the resources to go the distance with their lawsuit. We offer pre-settlement advances at 7% simple interest.  We're here to provide the advice and financial help families need before, during, and after litigation.

Become a

Strategic Partner with Our Foundation

So you agree: we are on to something!  Invest in an innovative funding model for nonrecourse advances. Our investors aim to improve families' lives by investing in their success and the success of our foundation's not-for-profit model. We seek to build strategic relationships with stakeholders in the litigation system who want to promote positive change and relief for plaintiffs in need of financial help. If you are interested in investing, contact the team at the Bairs Foundation.

Not-for-profits and Private Organizations, Join Us!

We are looking to partner with other nonprofits and private organizations to help us level the playing field against large corporations. We strive to build a model that can be replicated by any community that may face litigation. Our long-term goal is to see an array of philanthropic organizations working in the nonrecourse space in every state in the U.S. Help us get there by joining our movement today.

Plaintiffs and Their Families

We're different, because we care We consult with plaintiffs and their families, and we work to keep costs down. We don't guarantee funding in 24 hours, as the forprofit competition does. Â Instead, we do our due diligence to assess the clients' needs and make sure we're giving them just the right amount of funding to get them through. We aren't doing this to exploit those in litigation and in need. We aren't doing this to make a profit off of these families. We do it because we want to help. Trial lawyers everywhere should encourage this model.

"There is not a single philanthropic foundation or charity in the country that supports plaintiffs as their lawsuits take their natural course. We're changing that." Â - Bairs Foundation

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Spreading the word and educating attorneys, plaintiffs, and others in the civil justice community about our foundation will help our efforts to promote a much-needed change in the industry.

737 Main Street | Suite 100 | Buffalo NY 14203 Phone: 716-883-1833 | Fax: 716-883-2124 |

Bairs Foundation Card Deck  

The Bairs Foundation is a nonprofit that provides low-cost access to capital for families in need as they await litigation. Please take a lo...

Bairs Foundation Card Deck  

The Bairs Foundation is a nonprofit that provides low-cost access to capital for families in need as they await litigation. Please take a lo...