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Introduction There are many health conditions that are preventable but on the list of the ten most chronic conditions faced by our children in the 21st century. Diabetes is one of those conditions and as the result of diabetes a person is subject to a nerve and blood vessel degeneration called neuropathy, because it happens so often to diabetics it is commonly termed diabetic neuropathy.1 Diabetic neuropathy (DN) is a condition of the nerves caused by high blood glucose (sugar). 2 If you or anyone you know has this condition, you know just how terrible it can be. From simple tingling to numbness, weakness, or pain, diabetic neuropathy can ruin your life. It is resistant to most treatments, and can rarely be substantially helped with prescription drugs. But there is nutritional hope for this chronic debilitating condition caused by the high levels of blood sugar. The damage to nerves with DN is caused by too much glucose in the blood (diabetes). 1-2 With type 2 diabetes, it is obvious that to restore nerve function, you must remedy your diabetes. Simply decreasing glucose numbers with prescription drugs is no guarantee that nerve damage and DN from diabetes will be prevented, improved, or alleviated.3 Indeed, for most sufferers, it is a lifelong condition with no real relief from prescription drugs or any other common medical procedure.


You must take a proactive approach to relieve the pre-diabetes or diabetes termed by author Mark Hyman, MD in his book The Blood Sugar Solution as diabesity. 4 Once you are on the road to accomplishing this feat by elimination of the primary culprit you will then add nutritional complexes that help your nerves and vessels heal and begin to regenerate over time. Since type 2 diabetes is a condition caused by the following: 1) The American diet. 2) The nutritional deficiencies that this diet induces, and 3) A lack of exercise, you can remedy it by a series of simple lifestyle changes.

Curbing diabetes will require a change of lifestyle especially with diet, the right nutritional complexes, weight bearing (weight lifting) and cardiovascular exercise. Depending on how long you have had diabetes, and how severe it is, you may be looking at anywhere from four to eighteen months to reverse your condition. But it can be done by being determined to change your previous habits and lifestyle. Often motor and peripheral neuropathy is misdiagnosed and confused with Diabetic Neuropathy, 5-6 in either case the objective should be to feed and repair the damaged nerves. If you have diabetic neuropathy, you can do the same while you are reversing your diabetes. The nutritional complexes needed to feed your nerves are basically the whole B complex of vitamins; extracts of the hypothalamus, and pineal and pituitary glands; ribonucleic acid (RNA); minerals; enzymes and unsaturated fatty acids. If you have diabetes, you can expect to begin to enjoy some relief from DN as our diabetes protocol helps you normalize your blood sugar. But most people will also need specific nutrition for their nerves to end diabetic neuropathy— which tends to linger, even after your blood sugar has normalized. This can take anywhere from six months to two years depending on the severity and the chronicity of the condition.

Treatment If treatment other metabolic management is required or requested there are treatments available now that were not known or utilized a few decades ago. However, medicine and some insurance plans still do not recognize them even as effective and beneficial as they have proven. The first one I started using 30 or more years ago for the diagnoses of peripheral neuropathy6-7 is acupuncture, especially electroacupuncture. One or two treatments each week for eight to ten weeks can jump start the neurological and circulatory response in the feet and legs and show the patient the nerves still function. I have even had neurologists call and refer patients with peripheral and diabetic neuropathy after they have seen the results of a series of electroacupuncture treatments. The second therapy used is cold laser therapy. I was introduced to laser therapy while lecturing in Europe sometime in the early ’80s but didn’t start using the laser until attending a lecture from a well know MD, PhD from Boston Medical University in the early ‘90’s. She urged us to do some investigations on the results between TCM and Laser Therapy with Neuropathy patients. I did and the results were published in Laser Acupuncture Pain Management in 2006. 8 For difficult and long standing neuropathies a combination of modalities are used (electroacupuncture, laser therapy and nutrition) to get more results faster. The majority get signs of relief in an eight-ten week period. The American Chiropractic Association is behind the effort to get Chiropractic involved with making certain Chiropractors are aware and educated to the metabolic management of blood sugar since it is emerging as a leading health challenge.

Summary Nerve tissue is the slowest tissue to heal in the human body. 9 As a result you may be on a blood sugar protocol for 1 to 2 years. Nevertheless, start on this rehabilitation as soon as possible. Imagine being able to walk again, feel your feet and legs again, and end tormenting pain, numbness, and tingling is worth the effort. It is simply something that can rarely, if ever, be accomplished medically with drugs or surgery. You can end your diabetes, normalize your blood glucose, and reverse neuropathy and diabetic neuropathy with proper diet, exercise, and specific, targeted treatment, whole and raw nutritional complexes and extracts. 10 This is a wholistic health concept that is successful but has to be personally completed to be effective!

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About the Author: John L. Stump, DC, PhD, EdD is a semi-retired Chiropractic physician living on the Gulf Coast. He has been a Sports Chiropractor with specialties in acupuncture and nutrition for over 35 years. John is on the faculty as a lecturer in Health Education at Faulkner State College in Fairhope, AL. He was a Chiropractic physician with the 1988 Olympics in Seoul, Korea. He can be reached at or

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