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Architectural Readymade A recipe for creating archiecture: 1.) Find an object. 2.) Download Autodesk’s Make123D app (free). 3.) 3D Scan your object by taking multiple photos from various angles. 4.) Import the resultant Mesh into Rhino. 5.) Scale the Mesh as needed. 6.) Contour the model to generate floor slabs. 7.) Insert a structural grid. 8.) Construct the building. This prototype project is as experiment in automatic designing. Through the careful act of tapping, swipping, clicking, and saving, architects have been reduced to mere composers of digital activity. Our hands no longer will need to draw with a pencil: they will only conduct an orchestra of pixels, apps, and manufactured scripts. Everything we need is right in front of us.

~ Dedicated to Marcel Duchamp and his readymades ~

Fig. 1

Found object.

Fig. 2 Found object, detail.

Fig. 3 Found object, plan view.

Fig. 4 3D scan via mobile phone camera imaging.

Fig. 5 3D scan mesh result.

Fig. 6 Wireframe plan view.

Fig. 7 Wireframe perspective.

Fig. 8 Floor slab subdivision.

Fig. 9 East Elevation.

Fig. 10 North Elevation.

Fig. 11 West Elevation.

Fig. 12 South Elevation.

Fig. 13 Typical Floor Plan.

Architectural Readymade  

Prototype automatic designing project, 2013.