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How to gain weigHt fast Nowadays most of the people are desire to increase their body weight. People must eat up healthy and natural food sources of good fats such as, fish, seeds, dry fruits and nuts. In addition to 4 or 6 teaspoons per day of the best oils and it should be 2800-3000 calories in one's diet per day can result in weight gain of about 0.1 to 1 pound every week. Try to raise your food absorption without consuming too much sugar and fats. Gaining weight may varydepends upon food habits, calories level in blood, amount of salt contained in food etc. The important factor is to be calculating calories level in our body. Apart from that taking a weight gain capsules are best way. This may increase protein levels, good looking and enhances your energy level.

Weight gain capsules enhance protein levels, good looking and increase our energy level and stamina. The important factor is to calculate calorie levels in our body which is natural and safe herbal capsules. Reasons needed to gain weight include health issues, lack of appetite, building muscle, fuelling sports and trying to overcome skinny genes. Visit at:

How to gain weight fast