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Disorientation, confusion, dismay. All synonyms that describe human condition. A general blackout where everyone tries to find their way, their own dimension. To me, a project in which to believe. Disoriented is a curious woman with strong passions which often overwhelm her. Those passions may cause physical pain and despondency. But then, they bring her smile back. This magazine is for us girls who wish to see the female scene grow and reach a high level like in the other countries around us. But just like me, you don’t just want to read about this, because your spirit is always looking for something new. Eleonora


CONTACTS Publisher Marco Sampaoli Editorial Director Eleonora Raggi Graphics Liane Stadler Collaborators Eleonora Raggi, Giorgia Zamboni, Ilenia Cavallini, Spacejunk Photography Eleonora Raggi, Richard Walch Vanella Andrieux, Lozza, Spacejunk English Translations Angela Salvaterra Revision Danielle Burke Advertising Marco Sampaoli 0039 . 340 . 3285569 disoriented is published by Johnson Web srl, Via Valparaiso 4, Milano (Italy)



Photo: Lozza for O‘Neill


SCULPTURES text: Eleonora Raggi | pics: Lozza, O‘Neill

We chose to take a different approach to the way we interact with nature. We took some of the top riders and freeskiers to Davos right in the heart of Switzerland. With the addition of creativity in both concept and photography we were able to create something utterly sublime!


Photo: O‘Neill Photo: O‘Neill


This isn’t the classical shooting. There are no squared kickers in sight, rather there are 3 days of hard work with professional sculptors and plenty of snow which forms the basis of the ice masterpieces. An organic composition with the features of Gian Simmen stands in contrast to the psychedelic 3D creation of Lozza which is made even more surreal by the ambient lighting pre-visualised by the artist.

But who’s the skier in the first picture?

You might wonder. She’s Virginie Faivre, an athlete of Swiss origin, who has flown the flag of female freeskiing for the past few years and is a symbol of progressive female freeskiing. Candide Thovex is her personal idol, contests push her beyond her limits, and it is in the backcountry that she is most at home. She spent the last few seasons filming for Snowhite, a video project with which she can personally identify and which is dedicated to the female scene.

As the sun sets, we are ready for the game to start. Virginie Faivre, Jean Jacques Roux, Steve Krijbolder, Erik Haugo and Nadja Purtschert, pushed the shredding further into the heart of Switzerland for an entire night. If you are curious about this article, watch the video of this session by clicking on


Photo: Eleonora Raggi

A new consciousness is growing ... text: Giorgia Zamboni

A new level of consciousness is growing. It

a merciless manager who pisses standing up.

poses questions that we must answer. There is

Alternatively we could maintain our ‘femini-

something in the air. A slow and subtle change

nity’ in all senses and at any cost, bearing

gives birth a new way of thinking and seeing.

all the responsibilities of our femininity, and

A new female consciousness. Women have

accepting all the consequences. But being a

always had to adapt to change, so much so

woman and therefore femininity is not so black

that eventually they have become the catalyst

and white. It is so much more. Let us not deny

for change themselves. Beyond the courage it

to ourselves the opportunity to be what we

takes to cope with the natural flow of events,

are and be different from the boys and men

the females posses an even greater power:

with whom we share our lives. We are neither

femininity. This is not just seduction, as many

better nor worse than they are, we are simply,

would lead us to believe, and which we have

different. However we are still able, like them,

believed for centuries. It’s something more

to think big, climb mountains, overcome barri-

profound, something deeper. It’s an inborn

ers and break limits. We must not get trapped

sense, a semi-chemical compound of sensi-

in stereotypes we don’t belong to, and maybe

tivity, intuition and empathy. For centuries

we never did. We must not allow ourselves to

they had us believe that if we wanted to go

be trapped by stereotypes, but then maybe we

ahead in life, especially in our career, we would

never did. A new consciousness is developing

have to choose between two identities. If we

in women, as well as in men. No longer will we

wanted a career we would have to be prepared

accept being caged in our gender stereotypes.

to quit the role of loving wife in order become

No stereotypes. No cages.


A BEAUTIFUL CONSPIRACY text & photography: Eleonora Raggi

Who’s there backstage? There is a world that people don’t often think about, and never speak about. Women working in the field are many, more than one would expect, and this is the reason why Disoriented has decided to start up the following project which will be in every issue.

Rachele Cantenne Introduce yourself I’ve been working in communication and PR for a couple of years now. Your latest trip? I was in Madrid, last January. But the next one will be in NEW YORK! What could you never live without? Materially speaking, there is nothing I couldn’t live without... If we go into more sensitive areas, I think one could never give up freedom of thought. What are you doing tonight? First I’m going to the Arcimboldi Theatre here in Milan to see “La notte dei Pubblivori”, later on I’m going to meet some friends in a pub. What are you wearing in the picture I took of you? T-shirt Vans Torn Up, red velvet Vans Ultra Skinny Bright trousers, bra and string La Perla, Vans socks, and the irreplaceable Vans Authentic Lo Pro black/ black.


Elena De Liberato Introduce yourself I deal with PR and work for the press office. It’s been my job for a couple of years. Latest trip? London What could you never live without? Friends. What are you doing tonight? I’m gonna watch a movie and pass out. What are you wearing in the picture I took of you? Gravis Sneakers, H&M trousers and top, a Zara waistcoa, oversized tube-scarf by Dimensione Danza.


Sara Croce Introduce yourself I’m responsible for the Press Office of Spiagames, so I work with Salomon and follow the Snowboard and Freeski Team. I also take care of all the events which our agency organises. Freeski and Snowboard contests, photo shooting, trade fairs, riders... I’ve been doing this for over 4 years. I started out with an internship at Spiagames just after graduating and then I just never stopped!

Latest trip? In Brazil, backpacking with a friend of mine... an unforgettable adventure! What could you never live without? Mountains and snow. What are you doing tonight? A nice dinner in my new “Villa” with my housemates and friends. What are you wearing in the picture? Trousers and style by LECHE. I love Leche!!!


Jessica vasile Introduce yourself I am in charge of purchasing and organizing brands within the showroom. It’s been my job for 4 years. Latest trip? Berlin! What could you never live without? Nothing in particular... (laughs) What are you doing tonight? I don’t know yet. What are you wearing in the picture I took of you? Total look DC, obviously.


Bluedistribution I think that this company has the highest percentage of female staff. Once you step in to their store in Bussolengo (VR), it’s impossible not to notice it! In this picture for Disoriented, from the right: Roberta Fino, administration; Alina Rotaru, in charge of the warehouse; Marisa Cottini and Patrizia Pedretti, administration; Valentina Da Col, sales department; Roxana Dan, warehouse; Sara Pastorello, marketing; Elisabetta Tibaldi and Alessandra Adami, sales dept.; Claudia Martini, purchasing dept.; Valentina Crivellaro and Daniela Mastrorilli, in charge of the logistics.




Malindi. stretches north of es us ho or ls te ho s that with no tiny golden strand e th A very long beach r te af ed m na golden beach, It’s known as the make it famous. ni

bo text: Giorgia Zam

Che Shale, there agrees that Whoever has been erage av paradise. With an Kenya, is a secret s the ee nt ara gu per year, it of 300 windy days Beach ale Sh e Ch . ing s for kit optimal condition y, wa and magical hidea Resort is a remote shades d an ts ma aw str a little paradise of elegant t palm leaves. An made from coconu placed are ws alo ng its bu yet rough structure, n. Here ea in front of the oc directly on the sand dly de an -h ntre run single you find the kite ce nd ha e on e th r whilst on by Justin. Howeve ndsurfing, ible spots to go wi red inc ers Kenya off hand r ing, on the othe wave surfing and kit untry co ul tif of this beau the extreme poverty le to ab un ion lat th its popu is all to evident wi the to rn tu to ed lig d ob feed its children an Kenyans val. Although the rvi su for n ma ite Wh is and sa Ma ion, with their are a proud populat from pt em ex t no , they are timeless savannah and us nio ge In . on ati civiliz the temptations of st mo e they can make th resourceful people, ch as what they find, su ing us diverse objects ver we Ho es. tir r of old ca slippers made out

plagues of o afflicted by the whilst they are als es birth giv n’ me ‘civilizatio civilization that sa ch as su , od go to do some to those who want prous rio va t gs on Am ent. promoting employm cing du pro d many Kenyans fessions you will fin de ma s ce pie ... Gorgeous jewellery for a living ich wh s ne sto s iou semi-prec with precious and es. tri un co of ful nd t a ha can be found in jus locals ago), I remember ars ye (5 en th ck Ba llars a day do ge of just a few were paid an avera conside, ing th . A positive for an 8-hour shift euros life where just a few ring their tenor of porim re ily meal and, mo a day ensured a da y ne mo ng rni they were ea tantly meant that ity tiv ac al loc is th ch does legally. But how mu id? If ram py e th of p to e th yield to the ones at d pieces of ch us jewellery an su s, ing th us cio pre n market ea rop ned to the Eu furniture, are desti ce, the pri r he hig at a much and are sold here West be at extent can the question is: to wh t is it an ten r, and to what ex seen as benefacto exploiter?


photograhpy by Eleonora Raggi


Guendalina looks around, Next to her VANS bag, ETNIES footwear and IUTER beanie.


Bunny gazes at us from the VANS Beanie.


Gertrude is wearing the new ROXY JBL Headphones.


Genoveffa is thoughtful. On her right RIP CURL Scarf and BILLABONG Footwear.


John John is wondering... while touching the Roxy and Iuter Crew belts.


Spot is observing this ETNIES total look composition.

Pink e Spunk are flirting, cuddled by ELM Company and BILLABONG beanies.




Roxy Supreme Watch.


Kira just loves her purple! DC shoes, SKULLCANDY Lowrider Headphones, DC cap and ELEMENT scarf.

Black is pensive! VANS cap and footwear, LOWLIFE belt.


Popcorn is coming for us again, from the top of the


Popcorn is coming for us again, from the top of the VANS Pow boot.


Mimmo went for a sophisticated look, total DC.

Picci is peeking around. BILLABONG scarf, VANS headwear.



itw: Eleonora Raggi | pics: Vanessa Andrieux

For the first issue of Disoriented we decided to have a chat with Vanessa, the photographer who is becoming increasingly renowned at European level in the snowboarding scene. She is of French origin and lives in Annecy. She loves everything that comes out of her family’s kitchen and listens to rock and roll. We asked her a few questions to learn about her opinions of the female scene and more.

How did your story of photographer start? Credo sia successo pian piano, più fotografavo più mi piaceva. Come è iniziata la tua carriera nella fotografia? When i finished school i didn‘t know what i wanted to study nor what i wanted to do in life, the only think i knew was that i didn‘t want to work in a office and i was in love with snowboarding. My best friend suggest me to move in the alps and stard a web snowboard magazine and i will be in charge of the photos, it‘s how i started shooting. After few years of learning snowboard photography and getting to know more people in the industry we stoped the website and i continue on my own.


Where did you publish your very first picture? I think my very first snowboard pictures came out in a french snowboard magazine that don‘t exist anymore called Windsurf neige. How did you start earning money with your work? It just came years after years Why have you started with action pictures? I like snowboarding and i wanted to ride everyday. Did you ever had working difficulties in this world? It‘s not easy to make your place, there is a lot of photographers and not too much money, you always have to fight to prove that you deserve to be there.

Vanessa Andrieux

„I like snowboarding and i wanted to ride everyday.“ Vanessa Andrieux

Would you like thank snowboarding for anything? Yes for sure, i want to thank snowboarding for giving me such a great life What is your nicest memory connected to this work? All my travels are some nice memories and every good powder days as well. The most beautiful place you have seen with your work? I just came back from NZ which is a really


beautifull place after that i had few hollidays in Fiji where i also had to work for catalogue summer pictures and this place was amazing. The other country i really enjoyed was Argentina, i think it‘s a beautifull place with a good spirit. The worst? I‘ve seen a resort that is build like a big building, everything is inside and people are going there on holidays but they never go out except for skiing, i don‘t understand that, if you go in the mountain why you want to be inside all the time?

Rider: Anne-Flore Marxer


Vanessa Andrieux

„Take the time to look around you and enjoy what you see.“ Vanessa Andrieux

Did you ever hate something? I hate a lot of think, i hate people that don‘t respect other people, i hate pollution, i hate war, i hate starvation, i hate injustice and i hate what monney makes people do for it. In snowboarding i hate riding with a huge back pack when there is tons of powder, i hate dry winter, i hate people who always complain when they have everything they want. How do you see female snowboarding? What do you think it needs to improve? The female snowboarding as grown up a lot last few years, there is some really good riders, the level in contest also grew up fast. The most difficult thing to be a girl in snowboarding is that we have to prouve ourselves 10 times more to be respected by guys, but it‘s an good challenge. Have you seen any great girls videopart/movie? I haven‘t see the ones from this year but i remember that i enjoyed the movie Roshambo and Runway la la land The name of the more influential rider,girl and boy, at the moment? Girls : Anne-Flore Marxer, Victoria Jalous, Nicola Thost, Annie Boulanger, Marie-France Roy


and Janna Meyen. About the men there are so many really good riders at the moment that it‘s hard to pick up just few of them. Did you ever think about a traditional work? Bè sì, quando arriverà il momento per il camYes sure for the day i will be done about the being always on the road, i let the destiny put me on the right way when it‘s gonna be the time for change. Any upcoming project? For the beggining of this season i‘ll go to saasfee, les diablerets and then Austria i guess, for the rest we will wait for the snow and see where to go. Free thought Take the time to look around you and enjoy what you see. If you could have lived in a different era, which one would it be? I chose where i wanted to live so for now nowhere else. Thanks to My familly and my mum who always supported me, all my friends, my god son, all the magazines and brands that published my work.


Rider: Caroline

Rider: Jamie Anderson

„Take the time to look around you and enjoy what you see.“

Rider: Vicci Miller

Vanessa Andrieux



Caja Koopman Who is

text & pics Spacejunk | intro: Eleonora | translation: Angela

Caia is represented by Spacejunk, a gallery which was founded in France in 2003 in order to promote artistic expressions rooted in boardsports. Since its very beginning Jerome Catz, the man who envisioned and curates the project has managed to consolidate its structure and turn the gallery into a landmark in contemporary art. No doubt Caia is one of the most prominent artists you’ll encounter visiting the gallery’s website. This would-be maths teacher has devoted her life to art, and in her works dream-like representations are entangled with real life experiences. We asked her a few questions to get more ‘in tune’ with her beautiful work! How did you come to “Art”? My great grandmother was an amazing artist, she used to draw with me, I’ve always loved to draw. In college, at UCSC, I was planning to


major in math but I was really enjoying my art classes so I became a fine arts major instead. I graduated with big dreams of becoming a professional snowboarder but as it turned out I was much better suited for designing board graphics for the pro-snowboards rather than being one myself. That’s when I began my career as an artist, I created paintings that become board graphics and tee shirt graphics for mostly snow and skateboard companies while still spending the majority of my time snowboarding and skating. Who were / are your main influence in art? As a kid my parents dragged me to every museum they could and I’ve been inspired by so many different artists along the way that it’s hard to give credit to just a few. But there are a few favourites including Frida Kahlo, Mark Ryden, Joe Sorren, and recently Blaine


Fontana. Frida Kahlo’s work inspired me to tell stories in my paintings, she also inspired me to include more personal elements. I’d been doodling strange little big headed girls for years when I first saw Mark Ryden’s work. His strange, big headed, little girls sort of validated my subject matter and inspired me to really learn to paint. And Joe Sorren inspired me to loosen up creatively and to paint in layers. Recently Blaine Fontana has been an inspiration to me, his work motivates me to try to keep up and think bigger than one canvas.

What boardsports brings you in term of art / cultural influence? I was inspired by the freedom, creativity and originality of skateboard graphics plus I loved to skateboard so I was totally sucked in, doing skateboard graphics seemed like a dream job to me back in the day. Designing artworks for skateboard and snowboard graphics was a great way for me to get known my work… Like in the old time representation of Saint, your personages get some attributes (as the




keyhole, birds, animals, the roots or tree, Mexican mask‌), could you list those symbol and explain what they mean for you? My characters often symbolize humanity in general and I like to illustrate the relationship between humans and other inhabitants of this planet. I have some reoccurring attributes that help to tell my stories such as the keyhole, a skull, vines and birds. The keyhole I use as a symbol of our human intellect, and placed on a hand symbolizes our power to physically change the world around us using technology, for better, or as is often the case involving the environment, for worse. As a character in my painting often symbolizes all of humanity a bird often symbolizes all of

nature, birds in my painting tend to be the spokesperson for everything else living. A recurring theme in many of my pieces is the incredibly fragile relationship between humans of today with all our technology and industrial might and the natural world around us. I like to use a crown to show importance, I believe it is ignorant to somehow elevate humans to a greater importance than other animals, I think all species are incredibly important to our ecosystem. Frogs are especially important to pay attention to, they are an early indicator or problems or changes in the environment because they are so sensitive to it so I like to include them in my work aw well.

Troposphere Trouble


* I dettagli riguardanti tecniche, tirature e dimensioni sono consultabili su

There is often a message suggest into your work, why? I think it is important for me to put a message in my work because it gives it more substance, I think my art is better when it’s more than just something to look at, it helps to have something to think about as well. I often portray an environmental message because that is something I am seriously worried about. If we don’t protect vital habitat for our endangered species now it will be too late, I think it is our responsibility as we benefit from technology and industry to not let animals become endangered and extinct in our wake. Do you need the motive to deliver a message trough your art to create? Sometimes if I am feeling passionate about something it helps me create a more interesting piece of art and sometimes I might just have an image in my head but no message. So no, I don’t always need to deliver a message; I might also deliver a feeling or a look that inspires me.


You are presented as an oneiric painter, but a lot of the daily life is presented into your work, what do you think about that? I’ve always had vivid dreams and I like that some of my work has an oneiric quality but that is not my focus while painting so plenty of daily life get included as well. My paintings are like glimpses into a fictional characters world, maybe a little dreamlike or maybe more grounded. I like to let that fictional character tell a story or deliver a message and I use objects from daily life help her to do so. Are you interested into politic? I am interested in politics and equally frustrated, infuriated and inspired by politics. I feel so helpless as powerful people make lifealtering decisions for us, but I also find that by at least being informed and forming opinions I feel the slightest bit less powerless. I think the more people get involved the better off this county will be, we as a population need to shake off the apathy and keep the machine in check, or at least try. What are your other centers of interest? I love really boring things now days, I enjoy gardening, hiking with my dog and my husband and reading, I know, so boring! And for a little excitement I still love snowboarding, riding fresh powder in the trees, launching of little rocks and getting air.

Do you have other artistic practice? I can’t sing, I can’t dance, I can’t play an instrument to save my life, so no, painting is my only artsy thing. I would have probably ended up a math teacher if it weren’t for painting, not that that’s a bad thing. Would you like to work in volume? On a toys for example or bronze? I’d love to work on a toy, sounds fun. Hopefully soon. I’d also like to do a book someday soon. You seem really busy, what is you relation with time? The way time whizzes by drives me insane, there is never enough of it, must be something that plagues all artists, all people I guess. I need some clones to do all the extraneous crap. Painting is not only time consuming but all consuming, I get nothing else done when

I paint. Sometime I feel like I look up from a finished painting and two weeks have gone by without me even noticing. Does the Spanish culture have a special influence on your work? I don’t really know many cultures at all, an American shortfall; I’m stuck in my SoCal bubble. There is a lot of Spanish and Mexican influence here and I love their Day of the Dead iconography so I incorporate that in my work sometime. Website ?

Perilous Sanctuary

Prince of the Hereafter



Talking with

text: Eleonora Raggi pics: Richard Walch transl.: Angela Salvaterra

That freeski is catching on is a fact, and it goes without saying that many tough female riders out there are fighting for their cause. Today we present to you a rider who perfectly embodies such qualities. We had a chat with Caja Shopf. She’s German, 24, and studies psychology. She’s a high level freeskier and you’ll have the chance to meet her during the Völkl Young Blood girlcamp which is about to take place. Are you having any holiday time? Skiing is like having holidays all the time, so it‘s perfect. But in summer I like to put my skis away to go biking, hiking and swimming back home where I live in beautiful Bavaria. We have the best mountains and lakes you can

imagine. I also love traveling to warm Countries. This summer I traveled to Costa Rica and Panama with my brother which was amazing. Beautiful islands, beaches and landscape. Before winter starts I really need some sun and time without snow to be relaxed for the upcoming season. And to get a nice tan for sure(-; What makes a perfect day riding for you? A perfect day riding means to wake up on a sunny bluebird morning, have a cup of coffee, call my friends and go riding lots of fresh powder with some nice face shots. After the whole day riding, coming home, having a hot chocolate, going to the spa and falling asleep to be ready for the next ski day. Or....having a beer with some good friends.



Which are your favourite resorts? My homeresort ist Garmisch Partenkirchen, which got some good freeride possibilities. To ski in the Park, I love Mayrhofen, it‘s in Austria/Zillertal and you can ski all levels of jumps and rails. They take care for their park and shape it very well. I also like Ehrwald, which is in Austria as well. Their park is between forest, which makes it perfect for not so nice weather conditions. For freeriding, well known Arlberg is definitely the place to be. The best and the worst thing of you? To start with the worst thing, I can be really impatient and sometimes like a little dragon, but I’m working on it really hard and it got already way better. The best thing about me, well, hard question, there are to many good things about me, hehe. No to be honest, I guess I’m a good organizer and a good convincer. And for sure I’m lovely as well(-; How long have you been shredding? How did it all come about? I’m skiing since I was 4 years old, so quite a time. When i became 14, and became a wild teenager, hehe, i switched to snowboarding for 2 seasons. After 2 seasons of being a wild boarder, i went to the GAP 1328 Summercamp up Zugspitze in Garmisch-Partenkirchen and borrowed some pair of twintip Skis from my current ski sponsor Völkl. I kinda liked it and switched back to skiing. I met all the freeskiers from Garmisch (Tobi Reindl, Thomas Hlawitschka, etc) and started to jump and to compete in the first comps. I really liked the way of skiing and decided trying to make it more then a hobby. Any idea what’s up for the upcoming season? Since I had a very quiet season last year cause of a knee injury, I want to get back the routine in my tricks to feel strong again. I really want to do some of the main Competitions and shoot


and film way more then last seasons. I already have some nice trips on my mind, which I want to do just with the girls Eva Patscheider and Lena Stoffel. REAL Girltrips, hehe. And in November and January there are two Völkl Young Blood Girlscamps by Caja Schöpf. Check it out and register, we’re going to have the best time ever: Have you got your eye on any girl riders that are really up and coming? There are lots of girls coming up now, since it‘s a really young sport. I’m excited to see new upcomers this season, who will killt it. One girl

I really look up to is Sara Burke, she was and still is so progressive. Girls I love to ski with are Eva Patscheider from Austria and Lena Stoffel from Germany, thanks Girls, you kill it!! If you could go back to one event this season and do it differently, what event would it be and why? It wouldn‘t be one event but my whole season 07/08. I skied to much with no rest and to many times in bad conditions like ice and to less speed. My knees really suffered from that season. So all the next seasons I’ll do it definitely different. I‘ll listen more to my body

to not have such a long break again. My wise advise to you, listen to your body, it’s worth it. Have you got any other hidden talents? Or you would like to learn something new like a new hobby lets say? I guess I’m a pretty good singer, but it‘s pretty much just me who thinks that(-; People always make me stop singing in the car, I wonder why?? I‘d like to surf better, seems to be a fantastic sport. Next summer I want to do more downhill biking, which is a good balance for skiing. Since I’m really interested in photography, I’d love to know more about it, but it



takes lots of exercise, time and experience. Oh and I would love to be a better birdwatcher, like my dad. We will see...(-; Do you have any plan about filming next season? Yes I do, but since it‘s early season, there a no safe plans. It always depends on sponsors and what movies they want to support and bring me in. But some project is going to happen for sure, you‘ll hear about! How is the girl scene growing? It started growing very slow few years ago, now it‘s getting bigger and bigger every year. It‘s really important for our sport in general. If more Girls are competing, the level is getting higher and the media is more and more interested in us and not just in the guys. Also on the market, we can see, that the interest in girls marketing is getting more and more important since girls and women are a huge

costumer group. With the first edition of the Young Blood Girls Camp this year, we also can see that the industry understood, how important girls and women are in this sport. It‘s great and I hope to see it growing even bigger the next season. Girls, get some skis!!! Tell us about your best riding day and your worst riding day last season. Let‘s start with the worse again. The worst was my first day skiing after my knee injury. I went up the mountain and was sooo motivated and excited to finally ski again. When I did my first run I almost started to cry. My knee was so bad and I lost all my hope for a moment, but just for a moment. I realized that i just need some more time and gym work out. So after 2 more months my best riding day of last season happened. I woke up early in the morning, the sun was shining and we got lots of fresh pow. I was little scared, that my knee is hurting again, but it worked perfect and I had an amazing day riding.


What are the three most important things you’ve learnt about freeskiing? Self Confidence, Responsibility, Organization. Your favourite movies or videos? Have you seen any girl video part? Aestivation II and Lena Stoffel‘s Part, Yeah Lena, love your Part(-; What‘s playng in you I-pod? I hear all kind of different music but right now Cat Diesel from K-os. Your favourite tricks? I really like right 360s with safety crab and 540s with mute crab. Things you would change in freeskiing? Better and more Parks in Europe, safer jumps, a Pipe in Germany, higher Price money for Girls!!! If you could have lived in a different era, which one would it be? Maybe in the stone age, to hunt finally a mammut. What are you going to do after your ski career? Finally looking for a famous soccer player, merry him and be a professional soccer athlete’s wife (-;


If you wouldn’t be a professional Freestyle skier, what would you be? Definitely a professional horseback rider. in the jumping disciplines. What are you doing besides skiing? Besides I studied Psychology in Innsbruck, well actually I’m still studying. I finished all my tests and right now I’m working on my Diplom Thesis. When I’ve finished those, I might study another Master subject, since going to University is just awesome, lot’s of time for partying, traveling and SKIING!!! Thanks to… My Family, my friends, my Sponsors FIAT Freestyle Team, Peak Performance, Völkl Skis, Oakley Eyewear, Marker Bindings, Troyan Gloves, Full Tilt Boots, Sweet Protection, Skull Candy. Also thanks for the support to Richard Walch and Lenz and his Team from the Gym in Fürstenfeldbruck.


CHECK OUT: GIRLS VIDEOPARTS text: Ilenia Cavallini




The most advertised is Stance, a video produced by Stan Evans, which brings together some of the best female riders of the moment. In my opinion parts are really interesting, especially with reference to the emerging Pro Raewyn Reid. She has managed to film in many different locations with a variety of tricks, from fresh powder to rails in just 28 days, with a style difficult to find in other riders. On the whole, however, I think this video is a step backwards compared to some videos of the past years, both because of technical level and of fantasy and precision of movements. The video can be downloaded for free from the official website

Much more interesting particularly from the point of view of innovation is PEEP SHOW. This video was made by American riders almost unknown to most people, but who really managed to demonstrate the evolution that snowboarding is going through in the female scene. It might not have the image quality of other more sponsored productions, but it’s worth watching nonetheless. All info is found on their blog: peepshowpresents.



The most relevant videopart to signal in Neverland (Absinthe Films) is Marie France Roy’s, entirely shot on pow. It’s short but intense, stylish and edgy. It’s no coincidence that she was elected female rider last year, by Transworld Snowboarding and Snowboarder Magazine.

Another part short entirely on powder is the one of Vera Janssen in Elektro (Alterna Films). It’s a sign that girls, too, are starting to gain more confidence on an uneasy ground.

BLACK WINTER In my opinion, the part of Leanne Pelosi in one of this year’s greatest videos: Black Winter (Standard Films) is really remarkable. She’s a real rail woman who’s able to tackle very difficult structures with tricks that are certainly not your average! “Many girl videoparts are out this season in snowboard films, and also a few “all-girl movies”.

Photo: Eleonora Raggi

In uscita questa stagione ci sono molte video parti femminili nei films di snowboard e alcuni „ all girls movie“ ovvero video totalmente dedicati alle ragazze.




Disoriented has decided to talk about a retailer or saleswoman in each issue, because we want to present to you those environments in which women are key figures, and where female initiatives are promoted. Therefore, we’re now going to talk about “100-One Freeride Shop”. Zemira has been working here for many years, proving her passion for freestyle sports every day. It’s your turn Zemi!

What kind of events do you organize? Anything just for girls? Fabio is in charge of the organization of events. This includes taking care of contacts between athletes, instructors, promoters and the ski resorts where we sponsor the snowparks (such as Mount Bondone, Polsa and Folgaria). Among the most important events, which should be mentioned is the collaboration with the local stop of the Rookie Tour, the gear test “I want you”, the girl camp Pimp my Riding, and the contest 100-One VS Depero art school which chooses the best snowboard graphics with our logo (100-One). I take care of the organization of the camp PIMP MY RIDING 100-one snowcamp 4girlonly, sponsored and historically supported by Roxy


and Quiksilver. It’s going to be the sixth edition this year, and it’s held in Mount Bondone ski resort (Trentino). When did you open the store? Where can we find it? Fabio and I are the owners of the brand 100One, we opened our first 100-One shop in 2000. A small step that turned our passion into a job: it was in fact a 40 sqm shop in a suburban area of Rovereto. Back then we thought, and we still do, that you have to take small steps which are within your means. Afterwards time, perseverance and certainly sacrifice will do the rest. Anyhow, now we own two stores. One is in Rovereto on Corso Bettini, about 250 sqm with mini pool for our skaters. The

other one is in Trento on Via Suffragio, 270 sqm, with a stage sponsored by Gibson and Quiksilver. We can rely on an excellent staff, very young and varied especially with respect to sport preferences: Alessandro, Daniel, Denis, Elisa, Mattia, Preethy, Veronica. Some are skaters, others snowboarders or bikers. But each of them wants to learn something, and the most satisfying thing for us is, everyone feels as they’re part of the family!! We deal with snowboards, DH, BMX, skateboard and streetwear.

Which brands can we find in your stores? We try to make all those brands we think to be important in our field available. We have more contact with some companies thanks to their collaboration, and as I’ve already explained, we manage to offer our customers and friends a lot of promotional activities which is important to us. To mention a few names: Burton, Nitro, Forum, Capita, Libtech, DC, K2, Ride, Drake, Union, 32, Vans, Volcom, Roxy, Quiksilver, Nikita, Giro, Smith, Oakley, Skullcandy, Dakine, Circa, Fallen, DVS, Supra, and many others equally important.

Which item of clothing is a ‘must’ this winter, is there anything you can’t do without? Besides a passion for snowboarding, which is the essential, all equipment has a key role. So my advice to all the girls who can’t miss snowboarding even in bad weather, is to invest in outerwear. For example, go for something that is both warm and light, like the Roxy down jacket “Cabin” model. Plus it’s chequered, which is totally in this season . Or you can go for an ultra light and durable shell with a double Gore-Tex lamination, the “2L summit” model by Burton Akl collection, it will last a lifetime. As for hard goods, all companies offer specific products for women. For those who want their board to follow their movements and ease the ride while allowing swift progress , my piece of advice is the “Amor” model by Forum with very light “Keeper” bindings (also by Forum). Whereas for more aggressive chicks who are looking for a board with slightly more freestylish features, but which still allows you to make some mistakes, my suggestion would be the “Super” model by Omatic. This board was developed by the rider Tara Dakidis and Jason Brown, with Flux bindings “Gem” model. They enable the board to be highy responsive to the slightest movement. Tell us about this winter’s trend. This season, besides reconfirming the ‘60s hippy style with neon colours, we witness the big comeback of chequered or tartan print. Skirts that have a grunge- punk style... I personally like grunge more than punk, because it takes me back and it makes me remember the legendary Pearl Jam, Soundgarden, and the unforgettable Nirvana... to name just the most famous. Do you have a website? Do you sell online? Our website is Besides event reviews, pictures and special promotions, on the website you can find an online store with a selection of items which are sold online in rotation.


Coverstory Eleonora Raggi


“The first cover crisis!” That was the thought that haunted me for quite some time. Then inspiration came. Since this magazine is created by riders for riders, it was only right to include them from the first cover! And there we were, in Val Senales, with a terrible wind and the dreaded wooden ladder of the Gentleman Riders! After an entire day riding it definitely isn’t easy to spend more hours in the cold to do something like this. Thank you girls!


ILARIA COLLINI is wearing a snowboard outfit by volcom, volcom headwear. Looking for board and binding sponsor.

MARTINA JOLE MORO is wearing an Elm Company beanie, icon soft Skullcandy headphones, Nitro jacket, trousers l1 and Cheryl Maas board by Nitro.


ILENIA CAVALLINI total look by Rip Curl including goggles. Black Hole board and bindings

JANE BRUNORI Lowride Skullcandy headphones around her neck, Oakley goggles, jacket, trousers and beanie by Roxy. Boots, board and bindings by Nitro.


YILENIA GIACHETTI outwear by Bonfire, Salice goggles, Salomon boots, board and bindings. Around her neck, Skullcandy special edition headphones in collaboration with Salomon.



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