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CONVERSION TO SEMESTERS As announced in the fall to students, faculty, staff and Wildcat families, Johnson & Wales University will be transitioning from a term calendar to a semester system starting in fall 2018 for all graduate degree programs, except for the master’s level education programs. The conversion to semesters will be completed in fall of 2020 for all undergraduate, continuing education and master’s level education programs offered at the university. “The conversion to semesters is another component of how Johnson & Wales University is fulfilling the promise to provide an exceptional education for our students,” said Lily S. Hsu, EdD, provost. The university has created a webpage that contains FAQs and academic calendars, which will be updated as the university moves through the process. A few highlights: • The annual cost to attend JWU will be the same under a semester calendar as it would be under a term calendar. Students will see that billing is different — twice per year instead of three times per year. The university offers several payment options. • Financial aid eligibility will not change as a result of JWU transitioning to a semester system, but financial aid will only be disbursed twice per year instead of three times per year.

JWU Family Connection | Spring 2018

• It should not take longer for your student to complete their program. Each program’s curriculum and courses will be adapted for a semester calendar. For the majority of undergraduate programs under a semester calendar, students will need to successfully complete 10, 3.0 credit courses per year in order to graduate in 4 years. Currently, students take 10, 4.5 credit courses per year to graduate in 4 years under a term calendar. • Under the semester calendar, the course work load will be distributed over a 16-week period instead of over 11 weeks, providing students more time to complete course work. It is strongly recommended that your student meet with his or her faculty advisor or assigned academic counselor in Student Academic Services to create and continually review a plan that will keep them on track toward graduation. Questions can be sent to

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JWU Family Connection | Denver Campus, Spring 2018  

JWU Family Connection | Denver Campus, Spring 2018