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Air-Cooled & Water-Cooled Chillers

What we do

Advantages Modular Design: Flexibility in both installation and application

· Chillers for Dairy, Brewery, Winery, Alternative Energy, Industrial and Variable Capacity: Varies the refrigeration capacity as production varies Medical applications · Gas Processing Systems

Built-in Redundancy: Keep milking even with a major compnent or controls failure

· Equipment Retrofits · Pump Packages · Control Packages

Digester Gas Handling Systems

JTS Dairy Chillers provide the best combination of leading technology, high efficiency,

JTS provides solutions for your bio-gas

and around the clock reliability.

conditioning and compression requirements.

Our chillers deliver precise milk

With experience on dairy, municipal and landfill

temperatures and are built to

gas conditioning systems, we pair our

withstand the harsh demands

extensive refrigeration background with

of dairy installations worldwide.

high-quality manufacturing to provide you with Chiller Standard Features

a turn-key system.

· Variable Capacity Compressors · Modular Design and Construction

Visit us at

· Built-in Chilled Water Reservoir and Pumps

· Scroll Compressors <50 Tons / Screw Compressors >50 Tons

· Stainless Steel Brazed Plate Heat Evaporators · Microprocessor-based Controls · UL Listed Control Panels

Chiller Options · Air-Cooled, Remote Air-Cooled or Water- Cooled Condensers · High Ambient Air-Cooled Condensers · Hot Water Recovery Modules

O: 208.453.1000 F: 208.453.1001


1614 Industrial Way Ste. 104 Caldwell, ID 83605

Johnson Thermal Systems Inc. was established in 2004 in response to a lack of custom products for industrial cooling customers. We don’t sell you what might work from our “product line”, but provide solutions for your specific needs.

What makes us different than the rest? “Solutions with Service”. Many companies will sell you their product but dodge your calls when there’s a problem. We’re there for you when you need us. From order placement through installation, we communicate and follow through.

Innovative Milk Cooling and Digester Gas Handling

JTS-Milk Cooling Brochure  

· Gas Processing Systems · Control Packages Variable Capacity: Varies the refrigeration capacity as production varies · Equipment Retrofits...

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