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Office Posture chairs

The Wave medium back posture chairs has a modern square backrest shape which is naturally contoured to follow the normal lumbar curve and provide good back support. Wave medium back Posture chair

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- There is a negative, or forward, tilt of the seat base opening the pelvis

giving a more dynamic sitting position allowing more mobility of the user with less strain on the body. - The seat and back angles adjust together allowing the user to move but still maintain full support. Seat depth adjustment using the SEAT SLIDE caters to people with different leg lengths. - The back height is adjustable to help reduce lower back pain and support the upper back and shoulders while maintaining the correct lumbar support. - The 4 position SYNCHRONOUS MECHANISM allows the user to change their position in the chair between different tasks while still maintaining full support of the spine.

- The tension bodyweight control allows the user to set the correct resistance for their bodyweight on the titling synchronous mechanism. - The inflatable lumbar support helps to reduce lower back pain. - The solid hard wearing twist handle mechanism for the lumbar support will not degrade or split like a rubber pump mechanism.

- The height adjustable armrests give support to your arms and take the pressure off your neck and shoulders.

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Office Posture chairs  
Office Posture chairs  

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