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Remember in Week Five, you read the principles of the plain view and open fields doctrines and how each is applied in law enforcement. Now, you will use this information to determine whether or not these are evident in the case study. Plain View Open Fields Case Study Resource: Appendix H Due Date: Day 7 [Individual] forum Read the fact pattern in Appendix H. Write a 700- to 1050-word essay addressing the fact pattern of the case. Identify the elements of the plain view doctrine present in the scenario that could potentially justify the admission of evidence and address any issues raised by the doctrine. Then, determine if the open fields doctrine is applicable to the fact pattern. Support your conclusions with specific examples. Decide which of the two doctrines is more applicable and explain your reasoning. Reference one court case to support your findings. Use APA formatting guidelines. Post as an attachment.

Adj 275 week 6 assignment plain view open fields  

ADJ 275 Week 6 Assignment Plain View Open Fields Case Study ADJ 275 Week 5 CheckPoint Search and Seizure ADJ 275 Week 4 CheckPoint 2 Stop an...

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